Chapter 29: Weapon Skills are great for weight loss, Even Taicho said so. One more set?

Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 21 – Night, White Weirdo Inn

In the end, we escorted… Merimeri?…… The Young Lady to the mansion of the lord. Supposedly a messenger should come from them later.

The president was mad at me all this time, but eventually, she stopped crying.

「No, you see, it’s that? That? It’s the first prize if you can’t hit me? So it’s okay? Kind of?」 [1. TL Note: Haruka is clearly trying to quote Char Aznable “It doesn’t matter how powerful you are if you can’t hit me.” But I guess his memory is failing him.]

「What is the first prize if you don’t hit? Is everything other than the first prize taken? Do they give tissues for the first prize? Disposable? Why are you doing something so dangerous?」

「No, I really understood the weakness of weapon skills. It’s okay.」

I then explain at length the weak points of weapon skills to the president. Its fatal flaw and side effects that come from it.

「Being a combination of shouts and intense exercise, weapon skills make you run out of breath pretty fast? But in return, they are good for weight loss? That’s what Billy-taicho was saying? One more set?」

「Why are you summoning Billy-taicho?! What will happen to his boot camp in our world? Why one more set? We are exercising every day, so we are fine!!!」

They seem to be fine?…… No, it’s nothing, Taicho!

The level won’t rise after all. Looking at how it went for the president and the others, raising the level from 9 to 10 or 19 to 20 or 29 to 30 is a lot more difficult. If it is this difficult for people with cheats, then it must be even harder for normal people. And for people that have difficulties raising their levels, it might be near impossible? And my level doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about growing, or rather, my skills are dragging me down.


NAME: Haruka
Race: Human
AGE 16
Lv 09
Job —

HP      120
MP      122
ViT     118
PoW     117
SpE     118
DeX     116
MiN     130
InT     134
LuK Max (Limit Break)

SP      177

Martial Arts:「Cane Arts Lv 7」(Up)「Avoidance Lv 6」(Up)「Premonition Lv 6」(Up)「Mana Wrapping Lv 6」

Magic:「Temperature Lv 4」「Movement Lv 6」「Weight Lv 6」(Up)「Packing Lv 6」(Up)「Magic of Four Elements Lv 5」「Wood Magic Lv 4」 「Lightning Magic Lv 3」「Ice Magic Lv 3」(Up)

Skills:「Health Lv 4」(Up)「Sensitive Lv 4」(Up)「Gymnastics Lv 5」(Up)「Walking Lv 6」「Command Lv 4」(Up)「Appraisal Lv 6」(Up)「Farsight Lv 6」(Up)「Detect Presence Lv 7」(Up)「Search Lv 7」(Up)「Mana Control Lv 6」「Erase Presence Lv 5」「Stealth Lv 6」(Up)「Concealment Lv 6」(2Up)「Map Lv 5」「Concentration Lv 6」 「Physical Resistance Lv 6」(2Up)「MP Recovery Lv 6」(Up)「HP Recovery Lv 6」(Up) 「Parallel Thinking Lv 4」(Up)「Serial Thinking Lv 4」(Up) 「Quick Thinking Lv 1」(New)「Rush Lv 2」(Up)「Air Walk Lv 2」(Up)「Extreme Velocity Lv 1」(New)

Titles:「Hikikomori Lv 4」「NEET Lv 4」(Up)「Loner Lv 4」「Mage Lv 5」

Unknown:「Communication Lv 3」「Jack of All Trades Lv 4」(Up)「Muppet Lv 4」(Up)

Items:「Staff?」「Plain Clothes?」「Leather Gloves?」「Leather Boots?」「Cloak?」「Contacts?」「Soul Ring」「Item Bag」「Bracelet PoW+2% SpE +1%」「Black Hat」(New)

I have a perfect attendance record at the adventurers guild, yet 『NEET』went up…… It’s now『NEET Lv 4』…… Does it mean that it’s pointless for me to show up at the guild since I don’t have a job? Or rather, does it keep rising because I don’t have a job? What am I supposed to do about it then?!

And there are also new skills 「Quick Thinking Lv 1」and 「Extreme Velocity Lv 1」. That’s a lot of speed.

I’m getting quicker, but getting too quick is a problem for a schoolboy. 「Sensitive」also went up without my knowledge. However, actual confirmation is impossible. That’s because I didn’t try it as a high school boy, so I have no prior data. And I also have no plans set for such tests. That is because I have no partner to run such experiments. I feel that the hope of getting to try it as a high school boy is slim… Maybe I should seek out one of those kinds of stores in this world?

Day 21 – Night, White Weirdo Inn, Girls Assembly

We are having a study and review session on today’s expedition. Discussing with everyone, exchanging ideas, considering them, and collectively making the decision.

But, after all, even so, however, in the end, it still turns to talk about Haruka-kun……

Especially today……

Haruka-kun finally did it.

He got into a fight with high-leveled bandits and had weapon skills used on him.

Or so it seems. This 『it seems』 comes from the fact that he came back completely unharmed.

But if one of them hit him, it would’ve been a disaster.

He could’ve died…… He could’ve been dead by now.

It’s not the first prize if they can’t hit? What does that even mean?

Anyway, he came back.

He came back in one piece.

He came back alive.

He came and said that it’s okay.


How long will this okay last?

How long can he avoid death?

How long will he stay alive?

How long will he keep coming back to us?

Tomorrow, he might not return?

Even today, he tried to avoid trouble but got picked on. Even the victim said so. But that’s certainly a lie.

If Haruka-kun runs at full speed, no one should be able to pick on him. At what kind of super speed does someone have to chase just to pick on him? What kind of high-speed bandits are those?

Even if he pretended to ignore them, even if he pretended like it was a bother, even if he pretended to be mad about this, he still saved them.

Like always.

Just like it happened with Oda-kun and the others.

Just like it happened with Shimazaki-san and her group.

And just like it happened with us.

Pretending like it’s only a coincidence, he came to our rescue.

「What should we do? Have someone tail him?」

「What should we do? Tie him up?」

「What should we do? Lock him up?」

「What should we do? Glue him?」

Everyone is worried, and is trying to come up with ideas…… Even the person that proposed gluing him…… Probably……

But… We also understand that we can’t do this forever. Watching over him, following around, guarding, escorting, protecting, defending, restraining, gluing…… No, the last one we aren’t going to do…… We can’t do that, we shouldn’t, there is no way it is okay to do, but we can’t help but feel uneasy.

Even if we ask him, Haruka-kun probably wouldn’t change.

And in turn, we also don’t want him to change.

Day 21 – End


  1. The chapter is very much appreciated!!

  2. Haruka might be a bit of a mess but how come none of the mostly sane people has asked, even just in wonder (like when he does something absurd), what his stats are?
    I get the feeling that they are much higher than they should be for his level.
    Also, I recognize that level limit is a “unbreakable” concept, but he knows he has a bunch of cheats, why would he not at least try to use a weapon he shouldn’t be able to use? Even as a “well it probably won’t work but I might at least try because I’m not sure.”

    • Isn’t it because he tried?
      As he said, he will be able to use the weapon, but none of the associated skills
      So he can just as well stick with a stick. For which he at least has mastery.

      • He didn’t try, he just believed what one of the old men told him. He did end up buying a lvl 30 katana that he believed he couldn’t use, and then ended up combing it with his stick while in a sleep deprived state and didn’t even realize what he was doing. But no, he has not personably checked any of what any random person has told him.

    • For his stats, he knows that they’re above average for his level. Not like it would change anything, as the problem isn’t “stats” but “Weapon Skills.”

      Weapon skills probably ignore a set % of defence, making them increadibly dangerous, and it could kill him in one hit, as he’s too low leveled to tank them.
      We can take each ten levels as a level of it’s own. If you’ve read a cultivation novel, then it’s a new major realm, with each level being a minor one. You usually can’t fight someone a minor level above you, not to mention a major level above you. And then we have skills that the ones with a higher realm have.

      So, he’s a cultivation MC with heart.

    • He did try with the magic Katana, although he just infused a bunch of mana to make it meaningless whether he had skills or not. 😂

    • I think in some chapter was written that Haruka have stats in double, but girls had stats in triple digits. So, girls now should have about 400-500 stats and Haruka about 100-200. So, his stats are a little higher for his level, but not much.
      Also, the problem is not his stat or his level. They say it, like it is, but it is not. The girls can die as easy as Haruka if they meet some of level 50 and he use level 50 skill, they all be dead. So, Haruka level is just excuse to make him into Keep Man.

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