Chapter 33: Must be tough having relatives from the other world


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 22 – Evening, White Weirdo Inn

I’m being scolded super harsh? By all 20 of the girls? They keep going for almost an hour already? Why did I go outside and get myself involved in a war between nobles? That’s what I’d like to know myself. But at such moments one shouldn’t be emotional. And also shouldn’t be strictly logical. At such times one must review things from the very beginning. What happened? How did it come to this? Compress everything to simple bullet points and state in a chronological manner. Such an explanation is bound to be the most acceptable and the easiest to understand.

「No, as I said, I didn’t go outside, I just went to buy soy sauce, but was chased by soldiers, was tricked by a maid and got the entry permit, okay? So I went in and out, but gatekeepers got angry at me, so I couldn’t go back, and after trying to order books from express delivery was attacked? When the attackers became bald it turned out that the courier was in fact the lord? Kind of? I just went to buy soy sauce? I didn’t do anything wrong?」

Hm? Looks like no one is convinced? Persuasion fails? Even though I explained everything so plainly?

「I mean it’s soy sauce? You have to buy it? You must buy it? How am I wrong? Why do I have to be scolded? If it’s about the war between nobles then scold them, not me, I’m completely unrelated. I ended up outside only because the gatekeeper-san was angry at me, I could go back? Be angry at the gatekeeper-san, not me? I’m the victim here! In the first place, who would expect them to fight in the middle of the road? I thought that they are a delivery service? I only wanted to place an order? I was tricked? But I bought soy sauce? It’s tasty? So isn’t it all fine?」

What is going on? Why can’t we reach an understanding? Why can’t people understand one another no matter how numerous the words are? Even though I did nothing wrong……

In the end, I was made to sit in seiza.

Well, looks like the girls already got used to this, so unlike yesterday, none of them were crying. I guess, as one would expect, my daily conduct earned their confidence in me. It’s truly as people say, action is the quickest way to gain trust. But not affection points it seems……

Being put into seiza I sneakily grill fish. When I poured soy sauce the sermon was over. All resolved. As expected, there was no fault on me. A false charge. I’m innocent. Soy Sauce prevailed.

Everyone is eating with tears. That must be nostalgia. Smell and taste are rooted in the deepest parts of our memory, so this taste, this scent, is Japan. Fish Girl is eating happily, but is it okay with her? Family-wise? What if it’s her relatives from the other world? It might turn into a huge problem between relatives from different worlds, but since she is happy, it’s fine, I guess. If fishes come complaining we can just fry them anyway. Curing could work as well.

My innocence was proven and we ate fish. Bath time.

「Aah, I can’t find the geeks, did they roll under a drawer or something?」

I grumble in the bath. Grumble as I please. After all, I have it all to myself. So sitting in the middle of a bathtub I grumble about the geeks.

「It’s about to become a real problem……」

Getting out of the bath I return to my room.

It’s our fifth night here already, which means…… We spent five days in this town.

Naturally, the cave is neglected.

I thought about asking the musclebrains to look after it, but it isn’t something that can be left to others.

And yet, the musclebrains aren’t in the town. Five days have passed, and there is still no sign of them.

The geeks can be left on their own, they are probably raising their levels and skills with the highest possible efficiency. After all, that’s their field of expertise. They basically have a strategy guide for this world.

Then why are the 5 musclebrain athletic boys not in the town yet? Since they are not in town, it means that they are still in the forest. Why? Why did they have to remain in the forest?

Regardless of whether we are going to wait for the geeks or leave the town, I have to check on the cave.

And even if we don’t search for them, the geeks will definitely come to『White Weirdo』when they return to this town. No doubt about it. This is for sure, I checked all of the inns in this town, this is the only place they can return to. That’s because, in this town, this is the only place that has a cute young poster girl.



  1. Thank you for the chapter. I feel like his skills make it so he cant convey his words and also his personality that doesnt care about details in a talk.

    • He seems to really be under heavy influence from his skills.
      Which is kind of interesting
      Usually skills don’t cause personality shift. They are just… There.

      • Holly molly I didn’t think about that. To be honest, I was getting a little bit tired. I mean, how can he be so dense? I doesn’t really make any sense! Plus, even if you’re completely uninterested about others, you normally wouldn’t cross a frontier many times just because it’s free xD, in this case, a gate.

        But thinking in that way, now all just makes sense. As you said, normally this kind of skills are just there. But if in this novels the skills affects personality… it gages a whole new world lol.

        Anyways, thanks for the chapter!!!!!

      • Its the Dunce skill. As he levels it up, his IQ goes down. It appears that has reached the low 80s and falling.

        At school he had the same disinterest in learning names, the change is his intelligence.

        The Dunce skill is going to be a really serious problem if he levels it much more. Pairing his extreme combat power with extremely low intelligence is already causing trouble

      • His communication skill is overwhelmed by dunce & loner skills

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      • No, his personality did not changed because of his skills. His personality is exactly the same as it was in class and then he talked with God.
        He was like this for 11 years in school too. Did not remember names of his classmates with whom he was in school for 11 years.

    • He made god have a break down in frustration because he’s such a moron. His idiocy isn’t due to his skills. He got all these skills in the first place because God was fed up with him.

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