Chapter 37: How did she get chosen as the number one good person?


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 23 – Morning, White Weirdo Inn

In the morning I went to wake Haruka-kun, but he wasn’t there. His luggage also disappeared, the only thing left was a note. He left without saying anything.

「He is gone…… I think he left last night…… Why…… Why didn’t he say anything……」

The note had only「I’ll check on idiots, wait here.」, in other words, he went back to the forest…… And「Wait here」, does it mean that he will come back? He should’ve written「I’ll be back」if so, what if he doesn’t……? Does this mean that he isn’t coming back? I can’t understand anything with such a short message, say it properly. But I probably wouldn’t understand even if he tells me. I don’t want to.

「Let’s go to the forest…… To the cave!」

「But…… But Haruka-kun wrote that we should wait here……」

「We have to go. Or it will mean that we abandoned him again.」

「And what if we go? Can we fight? With other people? With classmates?」

「We can…… Even if…… I have to fight the boys, even if it’s scary, I will…… We have to save Haruka-kun……」

「Even if we can’t fight, let’s go…… Leaving Haruka-kun all on his own…… We can’t……」

「No! Absolutely no! He wrote wait here. He saved us and we are going to die just like that? That won’t do!!」

「But…… Shimazaki-chan and the others want to go! We can’t abandon them and wait here……」

「We, we are fine! We were tamed!! We are tamed!! So we are fine!」

「We shouldn’t. Shimazaki-chan, everyone, you know why he wrote to wait here? Because only those ready to kill other people are allowed to go there.」

「But! But! Haruka-kun…… Alone……」

「Even if he wanted to avoid additional victims, what’s the point if he is going to become a victim.」

「「「「We are back, Poster Girl! And We brought souvenirs…… Eh? President?」」」」

Oda-kun and others came back……

A pandemonium of an uproar, all hell broke loose. It’s absolutely impossible to make out what anyone is saying, the topics are also all over the place, no order to question, chaos, and confusion. This, this is what Haruka-kun was talking about, the talent of Oda-kun and others of being unable to read the mood……

For starters, Shimazaki-san’s group apologized in tears, said their thanks, lowered their heads, and tried to leave for the forest, at which point we hurried to restrain them. And then, rushed to stop the athletic girls, who got fully equipped for battle before we even noticed. Why? When did this happen?
Then we dragged back Vice President B, who was about to leave through the gates, and also held back Oda-kun and the others, who tried to just walk away, pretending not to notice what was going on. Making everyone sit down to at least decide on the plan and strategy, I take control, though my thoughts still were in great disarray.


「Don’t「Eeeh me?」! Where were you trying to go by yourself?」

「Eeeh, but, didn’t you say「Only those ready to kill other people are allowed to go」?」

「「「……She did.」」」

Why was she voted number one on the 「Good person」ranking? Is it her chest? Did they vote for the breasts? Which part about them is so good?!

「Shimazaki-san, you and the others should also calm down, we are all comrades here.」

「Please! We have to go! We survived, met Oda-kun and the others, and apologized!! So…… So, this time, him…… This time we have to find him… Please! Let us go! We can kill!! We can do it!!」

Shimazaki-san’s group is of a higher level than everyone else. They are really strong. That’s because the tamed get a share of the experience points from their tamer. This means that Haruka-kun is continuing to fight, alone…… Certainly, Shimazaki-san and the others can take on even stronger opponents, and if it’s for Haruka-kun, if it’s to protect Haruka-kun’s life, they will kill even classmates without the slightest hesitation. They can. Previously, Haruka-kun was saying that 「Their eyes looked like those of fanatics, it was really scary.」, but it’s not just like, they are fanatics for Haruka-kun. They are insanely grateful to him, grateful enough to fall for the taming on their own…… In the world that heard no prayers and had no hope nor salvation for them, Haruka-kun gave them all of that.

And to an extent, all of the other girls and even Oda-kun and his friends were the same. Everyone is willing to fight and kill for Haruka-kun. It might be just willingness, and it might prove no good when it’s really needed, but even so, they are rushing to Haruka-kun, ready and willing to risk their lives and take the lives of others.

「Even so, why do you think he wrote – wait here?」

Restraining Oda-kun and the others, who were about to sneak out into the forest, not caring much for the conversation or the mood, we continue our discussion.

「We will get in the way?」「A burden?」「He doesn’t want us to kill people?」「He doesn’t want us to get killed?」「We aren’t trusted?」「Too weak?」「He doesn’t care?」「A baggage?」「What Haruka-kun is worried about is that we might be used as hostages against him.」

「「「「No, we are fine. We are over level 70 already, and have equipment.」」」」

Looks like Oda-kun and the others didn’t read the mood and already went over level 70. They probably didn’t read the mood and just kept grinding for experience. The guild master said that the strongest people of this world, who are even called monsters by some, are over level 100, with our bonus stats, we probably would be more than evenly matched at level 70, and since we also have cheats, Oda-kun and others are probably the strongest in this world.

Even so, it seems that to defeat a big green wolf with a pack solo, one has to be at least among the people, called monsters. That big wolf was just one of the many that Haruka-kun crushed with the sonic boom, creating a mysterious phrase in this world 『Multiple wolf collision accident.』. Since Haruka-kun left alone, leaving us here……

「To stay here and protect ourselves.」

「Probably. There is no telling how many enemies are out there.」

Oda-kun replied, and librarian-chan added. Yes, that’s probably how it is. After all, those two probably talked with Haruka-kun the most in our world. That’s why he pushed the insane amount of magic stones onto the guild, that they obviously wouldn’t be able to buy, making them owe us a favor, then, saving the daughter of the local lord, and then the next day the lord himself, even though Haruka-kun wasn’t supposed to leave the town, creating connections with everyone in the town. Right now, we will immediately receive information if they spot any other black-haired, dark-eyed people. With adventurers, soldiers, and the common people on the lookout, this town is the safest place for us.

「「「「So? Why are you stopping everyone, yet are in the full battle gear yourself, President?」」」」

I got scolded. ?Why me? Eh, wait?



  1. It somehow gave of feeling that Haruka not really overthinking about it, but the girls do.

    • I’m not sure.
      It indeed didn’t seem like he was intentionally creating those connections or safety measures for the girls’ lives in the town, but he was indeed fully aware of the benefits to them.
      In the chapter where he went back to the forest, the tone felt different. It had much less absurd reactions to random things he found, well, absurd. He simply stated facts, about how all the connections he had made would be safety measures. And that he had done the best he could do then. He also pretty much entered battle-ready mode, for instance.
      He was also sane enough to evaluate that the town would be relatively safer, pretty early on, by the fact that Ota group frequented it. He was also sane enough to inspect the other inns and come to the conclusion the their inn would be the best place to leave the girls, as Ota group would most come back to that inn too (cus it’s the only one with a cute poster girl).
      Anyway, my point is that it seemed a bit too early to judge. He got those parallel/serial/quick thinking skills too. No way in hell those are only usable for battles.

  2. The Chapter is very much appreciated!!!

  3. god damn bitches stealing his experience points! this is why they’re called bitches, especially bitch leader. staling all his experience, making him even slower to level!
    lmao. I love this story

  4. 1 Green wolf is a raid target with high level parties anchored by at least one lvl 100+ recommended

    Haruka at lvl 7 or 8 demonstrates the multi-wolf collision accident attack by simply running past them 🤯

    He is a force to be reckoned with

  5. Bitch group is a lot more attached to MC than what the manga showed. The manga seemingly nuanced the Bitch Leader seemed to have something towards Oda. But in here they honestly just want to apologise and go back to MC afterwards.
    The manga is adapted from the LN, so I wonder if that simply got changed in the LN or something. For starters, LN isn’t even R-18.

  6. All the comments of people speculating this and that… Are just like the girls. When in reality, MC is actually a huge moron and isn’t thinking of anything.

    • How can you still 100% believe that after reading his last monologue? Sure, he’s talking and thinking bullshit 95% of the time, but he’s demonstrated remarkable insight during a few key moments.

      Hell, his usual idiocy might just be one huge facade he puts up even to himself. But I won’t go that far to speculate at this point in time yet.

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