Chapter 48: Why are my affection points peddling somewhere?


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 26 – Morning, Streets of Omui Town

Aah, such a drag, I don’t want to do anything. And I didn’t get enough rest. I want to sleep, but they woke me up… I’m a tired high-school boy? But no one tries to understand my hardship.

Everyone applied with the guild for a dungeon for 3 days, so they have to be there. I’m level 11, so I can’t register as an adventurer, thus staying home. Well, since I’m a NEET, Hikikomori, and Loner, it is the correct decision.

My part here is done, can’t I go back already? I can’t shake off the feeling that staying here I’m only getting scolded every day. Even though I did nothing wrong? Very strange.

I have a relatively large sum of money. Upon counting it, it turns out it’s more than 2,000,000 ere. I’m a rich man once again. Let’s tease the poster pleb later. I have no allowance, but I earned the money through a side job. Slowly but steadily I accumulated this sum by working hard, and yet, if it were found out, it would be confiscated, hence, I must spend it before that happens.

But the suspicious merchant is not yet back in town, The same goes for my affection points and pheromone. Just where did it go? My affection? Just when is it going to grow? Low favorability surely must be the reason why I’m being scolded daily despite doing nothing. Can’t that peddler peddle faster?!

The general store also has no new wares and no rice. Just in case, I told her about the existence of the ultimate food form, namely rice with mushrooms. Now she will probably get desperate in her search. She is a mushroom addict after all.

The weapon store, or should it rather be called the club store? Seems to be doing quite well. This town is doomed.

I window-shop here and there, but there are no cool items. No suspicious shop that opens only at night as well.

So boring.

Maybe I should sneak into a dungeon?

It seems that only adventurers are allowed inside, but if I move stealthily it shouldn’t be a problem.

Doesn’t a dungeon sound like a lot of fun?

Apparently, one can even find real treasure chests there.

For some reason the Geeks were against it, saying that「If you go there you’d probably fall into a chasm all the way to the lowest floor and go missing.」

No, I’m not going to fly or jump inside a dungeon, so I’m not going to fall anywhere? The ceiling is too low for that, isn’t it?

There is nothing but gobs and kobolds outside anyway.

And I’m a bit traumatized from fighting the goblin emperor and the kobold king.

I don’t want to do that ever again.

It’s amazing that I managed to survive!

My head almost got bitten off!

Never again.

And I also don’t want to do anything with the Goblin King Game… That’s probably the part that I hate the most…… I mean, I’m the only one who isn’t a king there……

How boring.

I already had a flat gaze from the president of receptionists at the guild, and all of the quests there remained the same……

Which reminds me, until now, no one at the guild met eyes with me even once. Even when I’m standing right in front of them, looking into their eyes, they still wouldn’t make eye contact. Such a mystery. A mystery that is too much for me. Even if it isn’t a mystery, I still don’t get it. And the idiots are still sleeping, they didn’t recover even one bit.

Anyway, let’s go outside.

There might be another carriage under attack, so I might get more money in rewards.

So peaceful. Not a single reward in sight.

Not a single carriage under attack.

Well, not like I need it at this point.

My part is over, so I don’t need new equipment.

No, if I find something good I will buy it anyway. Obviously.

I’m basically obligated to do so according to RPG canons.

But I don’t want to fight strong monsters.

Then, I guess my equipment is sufficient?

I’m going to instead ambush them anyway?

It’s kind of… Too peaceful.

Well, it’s been a while, so such days are fine as well.

「Is what I’m saying, can’t you read the mood?」

As I walked towards the forest orcs jumped out of it for some reason. Not some orc-faced guys, but actual orcs. Well, I don’t care either way. I don’t get what’s the difference anyway.

「Did they come here after hearing that some town was popular with monsters? Led by false information? In the first place, where did the orcs even get that info? Was it spread by Merimeri-san? Did she put posters in the forest? 」

Looks like gobs and kobolds also tagged along. Is this a shopping tour? Should I go along with the trend? I think they are going to attack me even if I go along with it? Participation denied!! All because I’m a Loner!!

I strike the gobs.

Strike the kobolds.

And occasionally also strike the orcs.

What is this? Whack a monster? A rhythm game? I hope it doesn’t turn into a King Game! And not because I’m afraid of losing!

And no kobold kings as well! Don’t you dare show up! I’ll set bitches after you! Even though I’m also afraid of them…… Honestly.

For how long do I have to keep up with this Whack a Monster? How many hours to clear it? Will I get a prize for this? If it’s a Pheromone Ring then I’m gonna do it!! Absolutely! Come at me, Affection Points! I’ll turn every single one of you into affection!

It’s getting dark, and I’m getting hungry. Can’t I pause this or save my progress? It’s about time for me to go home. Well, by that logic I will have to go into the forest though.

Ah, how long do I have to keep doing this? Monster Masters? How many hours do I have to whack them to clear this? Will I get a prize? If it’s rice then I’m gonna do it! Absolutely! Come at me, you rice balls! I’m going to squeeze every single one of you!

It’s pitch dark already… And I’m really hungry! Unable to bear it anymore I started munching on mushrooms midway! Even though the town is right there? Oh? It’s finally over? Ending? What about the prize?

「Eeh? Read the mood! Saving the most annoying part for the final is a bad game design! What did you come here for! Just go back if all of your allies got annihilated!」

The last came Orc King. Level 34, HP is excessive 327. It’s weaker than the goblin emperor, but it’s going to take a while, isn’t it? I’m sure of it.

「It’s late at night, I’m hungry, and yet I have to deal with the orc king now? Just why? It won’t end anytime soon, right? Are they trying to starve me to death? Is that the strategy? Can I leave for a moment? I’ll eat dinner and be right back?」

Apparently – no. This is the worst. It can’t read the mood. It’s on the same level as the geeks. At this point, I won’t be surprised if a Geek King were to appear next. In the first place, why do I have to beat them to death? It’s such a pain in the ass.

I beat it to death. I clubbed it. I did it. But no one is rushing to hand me the prize? Why? Was I tricked? I kept whacking them all this time, I didn’t even use magic in case it might be banned for this attraction. I didn’t even cut or stab them and earnestly kept striking them? And no prize? ……Enough, I’m done with this, I’m going home.

Collecting clubs and magic stones of… Who? The Geek King? No… Ah, the orc king and the orc leaders I go back. I’m too tired to gather anything else. Tired, hungry, and just fed up with this.

Receiving no prize, I dejectedly make my way back to the town.

A wasted effort.

If I were to gather everything it probably would’ve totaled for a huge sum, but I won’t be able to sell all of that anyway.

There are clubs everywhere I look. Why not rename it to the Club Town already?



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