Chapter 52: I’d be surprised if love, courage, and friendship were sold at the general store.


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 27 – Afternoon, Omui’s Guild.

I was taken to the Guild master’s office. Hearing the Guild master’s long speech, I escape from the Guild master’s office, and upon finishing my business at the purchase counter, come across the Spear old man and have a chat with him…… What is this menacing old men ratio? Isn’t it about time to start burning them? Aah, most likely I was summoned to this world to annihilate old men… Eh?!

「Is that for real? For real? For real? For real? For real? For real? Really for real? For real real? For actually serious real? Truly no mistake here? Not a lie? If it’s a lie you will have to swallow 1000 ice spears? Is it truly truthful truth? Or should I stab you? 1000 times?」

The Spear old man was waiting on the first floor of the guild, and though he tried to pin some nonsense accusations on me『Because of you I had a very bad time…』, I still managed to get the info on the suspicious peddler from him. Even though he is walking around with my Affection Points, he still won’t be back in the town for a while.

And then, he told me that most of those items are unknown and strange items from dungeons, that’s why they are so cheap. From time to time, that merchant would sit in front of the dungeon, buying them up. Right now, I can buy it. Three of them even. Well, there was only one ring, but will it really be enough? For my favorability with the opposite sex? I feel like one ring might not be enough? I mean, I got scolded again today.

And it seems he also doesn’t like the idea of getting stabbed with ice spears. Let’s think of a different technique.

「Geeks! Geek A! G.E.K.A! Give me info on the dungeon! Right now! This very instant! If you don’t I’ll set the bitches on you! All 5 of them! Do you want to get your heads bitten off? Then spill the beans!」

Ah, such sluggish geeks, damn it, how long are they planning to fluster, hurry up! Pheromone ring calls to me from the dungeon!

「!!…… So I was Geek A…… And what is G.E.K.A. supposed to stand for? And also, we already made up with Shimazaki-san and her group! Don’t set them on us! It was the first time someone said thanks to us……」

「Well? I don’t care? Give me info on the dungeon! Immediately! Right now! If you don’t, I will send idiots after you as well! All 5 of them!! And they are very dense! So speak up!」

「Hey! It was the beginning of a good story! Why did you have to interrupt me! And also, Kakizaki-kun and others already apologized! Stop calling them idiots, it’s just an insult by now! And you still can’t remember a single name?! 」

I pressed Geek A, snatched a report from Geek B, and got an explanation from Geek C.

「…So I was Geek B… Well, I had my suspicious…」

「What is G.E.K.C.? Is it some variation of G.E.C.K.? Because you omitted one letter it doesn’t make sense anymore!」

Such a noisy bunch. I wish they cared this much about my affection points. Just imagine how they suffer, all alone, in the dark dungeon, undiscovered for a long, long time that can even feel like an eternity, my poor affection points, waiting for me!

Anyway, first I have to shop for supplies. I got the list of necessary items from the geeks, if I show it to the lady at the general store she should be able to get me most of those. I have to hurry, hurry for my affection points, affection points with the opposite sex…… Faster, even faster…

I got scolded by a guard? If flying is not allowed then write so? How was I supposed to know that? There is not a single sign around? Probably no one knows that. It’s a clear mistake on the administration’s part, why do I have to be scolded for that? Even though I’m in a hurry?

I finally reached the general store. Anyway, let’s get this over with as fast as possible.

「Hey, Miss, please sell me everything on this list! Urgently!」

Anyway, I have to prepare. They even call it a labyrinth, so it must be a maze. It has to be far more perilous than a simple cavern. If it was a simple cavern it’d be long remodeled and used as a base.

「You want us to prepare this? We don’t have 『Love, Courage, and Friendship』among our goods?」

Yeah, before beating the dungeon, I guess I should beat and stomp the geeks. Just hunting and burning them is too soft.

In the first place, if they sold love, I wouldn’t be going to the dungeon and just buy love itself. Where can I buy it? That’s what I want to know the most!

「And also…『A rope as close in length to infinity as possible. Since you will definitely fall off a cliff! To the very bottom!』Well, we have rope…… But only of finite length. why are you going to fall off a cliff?」

I don’t have any desire to fall off a cliff at all. But let’s throw the geeks into some kind of a bottomless chasm on the way back. It’s clear that merely throwing them off a cliff is not enough.

「And then…… Do you want to buy『Comrades』?…… We don’t sell any…」

Okay, it’s a war. Those are clearly fighting words for a loner! I’ll remove the seal from the forbidden Inferno. They can go bald for all eternity.

「And we don’t have『Common sense』in stock as well…… Don’t you have it…… Yeah, you don’t.」

What kind of list is that! It’s a list of insults, isn’t it! Why do I need any of that in a dungeon? Or rather, it’s you who need that! Wait, did she just say something?

「And, we can get some of the other articles…… But this『A person in charge of scolding』is impossible.」

Just what on earth do they think of me? I have to make them kneel and explain it in great detail. That definitely should go on a list of necessary things.

Why do I have to go to a dungeon for a scolding?! Just what do you think a dungeon is? Is there a sermon awaiting me at the end of it? No way I’m going to such a dungeon! I absolutely refuse! Why would I need to beat a dungeon to get scolded if there are 20 people in the inn, ready to do it any time! Not only is there no need for it, I already have a line of people waiting for their turn! ………Let’s hunt them.

When I went back to the inn, they already escaped.

And because it took time to catch them, I couldn’t go to the dungeon.

Looks like they don’t like the idea of having their heads burned, erecting the barriers around them. Damn it, such a pointless cheat ability. Just a bit more and I would’ve got them…



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