Chapter 53: No matter how big is the problem, it can be solved by avoiding, dodging, bargaining, and deception.


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 27 – Night, White Weirdo Inn, Assembly.

When we came back to the inn Oda-kun and his friends were crying. Even though there are no bullies around anymore, and they probably became so strong that no one can bully them even if they tried? Aren’t they among the strongest in this world?

「And so Haruka-kun wanted to go to the dungeon alone. We tried to buy time, but he almost burned our heads! It was this close! We were at our limit! Lv Max barrier barely held! The barrier erected by Guardian, Mage, and a Saint together, barely held out. If Ninja didn’t manage to erect a clutch barrier through ninjutsu he surely would’ve burned through it! What is that magic? Our legs were frozen in place, so we couldn’t run away? There was no such magic, right? Even Mage can’t do something like that? It was really scary! That might be worse than a demon lord!」

With tears in their eyes, Oda-kuna and others told us of the terror they went through. They were seriously crying. After this, they will be fine even if they went to our original world and encountered bullying once again. Because they won’t ever see anything more frightening than this. After this, nothing should scare them anymore. It probably was「Common Sense」that ticked him off…… That’s his natural enemy after all. Absolutely irreconcilable.

Oda-kun and the others were able to stall him today, but Haruka-kun is trying to get into the dungeon. He is trying to enter alone into the dungeon which even first-rate adventurers are only allowed to explore in a group.

「This is worrying?……?」


「This is dangerous…… Right?」

「Yes…… Probably?」

「Going into the dungeon alone and facing off against a horde of monsters all alone…… Is what he did not so long ago, fighting from morning till night?」

「In the first place, challenging a group of enemies without any support from allies…… Is what he is always doing? As soon as he gets time……」

While everyone is awfully worried…… For some reason, we can’t find a reason to be alarmed. Eh? We can’t find a single possible danger? Or rather, isn’t it the dungeon itself that is in danger? The danger of collapse? Caving in? No, if it collapses Haruka-kun will be in danger, but the actual danger is Haruka-kun collapsing it? There is indeed a danger, but to whom? Or what?

「Eehm, what he was probably trying to say is not『It’s the first prize if you can’t hit me?』, but『It doesn’t matter how powerful you are if you can’t hit me』, I think? Probably? For some reason? Most likely? That’s how it usually goes…… Which means that he didn’t solve the problem with Level Wall at all. For now, he is just dodging, and evading? Tricking? Unable to find a fundamental solution. Probably? Eeeehm. I do feel like this is a solution in its own way though. I wonder why?」

Yes, the problem of Haruka-kun being weak was not solved at all. He is just avoiding the problem entirely, working his way around it. Simply smashing, crushing, tricking, setting up, ambushing, committing acts of atrocity, exterminating, and mocking?…… Just what on earth is he doing?

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Haruka-kun is fragile. Even if he seems strong, even if no one can beat him, even if he always comes back, even if he says that everything is fine, he is still frail. His life is still at risk. It might be extinguished at any moment……

But at the moment, it seems that monsters and just everything is simply frailer than Haruka-kun…… I don’t get it.



  1. I really like this novel and the way it’s been translated.
    Keep up the good work and thank you very much for everything you have done so far

  2. I love this novel. It’s absolute insanity of the best kind! thanks for TLing it XD

  3. Eh, I’ve seen teasers longer than this. Are you sure this was the full chapter, and not just a re-post of the teaser? I mean, the whole thing fit on my screen without having to scroll at all. Surely this is a mistake? BTW, I haven’t read any teasers lately due to not wanting to have the next post spoiedl.

    This was the shortest thing I’ve ever read in my life, besides John 11:35, which only contained 2 words.

    • Like life, sometimes it’s too short.

    • I don’t know if it is especially short in terms of word count compared to usual. But most chapters have quite a bit more whitespace in them thus making them appear much larger.

      Now I wouldn’t say this isn’t short, but I’m saying the regular chapters are short anyhow. In any case you can’t blame the translators for the author’s short chapters.

  4. They need to rescue dungeon san. Haruka is too weak to register as an adventurer so dungeon san is unlikely to survive his attack😋

    • >Haruka is too weak to register as an adventurer
      Yeah how are they not pushing for an exception there? The guild master could testify, and with the backing of Lord Merimeri. Is this some sort of punishment game? As I thought, Haruka really does need those affection points after all. Dungeon ho!

  5. How have they not noticed that his primary attack is to run into opponents like a truck through a hay field? Killing dozens of expert knights with the shere momentum of his own body

  6. Yeah, Haruka-kun is the ultimate glass cannon

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