Chapter 55: What can he possibly talk about with the kobolds that he kept massacring until now?


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 28 – Morning, White Weirdo Inn

We are having breakfast with everyone. As always, Haruka-kun is surrounded on all sides.

Just how much of a blessing is it to eat together like this.

Everyone felt this happiness today.

But this morning, while Haruka-kun is surrounded as always, it is actually an encirclement.

It’s breakfast, but everyone is probing Haruka-kun.

Even without hearing anything, even before he manages to cause another incident, it is obvious that he is a culprit. But just in case, we ask him anyway.

What he is trying to do, what he is about to cause, before he actually does something and it will become too late to help.

After all, yesterday, he was trying to enter the dungeon.

「Hey, hey, Haruka-kun, are you going into the dungeon?」

「Yes, I’m done with preparations? And I want a treasure chest? Or rather, I’m going there only for a chest? I guess?」

Going for a chest? Is he trying to say that he is going there to find a treasure chest? Probably? I guess?

「Are you really going there alone? It’s dangerous? Probably?」

She is trying to stop him, but that part at the end… Probably?……

「There is something necessary for me, and it should be inside the dungeon…… Sort of?」

Looks like he needs something? Just what does he want to start now?

「Something necessary? There is something that you need? Inside the dungeon?」

Yes, instead of buying it he is going inside the dungeon to search for it. This is what I don’t get.

「It’s produced in dungeons? By dungeons? Kind of? Dungeon-limited product? Or so it seems?」

Limited products? In dungeons? Dungeon-limited product, is it a limited sale? Is there a queue for it? In the dungeon? Is there folk that stays in line overnight?

「But, even if you find a weapon, you can’t use it, right? The same goes for equipment?」

Yes, Haruka-kun is not even level 20. Getting weapons and armor should be pointless for him…… Don’t tell me…… Is it a ring? ……That ring?

「It seems that dungeons unexpectedly have usable stuff? Somewhat?」

In fact, I scolded him for wasting money on items from that suspicious merchant, but Haruka-kun survived thanks to them…… He said he wouldn’t have made it without them…… That those items saved him, that he would’ve been dead if he didn’t come to the town…… But…… But that ring isn’t needed, right? That is……

Because…… Why…… The opposite sex…… The affection rating…… He is trying to improve his affection rating with the opposite sex!!!

「So? Haruka-kun? What are you trying to find there? You wouldn’t say… Pheromone ring……… Right?!」

Haruka-kun shook his head about as naturally as a ventriloquist’s doll.
「Nononononononononono? No yo? Eh? What is that? What I’m looking for is phe-phe-phe th-the ring of Solomon, yo! Believe it’s true yo! It let’s you speak with the animals, yo! I might even be able to talk with goblins? Yo? That’s true, YO? Yes, so so so so, Solomon’s ring it is! Kind of? My, I might even be able to have a heart to heart conversation with kobolds? Sort of? Kind of? I guess? Probably? Yo?」

Are you a rapper? It can’t even be called a stutter anymore? He is clearly reciting his lines? And that YO has nothing to do with stuttering?

So that thing is in the dungeon…… Maybe I will destroy it? The dungeon?

Just what is that? Affection rating with the opposite sex? Just-what-is-that?

In the first place, what can he possibly discuss with kobolds?

He killed all of them before they could get anything to talk about?

He personally helped every kobold that he knew pass away, didn’t he?

Forget heart to heart conversations, he didn’t even give them a chance to open their mouths?

So he clearly has no will to communicate with them?

No doubt! We must hold another meeting!!

An urgent assembly.

We have to destroy the dungeon as fast as possible?!

We must immediately come up with emergency measures.

An urgent demolition order!



  1. How the hell that got leaked xD

    • It wasn’t “leaked” per se. But she was there when MC was purchasing all the items from the hooded guy. The total cost was 10M, but MC only brought 8M, so she helped, sort of?, by re-evaluating his shopping cart and getting rid of the unnecessary ones. Pheromone Ring was one of the items she got rid of. Which meant that, she had always known that for some reason, he wanted the ring. It probably left the most impression because the other items she got rid of barely mattered (like adding shine effect to cloaks).
      You can see through her inner monologues that it was an educated guess on her part.

  2. I’m pretty sure the president knew about it when she was yelling at himearlier about that merchant store

  3. They’re starting to think like Haruka-kun now.

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