Chapter 59: Even though it’s a tragedy that I fell into the trap, I sense like someone is making a comedy out of it.


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 28: Daytime, The Dungeon, 1F.

Everyone warned him so much, but he fell down anyway.

「He fell, huh?」

「After all that?」

「Is he okay?」

「Who knows?」

They are worried, but…

「So it wasn’t a cliff, huh.」

「A pitfall inside a wall……?」

「I didn’t expect this……」

「Come to think of it, there are no cliffs inside the dungeon?」

They are surprised, but…

「The one who made it is pretty special……」

「But the one who fell into that…… I mean, no way anyone other than Haruka-kun could fall for that?」

「Was it set personally for Haruka-kun? ……Normally, you wouldn’t be able to fall into this trap even if you really wanted to?」

「But he managed?」


「Is it a trap to prevent any illegal modification of the dungeon?」

「「「That’s it!」」」

They also can’t believe it.

.「It seems pretty deep?」

「That usually would kill you, right?」

「Usually, right?」

「But it’s Haruka-kun?」

「The other day he was scolded by the guards for running on air.」

「Why is a person without cheats running on air?」

The result of his usual behavior……

「It must be a tragedy for the dungeon master, to have Haruka-kun drop on them?」

「Tragedy is still fine, but don’t you feel pity for the dungeon master, thinking that a certain someone will make a comedy out of this?」

「I wonder if the dungeon master is okay?」

They are worried…

「Am I the only one who can already hear him saying『Well, I fell down, and the dungeon master turned to dust? Kind of?』?」

「「「Me too!」」」

About the dungeon master…

Well, I hope it is true, because everyone seems to be laughing with tears in their eyes.

Haruka-kun is probably very okay.

But we are also very worried about him.

He always, always makes us worry.

It is only natural that he would get scolded. Only natural.

But he probably doesn’t realize that.

He is probably searching for his affection rating at the bottom of the dungeon.

Bringing everyone to the verge of crying.



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