Chapter 62: To think I’d encounter the mystery of a 17 year old in another world, but it’s my loss if I think too hard about it.


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 29? – The Faraway Labyrinth, the Lowest Floor.

「Eehm? Soo? Nice to meet you? I guess? Kind of?」

I shake hands with Skeleton-san.

Thank goodness, it isn’t mad about『Taming』.

Aah, I was really scared? I mean, I can’t read its facial expression? It’s a skull after all.

I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to converse with it but it looks like it understands what I’m saying.

Though I don’t know what it actually thinks. Since it doesn’t show on its face. I mean, it’s a skull after all.

It might be an effect of『Taming』, but I feel a profound intelligence from it.

The idiots, in whom one wouldn’t be able to find even a single speck of intelligence no matter how hard they tried, cannot even begin to compare to how highly intelligent this skull feels.

Well, if by some chance their intelligence met the same fate as my affection rating and was teleported to this world, it must have gone way deeper under the ground and long since rotted away there.

Though I’m worried about the safety of my affection rating, right now Skeleton-san is more important. ……But I’m still worried.

Name: Angelica
Race: Skeleton?
AGE  17
Lv   1
Job      —

HP      99
MP      99
ViT     99
PoW     99
SpE     99
DeX     99
MiN     99
InT     99
Luk     99

Martial Arts: ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Magic: ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Skills 😕 ? ? ? ? ? ?
Titles: ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unknown: ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

The level was reset? Is that how it works? The bitches were Lv 1 from the beginning… Or rather, how long are they going to remain tamed?

And the name which was blank earlier…… 「Angelica」-san? Looks like she was a woman? So I tamed another woman, and this time it actually was my own doing?! I won’t be able to make any excuses this time? No, since I tamed「Skeleton?」it’s probably not a problem? Why do I feel that I will get scolded for this?

The race as well, simply 「Skeleton?」, a demotion from the triple race of Dullahan, Lich, and No Life King? Because she is Lv 1? And on top of that, there is a question mark?

The age is 17? Even though she was Undead No Life King? Is that supposed to be eternally 17? Could it be that this trend is going to spread through this world as well?! Is she going to be voiced by that person?! No, Skeleton-san can’t speak… Or will she get a VA anyway? Yeah, I probably shouldn’t think too deeply about this. [1]

And the occupation seems to be Jobless. So we are in the same boat? She also seems to have retired from the post of 『Emperor of the Faraway Labyrinth』, I guess she wasn’t satisfied with working conditions. I mean 24 working hours per day? No days off? Salary zero? That’s a total black corporation! Pitch black! Of course, she will get swallowed by darkness, it’s so black that it’s a darkness corporation at this point! [2]

All of the stats are 99? So it was a reset? Or is it a limit of what can be carried over? Was she reborn? Reincarnated? Into a skeleton? ……A mystery.

But starting with 99 at level 1…… I started at 10…… My base stats are ten times lower.

And as expected, I can’t see anything else.

Good old question marks.

But even after dropping to level one and losing most of the stats, she still gives off an aura of being super strong.

I guess that comes from her bearing.

Not stats or anything, but the habit, engraved in muscle memory, though she is just bones.

Even so, she is Lv 1, I can’t make her do anything too challenging.

Yes, Level Wall exists after all, supposedly? Or so I heard? Never encountered it myself though?

I should be able to reach the surface if I go up. The question is which floor is this. It might take many days to reach the surface. Food is not a problem. Or rather, lately I began to feel that I will never run out of it.
But I just keep picking up more anyway? That’s mushrooms for you.

And the biggest problem, monsters in dungeons get stronger the lower you go. That’s the standard. No one would want it to be the other way. Imagine stepping into the dungeon to find the last boss on the first floor.

But since I fell down, my exploration started with the boss. From the lowest floor. Since I’m going up, next, I will find the strongest monsters that are waiting just before the boss.

It’s not just bad, it’s more like impossible.

The monsters undoubtedly stronger than the goblin emperor are going to come out in packs. It won’t even be a fight.

It’s not the situation where I can level up Skeleton-san, and unlike the boss fight, there will be multiple enemies. I can’t fight them the conventional way.

TL Notes:
Basically, the person that started the Forever 17 meme. When asked her age, she often responds that she is only 17, which has become a running gag at events as well as anime shows
2: Black company (Japanese term)
A black company (ブラック企業, burakku kigyō), also referred to in English as a black corporation or black business, is a Japanese term for a highly exploitative employment system.



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