Chapter 77: Emotional is nice, but when it gets physical it’s a bit…


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Day 31? – The Faraway Labyrinth, 77F

Unable to stand that sour-smelling floor I climbed up. Maybe at least the 77th floor will have something nice?

Monster girls for example? Or succubi? Oh, I might be fine with losing there… Please, I want to taste defeat.

『Imp Lv 77』, imp-san, huh. Nothing like monster girls at all. It’s an ugly, small flying demon. You bastards! With how things were going so far the 77F was supposed to have monster girls!! What the hell are those small horny baldies? Are you kidding me? What are you going to do about my betrayed expectations? 『Ugya!』Ugya my ass! Listen to me you little shit! Huh? The hell are you dying on me? Listen when people are talking! So on top of trampling on highschool boy’s dreams, you also can’t read the mood? 『Gyooe!』Huh? What is that GYOE supposed to mean? Get crushed just like my dreams! 『GYIyyyI!』Enough of your squeals. I told you to read the mood! In the first place, why do you keep dropping like flies just because someone looked at you? Do you have a problem with my eyes? Aren’t you demons? What the hell is that attitude? I am angry, so why are you running away instead of listening? Why are you getting annihilated when I’m talking to you? Listen to me… Wait, annihilated?

No, I mean, this is 77F, the hell are you giving me imps for? Isn’t this where monster girls are supposed to show up? [1]

And why is Armored Pres trembling in fear? Aren’t you the big boss of this place? Why are you trying to put distance between us? Dullahans, Liches, and No Life Kings are totally the side that are supposed to be scaring others? Not the other way around? Dungeon Master shouldn’t be so frightened. I’m going to cry? For real?

For some reason, the imps were annihilated. My heart is also on the verge of breaking as well… Are my eyes capable of scaring a dungeon master? And the imps died from shock before I could even hit them… Even though they are demons… Even though they are demons!

Why do I have to pat Skeleton-san on the back to calm her? Is this what you are supposed to do in a dungeon?

And even if I wanted to vent on someone for this, the imps are already dead. The floor was littered with magic stones.

Okay, 76F, time to relieve my stress.

『Lizardman Lv 76』… Well, in a way, calling them monster girls might not be technically wrong. But as a highschool boy, I refuse to accept that! Absolutely!

Lizardmen, with heads of lizards… And bodies of lizards. Hmm, there are females as well? It seems? SO WHAT!? They have lizard faces! And lizard bodies! Their figures have some feminine features… But so what! They are also all covered in scales? Those are basically bipedal lizards with spears in their hands. I’d say they are closer to dinosaurs than to humans. No monster girl elements that a highschool boy would seek. No hopes or dreams. So I will turn them into nothing as well!

「Ugh, so cold, I don’t want to stay in such a dungeon anymore! I want to go home!」

Looks like their mental age is close to nil as well.

I lowered the temperature of the whole area to a really freezing level. On top of that, I also use Ice Magic for additional effect. That’s what lizards get.

Those that can still move are doing so in a kind of slow-motion, and more than half of them cannot move at all.

Good grief, this is the second time. The second time in a row. The second time my hopes were betrayed like this. First imps, and now lizard-faced dinosaurs. I’m about to get really angry. Armored Pres and I mercilessly kill them. Who the hell would be happy about a female lizardman that is 90% lizard? Who would want that? Scales collector? Dinosaur fetishists? To hell with such fetishes! I’m having enough problems with the newly emerged armor fetish alone!

After collecting magic stones we head to 75F. it’s boss time. Floor master. Finally one fourth. So not even reached Pure Feeling, huh? Pure feelings are 66F? Or maybe 67? Two-thirds of 66th floor? Well, I can think about it when I actually reach it. It will still take a while. [1]

I wanted to take a bit of a break, but it’s too cold here. And below here it is sour, just what kind of dungeon is this? I never heard of sour floors… Though I won’t say it aloud, since the person that previously was in charge of the place is behind me. And she also knows the reason for the sourness… So she probably will be mad if I say this. Let’s keep silent.

Only 3/4 left to go… Now that I think about it, it doesn’t make me as happy as before.

「Chimera (All Species) Lv 100」, and here I wanted to know what kind of chimera it was… All species? Complete edition? If it has parts from all living things, then it would be insanely huge? Though it is huge…

With the overall length of about 5-6 meters and the height of more than 2 meters, it was way bigger than me. The body of a bear, the limbs are of a tiger and a lion. 6 legs in total? I wonder to whom the wings belong? They are huge. And the face of a monkey. Looks like a monkey-faced old man. And there are insect-like hands growing from the body. The tail is probably a scorpion’s? Scales on the back, from both shoulders grow dog? No, wolf heads? No horse, sheep, or rodent parts? And yet all species? Maybe they are hidden somewhere?

Since it is able to hold its ground versus the ex-master of this dungeon, the skeleton in the silver armor, it should be quite formidable. Still, it’s struggling, barely holding on. While the chimera is fighting at its limit, the skeleton has barely revealed her hand. I hit it from behind.

After I extend Staff? it reached a length of about 10 meters. Applying Gravity, which at some point evolved from Weight Magic, I strike it with full force.

It shouldn’t have time to pay attention to me. It has to deal with the flurry of vicious blows coming from the front. So I just hit it from behind.

Standing upright it used more than ten of its limbs in combination with wings to exchange blows with the Armored Pres. So I just hit it from behind.

Neither took even a step forward nor did they take even a step back, and just simply stuck to striking, flattering wings, slashing, and hitting. So I just hit it from behind.

Neither could land a decisive blow as the speed of their exchange kept growing. So I just hit it from behind.

The rush of blows was so furious that the sparks created an illusion of a wall of flames standing between them. So I just hit it from behind.

But now I couldn’t get a clear picture of what is going on anymore with the countless afterimages flashing between them. So I just hit it from behind.

The number of countless attacks and countless slashes was so great that their sound simply merged into one roar. So I just hit it from behind.

Finally, pressing just half a step forward, both of them were trying to grasp victory and prevent the other from doing so. Meanwhile, I just hit from behind.

It died, it seems.

Whooa, the flat gaze is so sharp I physically felt like I was getting stabbed by it. Did she acquire some kind of skill for mental attacks? Or is this an evolution of a flat gaze?!

Pretending not to notice it, I check the loot. Ah, it’s seriously stabbing me. Ehm, magic stone and a bracelet? Another would-be gift? But this one looks pretty plain. 「Demon Beast Bracelet – Increase All Abilities」Eh? First of all, what exactly is considered as all abilities here? And then, what does an increase mean? Until now it was either % UP or Bonus (Greater), or something, and now it’s just an increase? How about some standard or uniformity? It’s hard to get what is going on. Though it’s not like I had any idea what is going on with my status until now. Is there even a meaning to it? In a way, it feels like it is mocking me? Kind of?

[TL Notes:
[1] You might think that this time he actually went insane, but no. This is a reference to

As Wikipedia suggests “1/3 Pure Heart Emotion”. So 1/3 of 100 floors is either 33 or 34 floors.

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