Chapter 84: I think welcoming with a smile has nothing in common with an angry sermon.


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 34 – The Faraway Labyrinth, 56F

Having a hard time dealing with Spike Buffalos of 55F and Metal Slugs of 56F we ended up still being stuck on the 56th floor. We only managed to advance 10 floors from the lowest floor Oda-kun’s group managed to reach on their own.

It’s been a week since Haruka-kun fell. And by the 6th day, we progressed only 10 floors.

Once the floor is reached it becomes possible to open the portal to that floor. But with the dungeon now dead it is no longer possible. Thus, even going back to town to resupply takes a long time. Right now it would mean walking here all the way from the 46th floor. While there are no monsters, it is still a considerable distance, and we only brought provisions for 10 days.

If nothing changes, then 2-3 more days is the limit. Should we continue like this? Or should we go back and resupply after all? Or maybe send back just one party?

「We should just keep going and then turn back when we run out of food. The door on the 46th floor is still open, and since there are no monsters up to the 56th floor the trip will only take a bit over one day.」

「Yeah, sending a squad to resupply at the town while the remaining force tries to break through 57F is too risky. If things go like they did with Spike Buffalos, who ended up chasing us all over the floor, we might not be able to pull through with insufficient numbers.」

「That’s right. If we weaken the vanguard then we will definitely see a repetition of Spike Buffalos, if we weaken the rear then it will be a repetition of Metal Slugs. 」

Yeah, after all, splitting is too dangerous. On 55F Spike Buffalos scattered our vanguard and we had a very tough time recovering from that. Forcing the buffalos to run past our diagonal formation and attacking them from behind was not that bad of an idea… Up until the point, we found out the cows can kick with their back legs… What could we do, it’s not like any of us had much chance to see cows back in our original world? How could we know that cows can kick that well? We didn’t have lessons on farming or anything? Thus, the vanguard crumbled, and we ended up retreating while chased by the cows. Only on the next day did we finally manage to defeat them.

The day after that we encountered Metal Slugs. Snails with metal shells. As they were impenetrable to physical damage, we were forced to attack them with magic. Soon enough the rear ran out of MP, and though they tried their best while eating MP mushrooms, we still couldn’t defeat them all. Since attacks from the rear forced them to retreat into their shells we didn’t take casualties, but it still ate up a lot of time.

By the time we dealt with them, it was late at night. The next day we were supposed to attack 57F but we didn’t even scout ahead and we still needed more time to recover mana.

I mean, we aren’t Haruka-kun carrying tons of salt in case we encounter snails…

Fights with Cyclops, werewolves, and Spike Buffalos, did considerable damage to the equipment of the vanguard, so it was about time to repair it.

Tomorrow we will scout out the next floor, and depending on the enemies might even temporarily retreat. After all, despite everyone fighting at their limit we moved only ten floors.

It will probably take 40 more floors before we will be able to reunite with Haruka-kun. And if there are actually more than 100 total floors then I don’t even know how long it will take.

「Everyone, take a good rest. Tomorrow we will wake up a bit late and recon the next floor. If it seems dangerous we will retreat for the time being.」

Everyone nodded. Looks like they understand. But no one actually said it aloud. No one wanted to voice that.

「The rearguard should eat first and go to sleep.」


Judging by their movements it seems everyone was exhausted almost to the limit. We should go back. Everyone knew that.

Tomorrow is the limit. Staying any longer is impossible.

We are completely trashed after the 56th floor, and monsters only keep getting stronger.

To think he managed to stay alive on the 100th floor all on his own for the whole week…

He must be in an even worse state than us.

He must be even more exhausted.

He’s probably long since over his limit.

He goes beyond the limit just by being alive at this point.

It is because everyone also thought so, it is because everyone couldn’t help but think so, that it was so hard for us to turn back.

Though we might be at our limit, there is someone, who is ever further past his limit and yet keeps fighting.

Even today, Shimazaki-san and the others once again level up. I wonder what is the percentage of the experience that they get?

Every time their levels rise Shimazaki-san and the others look even more worried. They seem to be rushed by this.

Because getting this much experience means that he is fighting monsters of that much strength and numbers.

He must have long since passed his limit, desperately fighting all alone to return to us.

Even if this dungeon has only 100 floors the road ahead is still very long.

We have to make appropriate preparations and revise our plans.

That’s why… That’s why we have to retreat for now.

Because we can’t afford… We can’t afford to lose the lives of everyone gathered here. They must be protected no matter what.

The lives Haruka-kun saved by putting his own life on the line.

We can’t throw them away on the way to welcome him.

Even if there is only a remote risk, I still have to make them retreat.

Otherwise, I’m sure Haruka-kun would get angry at me.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to face him.

After all, we have to welcome him with smiles.



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