Chapter 88: The words of great people of the past have meaning


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 36 – The Faraway Labyrinth, 56F

In the end, Haruka-kun went to sleep, pretty much collapsing after treating everyone.

And the knight stood at his side as if guarding him.

The knight didn’t appear like someone one should try to strike a conversation with.

After expressing our gratitude we then simply stuck to waiting until Haruka-kun woke up.

We were also worn out, so everyone instantly fell asleep.

No one had the strength to move or the energy to talk anymore. Everyone crumbled as soon as the remains of their willpower ran out.

When I woke up, Haruka-kun was cooking as usual, as always, as if nothing happened at all.

Just like he did every day in the cave, constantly complaining about mushrooms, he was doing a completely normal, everyday thing, just like usual.

While everyone still found it hard to move, they still got up to the delicious smell. During the meal, Haruka-kun was bombarded with questions.

We were completely done. Only annihilation was awaiting us. We didn’t even notice that it was a trap, and could do nothing to run away. Our path was about to end there.

But Haruka-kun knew the answer? It seems he realized everything thanks to the 『Space Perception』skill?

「Look? That is a puzzle room, right? Kind of? Find four hidden rooms and get items from there to clear it? That sort of thing?」

Apparently, that’s how it was. Makes sense that the floor was such an impossible monster house. If you don’t realize the gimmick you are certain to die there. The worst kind of trap. But wait? He didn’t gather anything, didn’t he? [1]

「But you beat it? They can be killed after all? Somehow?」

「No, both the mummies and the Sphinx couldn’t be killed. The Sphinx had 『Magic Immunity』, 『Physical Immunity』, and 『Immortality』, and as long as the Sphinx is around the mummies would’ve kept coming back to life. So no matter how long you go at it, it would’ve never ended? 」

They can’t be killed? They won’t die? With 『Magic Immunity』and『Physical Immunity』no attack would work on it, and yet it even had Immortality on top of that? But they killed it? The invincible and immortal monster?

「「「「Then how did you kill an invincible and immortal monster?!」」」」

「That’s well? That? Didn’t a great man say this in the past? 『Violence isn’t the answer, it’s the question and the answer is yes』, kind of?」

I remember hearing the first half, they are quite famous, but what the hell is the second part? I’m quite sure that’s not what was meant to be there? It wasn’t such a bloodthirsty quote?

「「「「「Who said that! Who is that brutal person? Some kind of a general of the Sengoku period who was crueler than Demon King of the Sixth Heaven?」」」」」 [2]

「Eehm, then,『If violence doesn’t work, you aren’t using enough』?」


Why is that person trying to solve everything through violence? If there was such a person wouldn’t humanity be wiped out already?!


「Ehm, the knight over there, thank you for saving us.」

「「「「「Thank you very much.」」」」」

The knight replied with a silent, elegant bow. Somehow, the place where the knight stands seems like a different world simply because they are there. Otherworldly, would be a good word.

「Eehm, Haruka-kun? Mind introducing this person to us?」

「Aaah, you mean dungeon master? The labyrinth emperor? Former?」


Yeah, it makes sense they are so strong. It explains how that Sphinx, which seemed like a mix of pure fear and dread was swatted like a mere fly.

A mere mini-boss of the 57th floor, not even an actual boss, is nothing but a common rabble for them.

「Eeehm? I thought we were saved? But are we going to die here?」

「Huh? No way I’d just bring a dungeon master along? It’s that? That? You know? Taming? Kind of?」

「「「「Why do you have the dungeon master tamed?! There is no way it is okay to tame such a person?! Aren’t they one of the key figures of this world?!」」」」

Just what the hell did he do? And it’s not even a mere dungeon master or labyrinth lord, but a labyrinth emperor, a supreme leader reigning over other dungeon lords. And what does he mean by former? He made such an important person retire from such an important post? And after taming them he is now making them tag along with him?!

But that must be the reason that Haruka-kun managed to get here in the first place.

Otherwise, all of us would’ve been dead.

If you think calmly, there is no way Haruka-kun would’ve reached such a place on his own.

He fell to the lowest, the 100th floor of this dungeon just one week ago.

He couldn’t possibly pass 43 floors in such a short time.

But if the one beside him is the dungeon master of this place, no, the strongest overlord ruling over all dungeons?

Then it is possible. That must be the reason he reached us.

Accompanied by the strongest of the lowest floors he went through the floors packed with the worst kinds of monsters.

That’s why we survived.

Using the absurd idea of taming the strongest and the most dangerous being of the vilest labyrinth, he slaughtered his way to us.

[TL Note:
[1] A Monster House is a special type of room found in some dungeons. Contains an extraordinarily large number of monsters and may or may not have a reward at the end.



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