Chapter 91: The noble customs are pretty complicated with all this jumping and stomping.


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 37 – Daytime, In front of Omui Town’s gates.

Haruka-kun was summoned by the lord and went to explain the situation.

Such brave people… Trying to get explanations from Haruka-kun…

Even though we all know how it will go. Even though I’ve never seen it end in any other way. The bold ones.

And as expected, a great confusion. They are pulling their hair, bewildered. They picked the wrong person to ask. He is the only person one shouldn’t ask for explanations for he is the source of all the chaos.

At first, the daughter of the lord was jumping, but then she began stomping the ground?

Haruka-kun also followed suit and began stomping the ground. Eh? Isn’t Haruka-kun getting better at stomping the ground?

Seems like he is finally free to go. Looking pretty tired Haruka-kun returned to us.

Meanwhile, the lord and his daughter look even more tired. They look completely exhausted. I understand that feeling very well.

No matter how you look at it, Haruka-kun isn’t the one who should look exhausted. It’s his fault in the first place. Always. Even before anything happens.

And finally, we got to pass the gate.

We returned to the town. Together with Haruka-kun. Together with everyone.

Everyone together, we pass through the gates.

It’s a secret that we have one person extra.

Everyone will be happier without knowing that.

In a way, the town protected by Dungeon Emperor would be the safest one in the world.

Not only would they protect against monsters, but they also will be able to stop the wild antics of that merciless tamer lacking in common sense.

The town was as lively as always.

Dungeon Emperor is restlessly looking around like a country bumpkin.

A country bumpkin hailing all the way from the 100th floor of the dungeon’s underground.

Is this that unusual to them?

Or maybe it feels nostalgic?

But they seem to be happy about coming to the town, so it should be something good.

That must be why Haruka-kun brought Dungeon Emperor to the town from the 100th floor.

It should be something positive because everyone looks happy.

Oda-kun and others left us midway, saying that they will visit the weapon store.

They can’t read the mood at all. As usual.

Apparently, they are going to search for Fire Resistance or Fire Immunity helmets.

They can’t read the mood but it looks like they can feel the impending doom.

I’m pretty sure the protection will simply get disabled, but I’ll keep silent.

Like usual.

The usual every day.

We returned to normal ordinary life.

The days with Haruka-kun and everyone smiling.

Day 37 – Daytime, The White Weirdo inn, Dining hall.

When we reached the inn the poster girl, overjoyed, suddenly head-butted Haruka-kun?

Is it her way of expressing happiness? Just like a cow.

The four people that failed to purchase any fire resistance gear came back. Learning of that everyone burst out in laughter and then consoled them.

Gathering in the dining hall we had a meal together.

With a great ruckus, clamor, and excitement.

Everyone was still tired and exhausted, still wearing tattered equipment, not looking great overall, but still smiling.

Taking a bath in turns we returned to the booked dining hall and saw that the whole room was buried under a mountain of magnificent weapons and armor the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

「Everyone here? Then, time for distribution? I guess? Well, that kind of a thing. 2 weapons and 2 pieces of gear per person. And then 2 pieces of whatever you want. So 6 items per person. It’s first-come-first-served, so go ahead and scramble for them. Sort of?」

From there carnage began.

That was the arena where desire, selfishness, and greed were whirling together.

To put it bluntly, just like aunties at a bargain sale.

That was a girls’ battle. The boys were trampled and knocked aside.

All of the weapons were limited edition.

Each one was a great find.

A special sale that was available only at this place at this moment.

A frenzied outlet sale.

A battle without honor or humanity.

A merciless free-for-all, a legendary recreation of a bargain sale.

「If you have something else you want just tell me? We’ll agree on the price~? I’ll make it cheap you know? Kind of? I guess?」

Those words were the finishing blow. A clincher. A taboo line for the girls. The last remains of everyone’s reason just snapped, making an audible sound.

Everyone completely lost themselves, fighting, snatching items from each other, pulling and pushing, a perfect picture of mayhem.

Squealing and screaming, putting their bodies on the line to protect the hard-won spoils, everyone was trying to make their way through the lines of mad demons, trying to reach the register named Haruka-kun.

Using the girl power known as battle prowess, which they polished and trained after coming to this world, they fought and struggled, striving to get the items they wanted.

It was pretty fun.

The boys were terrified.

With the gear finally being unequally distributed the semblance of peace returned, but then began a game of boasting the spoils of war. Some girls were even rubbing their cheeks on the weapons.

The great loot left everyone thrilled, overjoyed, and satisfied.

After all, every weapon was an amazing item possessing skills.

Legendary materials, super rare skills, top-tier effects, everyone was looking at the equipment in a daze, smiling.

Apparently, this is Haruka-kun style gratitude.

Haruka-kun style reward.

A very Haruka-kun-like compensation for the losses.

Haruka-kun’s thankfulness.

Everyone was fighting in the dungeon, so Haruka-kun didn’t have to be that concerned. Even after breaking the equipment, we should be well in profit. So in order to prevent everyone from declining, from holding back, he turned it into such a big bargain sale. Everyone picked more than 10 items for sure. Many girls even grabbed more than 20 items.

After all, each item was a great deal, a special offer, a valuable find, premium goods, equipment that money usually wouldn’t be able to get you, items that would be completely out of reach if they ever went on actual sale. That kind of amazing gear.

That’s Haruka-kun’s loot.

He fought hordes of monsters carrying such outrageous weapons, such unbelievable armor, and annihilating such terrible monsters, plundered it from them.

That’s where those items are coming from.

With this, everyone will become a bit stronger again, a bit safer again.

Everyone is full of energy, some already equipped their new items, some keep staring at them while appraising, some are itching to try out their effects.

I also bought a bit too much and am now low on cash.

It’s a secret that for this I borrowed a bit from the funds that I confiscated from Haruka-kun.

That must be the first time for everyone to receive such an amazing reward. No matter where you look, every single person was beaming with a smile.



  1. It’s a secret that we have one person extra.

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