The Man Who Would Be King Volume 1 Chapter 1

Hello everyone, today I have two important announcements to make. First I would sincerely like to thank E.V for Sponsoring HimeKishi Ga Classmate!

The Second Announcement is the fact that I have taken a new project called: “The Man Who Would Be King” This novel was requested by “Argent-XII”, it’s one of the novels on this site which “may not” contain the Harem Genre. I truly believe that this novel has a lot of potential and perhaps taking this novel will increase the amount of variation I have on my site. It was previously translated by the translation group known as “Lost in Translation” (Translator: Saekicchi) his translations are really in depth, you can tell he does plenty of research and truly tries to help the reader understand the content! Saekicchi has stated that he will be willing to pass on the project and I will endeavour to match his standards of translations!

This novel is really pushing my limits in terms of vocabulary, understanding of various Japanese Cultural terms and Events and to be honest it’s really a daunting yet exciting project to take. If there are any things in this novel which you guys want clarified, feel free to leave a comment below and I will do my best to explain any questions regarding the novel.

Without further ado: Please Enjoy the Chapter!



  1. Are you sure you want to pick this up? Some one said this

    Yukkuri Oniisan
    Procrastinator Under Siege by Work
    Let’s see…
    Chapter 1-57 from the Childhood to Boy Age. (first Arc)
    Chapter 58-67 is the First Intermission
    Chapter 68-383 is the Second Arc: Adventurer Period: Boy to Adolescence
    Chapter 384-390 is the Second Intermission
    Chapter 391-405 (the last time I check) is the Third Act: Feudal Lord Period : Adolescence to Adult Age

    • Yes! a high amount of chapters don’t deter me in the slightest, in fact I believe that a high amount of content shows just that much more potential for the Novel!

  2. If you were gonna pick up another project I would have suggested “shiro no koukoku monogatari” or Legend of the White Kingdom since no one is translating it. Waiting on the manga every month is long and I’d think you’d enjoy it.

  3. O.o I think I’ll wait til at least 1 arc +intermission is finished…

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