The Man Who Would Be King Volume 1 Chapter 14

Sponsored Chapter (1 down, finally 1 more to go?!): Hey guys! First off I’d like to say thank you so much to Timothe.M and Kalil.W for the donations! I really did not expect this for the Man who Would be King and because of the very long chapters~ I haven’t been able to get organized~ I need to get organized so that I can keep up with releasing some of my other novels, I know some of you have been dying to know what happens with the Demoness’s in Himekishi Ga Classmate, me included~ In any case Cheatnanodesu has given me another chapter of Re:Master of Magic, I will need to proofread/TLC the chapter before posting it, but in any case, it will be much faster than TLing myself, so a really big help from Cheatnanodesu, and I should be able to release another one shortly guys! Please Enjoy the Chapter!


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Why are your surprised they would donate for this story, is it not popular? I’m reading most of your active works and this is my favorite.