The Man Who Would Be King Volume 1 Chapter 14

Sponsored Chapter (1 down, finally 1 more to go?!): Hey guys! First off I’d like to say thank you so much to Timothe.M and Kalil.W for the donations! I really did not expect this for the Man who Would be King and because of the very long chapters~ I haven’t been able to get organized~ I need to get organized so that I can keep up with releasing some of my other novels, I know some of you have been dying to know what happens with the Demoness’s in Himekishi Ga Classmate, me included~ In any case Cheatnanodesu has given me another chapter of Re:Master of Magic, I will need to proofread/TLC the chapter before posting it, but in any case, it will be much faster than TLing myself, so a really big help from Cheatnanodesu, and I should be able to release another one shortly guys! Please Enjoy the Chapter!



  1. Why are your surprised they would donate for this story, is it not popular? I’m reading most of your active works and this is my favorite.

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