The Man Who Would Be King Volume 1 Chapter 3

Happy Chinese New Year guys!! Gong Xi Gong Xi, I was sooo busy with meeting family members and friends that I have not had much time to translate so I apologize for my inactivity in these few short days of celebration~ But the great news is that an extremely satisfying and new long chapter (~5000 words) of The Man Who would be king is out!! This time around the story is starting to really pick up its pace and finally we have a gist of what is going on in this new world/environment hes been reincarnated into to.

Furthermore I have actually revamped my whole Forum page in the hopes that it will be easier to use and more appealing on the eyes (Setting a forum up is actually extremely stressful for someone who doesn’t have any coding knowledge….), therefore some of you guys may have noticed the site was down a couple of times due to my server crashing from incorrect setups….

Another thing I am considering specifically for this series, is that due to how long and difficult the chapters are to translate, I want to split it up into 2 or 3 parts so that it will become much more manageable and I can also release faster (I’m not sure if you guys prefer to read say 5000~6000 words in one go or have more frequent updates of 2000~ word chapters, let me know what you guys think in the comments) .

Alright sorry for the long rant….. I hope you guys have had a wonderful day!


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Full chapter pls.