The Man Who Would Be King Volume 1 Chapter 9

Hey Guys, First I would like to mention again thanks so much Daniel.B for sponsoring The Man Who Would be King. As I mentioned before, I have reduced the price of the sponsored chapter for this particular project from $80 to $40, considering that this novel goes triple the length of most novels translated here, I believe that this is pretty awesome, nevertheless, finally after one month someone has sponsored the project to hit $40 as such this will be a Sponsored Chapter! ALAS I am not quite convinced to take on this project just yet, In order for me to pick this project back up, I will wait and see if I can get two more sponsored chapters for this novel.

OK I also wanted to say that this particular chapter is actually really intricate to translate, with various full names of the main characters being revealed, I have had some trouble with the naming them so if people want to suggest the names I left the Japanese in brackets, Furthermore, there is some pretty complex math bs going on here so for those that don’t understand something and want clarification, or those who spotted something that doesn’t make sense, feel free to let me know, and I will look at it in my own time and try to answer any questions or change any errors.

Lastly if you guys have any questions in regards to this series etc just leave a comment below. Please Enjoy this Chapter!


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😀 nooice


so happy you picked this back up thanks for sponsoring this Daniel!!! (btw my name is also Daniel :D)

Tiago Chaves
Tiago Chaves

Nefarian You ask for it we complied.