Otoko Aruji

Author: 三度笠

Original Web Novel男なら一国一城の主を目指さなきゃね


Alternate Titles:

  1. 男なら一国一城の主を目指さなきゃね
  2. If you’re a Man Then You’ve got to Aim to Become the King, Right?

Synopsis:  The protagonist of this story is a 45 year old Businessman whom was killed in a train accident, He was reincarnated into another world and was reborn as a mere infant. Without knowing why, he obtained a special skill. He began to test the limits of his capabilities and in order to make use of the advantage he was given, the main character steeled himself to make the most out of his second chance at life.


  1. The previous translator asked to send him the link to the translations or comment in the project page at his site so he can announce about the series being picked up.

  2. thanks for picking this up!

  3. Train-san stealing Truck-kun’s spot. What an outrage.

  4. oh~? So this got picked up!? Nice one!

    Thanks for taking on this project~ ^^.

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  8. nothing is free in life

  9. Strangely, this is listed in Japanese on novelupdates. I don’t think the Japanese title is actually shown anywhere on this site, so it was hard to find. I needed to identify it by the chapter number in the recent releases.

  10. Thanks for all the fast Updates in the last time,Cant wait for more ~

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  13. Does anyone know where I can find the illustrations? It says, “the page you requested can not be found” when I click the link in the chapters to the illustrations.

  14. Is this novel still ongoing ? It seems that chapters were coming quite fast ( good( and then … if this one only sends chapters monthly, please just tell … thank you for the good work 😉

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  17. oh… he got sick in September…. i am scared to catch what the translator caught. what sticks around for months at a time…..every illness i can think of is horrible and there is no cure. rip translator is in my prayers… 4 more days until Christmas…

  18. has this been dropped? was the only LN i read from your list… ;-;

  19. Looks like DarkSilencer has picked this up. seems he did so some time ago actually (05/07/17 going by novelupdates)

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