Chapter 10: Determination


The next day Hegard came back. The round trip to send to priest back to the town of Doritto took approximately 10 days. I’m not entirely sure just how long of a rest they took on their way there, but, even if they went at full speed, it would probably take at least 5 days.

Hegard was riding on horseback, but because he had to adjust to a wagon’s speed, it probably made it a lot slower. The wheel of the wagon was a wooden wheel with a ring of metal in the middle of it, no matter how I think about it, I don’t think there would be paved roads in this age of civilisation yet.

Although I thought about a lot of things since last night, I will leave it at this for now. The other important thing is…..

I need to use appraisal on my family members.

【Hegard Greed/20/8/7422 Hegard Greed/25/7/7400】

【Male/28/6/7399 Greed Household, Present Master】

【Condition: Excellent】

【Age 29 years old】

【Level: 15】

【HP:156(156) MP:6(6)】

【Strength: 24】

【Agility: 19】

【Dexterity: 15】

【Endurance: 23】

He’s amazing… As expected of someone who is at level 15. However, as I expected his MP is only at 6.

【Shirley Greed/8/6/7421 Shirley Tune/24/11/7401】

【Female/11/10/7400 Greed Household First wife】

【Condition: Excellent】

【Age 28 years old】

【Level: 14】

【HP:101(101) MP:43(43)】

【Strength: 14】

【Agility: 17】

【Dexterity: 24】

【Endurance: 14】

Umu. Although mother’s level is only 1 behind father, her MP value is overwhelmingly more than father. Because she had some sort of special magic skill, the distribution of stats and the bonus points she received towards MP is different.

Even so, her MP was only 43. I am at 28 MP, when I think about it, is this insufficient? No, in comparison with a lot of people in this world, even if I can’t call myself the baby with the highest MP, I can still confidently say that I would be much higher than the average.

【Fransten Greed/18/2/7423】

【Male/21/1/7422 Greed Household First born son】

【Condition: Excellent】

【Age 7 years old】

【Level: 1】

【HP:24(24) MP:2(2)】

【Strength: 3】

【Agility: 5】

【Dexterity: 3】

【Endurance: 3】


【Milhaya Greed/26/2/7425】

【Female/2/2/7424 Greed Household First born daughter】

【Condition: Excellent】

【Age: 5 years old】

【Level: 1】

【HP:16(16) MP:1(1)】

【Strength: 2】

【Agility: 3】

【Dexterity: 2】

【Endurance: 2】

Both my brother and sister had an expected amount of status points.

【Myunerin Tobasu/19/2/7427 Myunerin Saguaru/2/12/7412】

【Female/29/11/7411 Greed household Tobasu First born Daughter】

【Condition: Excellent】

【Age: 18 years old】

【Level: 2】

【HP:65(65) MP:4(4)】

【Strength: 8】

【Agility: 12】

【Dexterity: 8】

【Endurance: 8】

For the sake of it I also used Appraisal on Myun to see her stats. Well it’s not really a big deal.

A little while ago I thought that she may be a little low levelled for the average people of her age, however, it could also be the case that my parents were the abnormal ones. But, isn’t it a little weird?

「Father, is the town of Doritto far away?」

「Hm? I guess it is, if you go by horse it will take around 4 days」

I see. Let’s assume that a wagon can go at approximately 3 Km per hour, then if it took 4 days it should be around 120 Km to reach the town.

「Is it about 120 Km away? That’s seems really far doesn’t it」

「Eh? You can do calculus?」

Hegard seemed really surprised as he spoke.

「Calculation? Ahh If wagons are used in a flat surfaced road, they should be a little faster than an adult person walking, right? But, the road to Doritto is probably filled with stones and gravel, and so I predict that the speed of the wagon would be halved? After eating breakfast, the travel would begin for roughly five hours until reaching lunch. After resting a little at lunch, and eating a meal, you would then prepare to move again for another 5 hours, because the speed of the wagon would be quite slow when moving on rough terrain, after travelling for a total of 10 hours, the distance travelled during the day would amount to approximately 30 km. And because all I had to do was multiply it by four, it would turn out to be around 120Km, is what I thought…..」

「And you are telling me that you have been able to calculate this? You truly are a genius, aren’t you?」

As usual Hegard was speaking to me with his eyes wide open and was very surprised. Although there was a couple of people around here, I was whispering in a voice so that only Hegard and Shirl could hear me talk.

「Father, later on I have something really important to say to both of you. Could you please give me some time, perhaps after we’ve eaten dinner?」

「Ah? Ahh. Alright sure……」

Hegard was looking at Sharl with his still surprised look but he still replied in the affirmative. I think they are getting accustomed to my way of talking…. The pace is starting to go according to my desires.

I use appraisal whilst eating dinner as usual, and fill up the quota. My brother and sisters were bundled off to the children’s room, Myum was putting them to bed with a lullaby, and in the dining room, only my parent’s and I were here.

「I’m sorry, Father, Mother. I have something a little important to discuss…… I think that I want to start talking after Myun returns here. At the worst case, Elder brother and Elder Sister will overhear us talk but that will be fine, however since Myun is not part of our family do you think it will be alright if she hears about this?」

「Myun is like family to us, she’s not someone to leak out information that she’s heard from this household…..」

「That’s true, she’s not like that」

Both my parents were vouching for Myun. After that, I waited for Myun to return so I asked Sharl various questions in regards to magic to pass the time. Soon after, I confirmed Myun’s approaching footsteps.

Now, the performance will start. I can only hope that my acting skills are good enough for this to work.

「Alright then, I think I want to start now. It’s about my naming ceremony that took place a few days ago. The truth is, I met with great grandfather Samato」

Samato was founder of the Greed Household and I was able to know this fact because I obtained the information from my appraisal ability. If I remember correctly he was the Marquis’s Webdosu’s fourth son. Although it’s a little cliché, I wanted to tell them that I was acting under the instructions of my ancestor. Of course before utilising this plan, I already confirmed that my great-grandparent had already passed away. Well let’s not say my great-grandfather, even my grandfather has already passed away.

「You met him? What exactly do you mean?」

Hegard was curiously asking about the situation. Well this is to be expected.

「Yes, he came out towards me in a dream that night. And great-grandfather told me… “You three siblings have a talent for magic. You need to train to your limits in magic during the day and after reaching your limits, you should get enough rest before training in the way of the sword. You need to begin this training as soon as possible, at the worst case, you should continue this way of life for about 10 years”, is what grandfather said… Another thing is, he told me that I should talk in this kind of manner」

「Hey, Sharl. Have you ever talked to Al about our grandfather Samato?」

「I haven’t」

「Is that so…… And, is that the end of the message Al?」

「No, there is still a continuation」

「Continue then」

「Yes, the next thing great-grandfather said was… “There is still room for this town of Bakuddo to grow. Alein, after doing magic practice and sword training, you must go around with your father to search for any avenues of growth and development within the territory”, is what he said」


Father was starting to get angry. But, this behaviour was already within my predictions.

「Father, there is still a continuation. “I will give you the knowledge to do so, using this piece of information, I order you to make Bakkudo prosper and help out your elder brother as his counsellor…..”」

After that, I just spouted some vague bullshit.

Hegard seemed to be angry at the fact that it looked like I was going to take over the Greed family estate and jump over Farne, because for aristocrat’s, it is a tradition (That the eldest child takes over as head of the family).

Nevertheless that is not my intention at all.

After meeting god a spark started to grow within me.

  1. There are 39 people who transmigrated in this world including me. (However, eight people are already dead)
  2. Inherent skills are given to those who transmigrate here (I am given two)
  3. For those who have transmigrated in this world, when they level up, they are given three times the bonus points.

Considering these three factors, being content at just being in the position of a local lord is impossible. Furthermore, aside from the fact that I am a person who transmigrated and the fact that I have inherent skills, I have already made a promise to myself with self-determination to be a better person.

All of those who came here are from the present age of Japan. Meaning they are from a modern Japan…..

At my advanced age Japanese people probably didn’t grow up receiving any special military training. They are probably not informed in matters of battle strategy, and it is unlikely for them to have any experience fighting a war. In our present world which seemed to be around the middle ages, 8 or 9 cases out of 10, people will resort to violence in order to obtain what they want. The fact that creatures such as goblins exist in this world, increases the important of individual fighting power even more. For a world like this where weird living creatures are rampant, it’s an important factor to have military prowess, I am sure of it. Not only this, most people would not have the knowledge to truly get a military force organized, give them training and make them submit  to a code of discipline.

I dare say, that they wouldn’t understand the structure of a gun in order to make various arms and weapons. Even if a person were to have a small amount of knowledge in these matters, at best they would be amateurs. Additionally, although the raw materials of gun powder may be famous, the correct amount of mixture and how to make the gun itself using metal working is not general knowledge and therefore it is unlikely for them to know how to do it. In this world I am quite sure that there is no full-fledge smiths with the ability to create high quality weapons and or guns. Using Hegard’s sword as an example, whilst it may have been forged to a certain extent, it looks like for the most part it has just been merely sharpened using a whetstone. If this is the quality of the metal being used on the gun, at best you will be able to fire 1 round of bullets after which, the guns aim will decrease substantially.

Whilst I may be in a small province, my father is the local feudal lord of this city and this is the type of equipment he is forced to use. Just like god has said previously, the current level of civilisation is akin to the 15th century. Another thing to keep in mind is that if there are goblins wandering around town, there is no reason for people to not want to advance their weaponry, and yet it hasn’t been done. Therefore, it is obvious that they do not have the sufficient knowledge to do so. I must say that the level of civilisation is truly quite low. Moreover, in terms of city development it seems that they haven’t even reached the full potential of the 15th century. Right now, other than parts of things being comparable to Europe in the 15th century, they haven’t really caught up. For instance, because of the existence of healing magic, the people have been inhibited from researching medical science and development in this area might have been obstructed because of this.

If this was the present earth, it wouldn’t be realistic to start your own territory or build your own castle, founding your own country is also just a wild pipe dream that someone may have whilst joking around with their friends. The reason for that is simple. Civil rights and human rights have been established and a large majority of the people in the present earth are an advanced nation who adopts some form of democracy, not only that but, the academic level of most people are quite high. Also, with the development of guns and weapons of mass destruction it is impossible for developing countries like Africa to want to fight with such overwhelming technology. However, if you compare it to the world I live in? Almost nobody is educated, and I have yet to see anyone carry a gun.

In any case, my plan is to create my own country. Well the quickest way to accomplish this would be to make Bakkudo village my stronghold and start a conquest of all of Webudosu”s territory, however I have no just cause to do so right now. Especially if I had to force my elder brother to disinherit his first born right and if I had to take over Bakkudo by force, this wouldn’t look good for my image. Although usurpation may not be viewed as a negative thing in this world, but in any case, I have no qualms or hatred with my family so why would I ever need to do such a thing? In fact, when Farne and Mill tried to protect me from the goblins I felt really grateful. They were truly caring siblings. Therefore, I decided to try and help them out by potentially increasing their MP.

Once I become an adult, I plan to leave this village and make a name for myself, this would be a much better alternative. Apparently according to this earth’s standards, when one reaches the age of 15, they will be considered an adult. Until that time, I should work hard for Bakkudo to repay their kindness. I wasn’t able to be dutiful to my parents in my past life, however in this life I plan to be as helpful as I can. After all, I am a man with four parents. Just from the fact that I was loved by all four of my parents, makes me feel like I have been blessed and I am really happy about this fact.

After helping out this city, I plan to go to a big city in order to make a name for myself. If I just think about this calmly, and train diligently till I become an adult, I should be able to be quite strong when that time comes. Not only do I have two inherent skills, I also get the huge bonus from levelling up. Moreover, because I have sufficient knowledge, if I make something which doesn’t yet exist in this world, money won’t be a problem for me. In the worst case scenario, even if I am unable to establish a kingdom of my own, I will at least be able to become a full-fledged merchant due to the amount of economical knowledge I’ve built up from my past life.

First things first, I need to learn the inner workings of this new world, and everything will start from there.



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