Chapter 14: Demon Stone


Afternoon: As per usual I was riding on Hegard’s back. Today we weren’t going to the fields again, instead we were heading outside towards the forest.

When we were patrolling the fields just yesterday, I was told that the outside, was still filled with forest and it spread throughout. I wanted to see what kind of place it was this far out, and because a goblin came to the village to attack me near Kelly’s house, I was curious to see what kind of reactions Hegard would have when he went outside the village borders.

I was timid when I asked Hegard if I could see outside of the village and into the forest, but he readily agreed to my request and it was kind of anti-climactic. Hegard brought along another 3 other people with him, and began to head out. As expected, the outside cannot be such a place where he can be completely relieved without any back up, right? When I appraised our group, everyone was in their twenties and around level 6 to 7. Moreover, everyone here was affiliated with the Greed household some way or another.

We were walking parallel across the river that existed in the center of the village heading in the north-east direction, and after walking this direction for about 1 hour, we changed directions and headed south-west. The trees around this area were really dense and rampant, there wasn’t as many tall weeds and grasses as I thought there would be, and I could see a lot of bare ground that wasn’t covered by any plants. The place gave an impression that it was relatively easy to transverse, there wasn’t many big tree roots blocking the path so we didn’t really need to be careful whilst walking past the forest. After walking for around 2 hours, I smelled the smell of salty water for an instant. I almost thought that it was just my imagination, but after walking for several hours, we have indeed reached the sea.

Vegetation was present here to some degree but it was all jumbled up and disorganized. When we first got out of the village and headed north, we saw a lot of conifer trees, sprouting out, but now, it was mainly between oak trees, zelkovas and broadleaf trees. If it’s just this variety of plants, then it there wasn’t anything special about it, even in Japan you could see these types of things. When we headed towards the sea, the amount of variety in the plants and trees increased even more.

We came beside a large tree. And decided to take a rest here. Apparently, from our location right now, Bakuddo village is approximately one and a half hours due east. Hegard reached into the basket that I was in, he lifted me in his arms and put me on the ground. Although his palms seemed to be full of calluses from all the sword training he did, the hand which lifted me up really carefully felt really warm. Hegard passes me a leather canteen filled with water and I drink from it quench my thirst.  Hegard has carried me on his back all this time, since leaving the village but he didn’t seem tired in the slightest. Exactly just how much stamina does he have, I wonder? As expected of someone who is at level 15. However, it’s really strange, Hegard is supposed to be the lord of the area, and yet he has been carrying me all this time, and no one has offered to give him any help, I don’t really understand it.

When I asked Hegard about this matter, he explained that the reason was quite simple. Hegard’s true strength far surpasses any of the men he brought, therefore, the person most suited to protect me is Hegard, and anyone else would lack the ability to do so. Hegard doesn’t seem to think anything of doing hard labour and protecting me himself, even though he’s supposed to be their lord. After conversing with Hegard about this and that, and resting for approximately 20 minutes, suddenly everyone stood on guard and pulled out their weapons.

Although I wasn’t really sure what occurred in that exact moment, it was probably an attack of some kind? I’m guessing it’s one of those monsters, or demons, or apparitions that came to attack us. Or it could also just a wild animal, in any case, everyone’s facial expressions was by no means normal, and everyone was in high tension. After Hegard tells the group to settle down, he takes a stance with his sword and goes out to the front all by himself. Oi oi, even at a time like this, does the lord have to be the one at the front of the battle? I myself was at the back and up until now and I was resting against the huge tree, the men were surrounding me from the front and the sides to protect me, but honestly I was kind of dissatisfied that none of them were trying to help him out.

The man in front of me was being a hindrance to my line of sight and I still could not discern who the approaching enemy is, however, I was trying to search for them with my appraisal ability. When I did, I was able to find out that ahead of us in approximately 100 m there was about 20 small people. It turns out that they were goblins, and there was a lot of them. The other side also seems to notice our presence and they were slowly approaching us at a walking speed. Remembering my interest in them, I immediately casted appraisal on the goblin. Oh yeah, if I remember correctly, I’ve never used appraisal on a goblin before.


【Male/20/11/7426 Goblin Tribe, Fagu clan】

【Condition: Excellent】

【Age: Two years old】

【Level: 1】

【HP:16(16) MP:1(1)】

【Strength: 2】

【Agility: 3】

【Dexterity: 1】

【Endurance: 2】

When I appraised 5 separate goblins one after another, most of them had very similar abilities although there was some slight differences. The fact that none of them had a name probably meant that none of them had been christened by a Shinto priest. Let’s not even mention the level 1 Farne, these goblins had weaker stats than Mill. Well considering they are really young, I suppose it can’t be helped? However, will we really be alright facing 20 of them? Will I die at this place? Isn’t this really bad, I can’t seem to keep my fear in check.

Hegard shouts.

「Sean, come with me! Protect my back! The rest of you defend Al!」

The man called Sean who was standing in front of me ran after Hegard, and he was standing a little to the left and behind of Hegard. After advancing for about 50 m into an open space, they stopped. What was all that talk about Hegard staying close to my side and protecting me, did I mishear that?! I don’t have a shield nor any arrows to defend myself.

「Hey! Are we going to be alright!?」

I ask the two people who standing around me. When I did a young looking man spoke up— If I remembered correctly, this guy’s name was Dice—

「It’s alright, our Lord is a previous adventurer, and the goblins around this area, can’t even be considered an opponent towards him」

Although he still showed a little tension, he was smiling as he explained to me. Another man also spoke up—- I think his name was Rasegu—

「Moreover, Sean is standing on guard behind him, so there should be no problems at all. In the off chance that some goblins sneak through, you still have us to guard you」

Rasegu seemed to have a calm expression as he spoke. After seeing his expression I was able to calm down a little, even though we were facing 20 goblins. When I think about it, Farne was able to completely kill a goblin all by himself. This time around, the goblins didn’t seem to bring any kind of sharp weapons, they were using some kind of club weapon, but considering that I am quite far away from them I can’t really tell, it could also be a short spear. Well the tip of the club doesn’t seem to reflect light from it, so it’s probably not metal, besides the tip looks kind of thickish added to the fact that they weren’t taking a stabbing posture, it was probably just a club, nevertheless, a weapon is still a dangerous thing.

Although the goblin’s group also stopped moving after seeing Hegard and Sean come to a halt, one of the goblins raised a shriek of some kind, shouting out “gyaa” or “gyoee” . Apparently that was the signal for the goblins to move in and surround Hegard, and they took a semi-encirclement formation against him.

Before the goblins were able to completely encircle him, Hegard raised a war cry and advanced forwards as quick as lighting. He immediately pierced his sword into the goblin standing in the front of him, and in one swift movement, he kicked the goblin flying away to free his sword. Sean was also using his sword to pierce the goblins whilst still in a position to protect Hegard. Before anyone knew it, two goblins were instantly massacred and Hegard immediately killed the goblin to his right. After piercing his first goblin Sean also kicked the goblin away to pull his sword out, but this time around he was just swinging it left to right, in order to keep the goblins away. I see, I think Sean is left handed? Since a little while ago, he has been fighting with his left hand. Is that why he’s standing a little to the left of Hegard?

With great efficiency Hegard was killing the goblins one after another. Almost all the goblins died in one stab. Occasionally he would also use a swinging attack to kill goblins that were in the right position for him to cleanly strike and slice their throat, however this kind of attack was hardly used. Only when he couldn’t avoid the strikes with the club, would he block it with his sword, or it’s more like he parried the club with his sword and destroyed the balance of the weak goblins following it with a pierce. Sean was also supporting Hegard quite well, and I got the feeling that he was completely absorbed in his task to ward away any of the goblins who come near Hegard’s blind spot. Naturally any goblins who grew careless, would be stabbed without any mercy.

Whilst staring at this scene in blank amazement, 10 of the goblins had already died. From the look of things, both Hegard and Sean hasn’t been hit by their clubs even once. Aren’t they overwhelmingly strong? My army that is… As if the feeling of fear I had a little while ago was a lie, I was now in an uplifted mood. Geez, my control over my emotions are so bad. Why am I getting all scared? I only need to think calmly and look at the situation. Hegard’s HP and strength is at least 10 times more than any single goblin.

Whilst Sean who was following behind Hegard was only level 7, their combined strength and agility is at least 15 times stronger than the level 2 goblins. For an adult like Hegard who was skilled with the way of the sword, even if he were surrounded by these goblins, their strength which was merely at the level of a 5 year old little girl, even if they held a weapon, they were no match for Hegard. Moreover, whilst they were trying to perform an encirclement, their cooperation and coordination with each other was quite bad, and they were basically trying to swing aimlessly.

Even if they did look a little scary, it’s not like they were all that powerful… right?

Crap, there was actually one goblin who stood out from the rest, he was carrying a short spear. The spear was being pointed at Hegard and it was raising its voice to speak some kind of language. If I assumed that it was giving out instructions to its comrades, then it is likely that this particular goblin is the leader of their pack. I panicked and casted Appraisal quickly.


【Male/19/1/7424 Goblin Tribe, Fagu Clan】

【Condition: Excellent

【Age: Five years old】

【Level: 3】

【HP:23(23) MP:1(1)】

【Strength: 3】

【Agility: 4】

【Dexterity: 2】

【Endurance: 3】

Yeah, it is certainly stronger than the other goblins. It’s about as strong as Mill and or Farne I suppose. Even though it is still not the strong, the fact that it has a metallic weapon, makes it unable to be underestimated… Whilst thinking such things, I was watching the battle unfold before my eyes.

「Look, I told you they’d be fine, didn’t I? They have already killed 10 goblins. Our Lord is just that strong of a person, you know?」

Dice was speaking to me trying to make me feel relieved.

I replied in a suitable manner before quick concentrating my gaze on the battle that Hegard and Sean was partaking in. It was almost like I was watching some sort of adventure action film and I was totally being fascinated at the strength of the leading main character. Another goblin just got brought down by Hegard’s sword. Ah, I have actually been counting them as one person or two people, every time a goblin is killed, but if I’m not hearing incorrectly the people around me have been counting them as one animal and or two animals. This kind of thing is pretty similar to the Japanese language actually… But, why are they considered as an animal? Well, I suppose I’ll ask them later.

After defeating another goblin person/animal the goblin who was acting as their leader ordered a retreat, the remaining goblins started to disperse and scatter away in all directions. None of them were heading towards my directions so I was relieved. Dice lifted me up in his arms and placed me into the basket, and Rasegu carried me until we arrived beside Hegard.

Hegard and Sean were squatting down besides the goblin’s corpses, and the corpses was torn up with the knife. Just when I was thinking, man they’ve got such bad taste to defile a dead corpse…. the two people beside me namely: Dice and Rasegu also pulled out their knives and they also began to approach the corpses and started to cut them apart. What in the world and for what reason are they doing this? I was just looking at their mysterious behaviour and Hegard and Sean stood up and went to another nearby corpse into order to tear it up with their knives again.

Oh yeah, I’ve never examined a corpse with appraisal before… as I was thinking this, I looked towards the edge where a goblin’s fresh corpse has yet to be torn up, but it turned out that the status being displayed almost the same as if it were still alive. By the way when, I used appraisal on a dead corpse that was already cut up, this is what happened.

【Corpse (Goblin Tribe)】

【Goblin Tribe】

【Condition: Excellent】

【Day it was Generated: 19/3/7429】

【Value: 10】

【Endurance Value: 1】

Is what came out. It came out with a status window like the time, when I was using Appraisal on some sort of inanimate object. It brings me to the idea that, because they are cut up like this, they are classified as such. But what if they aren’t cut up, are you telling me that they will be able to revive or something?

「My Lord, what should we do with the remaining corpses?」

Rasegu asks a question.

「If you need them, you may take them home with you」

Hegard answers Rasegu jokingly.

「After looting the demon stones from the body of these goblins, they barely hold any value so, no thank you. So, all joking aside, are we going to bury them?」

「Well, the distance between this place and the village is still actually quite far away, I think it should be fine if we just leave them here right?」

「However, the forest lizard may become attracted by the smell, and start eating them you know?」

「Still, who cares, I think it will be fine if we just leave them here, right?」

Everyone stopped cutting up the goblins and whilst resting, they were exchanging this kind of conversation.

「Alright, I will get Sharl to burn them tomorrow. This should be enough」

Hegard makes the decision and everyone started going back to work.

On the way back, I asked Hegard in relation to the “demon stones” which were mentioned a while ago. “Maseki” were also known as “demon stones” and in truth they were also known as type of goods. Other than the plant and vegetation, every living thing in this world will have one of these magical stones inside of the body, roughly positioned next to the heart. The demon stone distributes magical power within the body and crystallises itself, so the more powerful the living thing, the transparency and size of the stone will vary to signify the difference in purity and value, however, it seems the limit to the size would be around the size of a human sized fist, and in the case of large living thing like a dragon, the dragon may have 2 or 3 of these kinds of stones embedded within them. The thing I saw before when they were tearing up the corpses of the goblins, were precisely for this reason of obtaining the demonic stones from within their bodies. I was shown what it looked like, but all I saw was a blackish oval shaped stone the size of an adult finger.

When I asked why they would take this kind of thing out, he replied that demon stones were objects worth value and capable of being sold. Because it is capable of being sold, there is obviously a use for them. One of the main uses of such an object is that it can be used as material for medicine, but I hear that it can also be used as a sort of battery and is considered to be a high-grade material. Well most of the goblins were of a pretty low level, so the demon stone is also low level, and it’s not really possible to use it as a sort of magical battery After explaining all this to me, Hegard says “When we get home, I will allow you to see how Sharl bonds the demon stones together” as he laughed.

Ah, it would have been good if I used Appraisal on the demon stones… Well let’s try it later when I get the chance.

Before it got really dark, we arrived back at the house. Hegard told Sharl about his day, and how he came across a group of goblins that he defeated and then retrieved the demon stones from them, and that tomorrow he wanted to dispose of the corpses, so he told her to come with him. And after saying this, he went out of the house in order to perform maintenance repairs on his sword.

After Sharl receives the demon stones she places them on the table and started to inspect them. Of course in that time, I also used appraisal on it.

【Demon stone goods (Goblin Tribe)】

【Goblin Tribe】

【Condition: Excellent】

【Day it was Generated: 19/3/7429】

【Value: 174】

【Endurance value: 2】

Out of the 13 stones that were here, the only slight differences were their values, and the rest of the stats were the same. Is that how it is? I am able to tell what kind of living being the demonic stone spawned from? Standing up Sharl takes out a bag out from the cupboard, from here she took out one demon stone. This demon stone was about the size of a thumb and it was gray in color. The shape is much more rounder than the ones we took today. I decided to appraise it…

【Demonic stone goods】


【Condition: Excellent】

【Day it was generated: 17/8/7428】

【Value: 49621】

【Endurance Value: 2】

Is what appeared. It would seem that it is a demon stone that has been combined together. The fact that it doesn’t have a name of where the raw material came from, is probably because it was combined from many different species? Sharl takes the gray demon stone from her left hand and places it on top of the goblin demon stone we acquired today in her right hand, and then she tells me to watch carefully. Sharls hands glowed with a tinge of blue as the stones were being lightly rolled around each other in her hands. The 13 stones were now within her left hand and her free right hand acted as a sort of lid as it covered the stones and she moved with a rubbing motion. When she next opened her hands, the 13 stones had all merged into 1. The only thing left was the grey stone she took out a while ago. The goblin stones which were supposed to be there all disappeared without a trace.

Sharl notices that I had a weird expression on my face and she started to explain to me. Right now, what just occurred was her using magic in order to fuse together the stones into one. When I used Appraisal again on the stone, the value which was supposed to be around 49600 actually raised to a value of 51500. I see, so the value increases when you unite them… Since it was still a while until supper, I continued talking and asking Sharl about demon stones and magic. Incidentally when I asked her about the counting system, she told me that any demons or monsters that can’t really communicate with humans would be counted as an ‘animal’ instead of a ‘person’.

After that Myun finished preparations for dinner and after setting up the table I started to eat. The topic in today’s dinner was of course how Hegard engaged the group of mass goblins today. Farne was feeling quite regretful that he couldn’t see the awesome battle, and Sharl and Mill was laughing whilst teasing him about it. As per usual everything ended normally after dinner.

Today I was a little anxious to see if I could wake up in the middle of the night again, but worrying about such a thing is pointless, in any case I used appraisal and went to bed. It seemed that I was able to wake up during the night, but perhaps it was because I was really agitated after seeing a battle unfold before my eyes, I was a little tired and my waking time was a little bit late. Well it can’t really be helped, in any case I use appraisal and head back to bed.



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