Chapter 15: Offensive Magic and the Spy


The next morning, magic training was cancelled because the goblin corpses had to be properly disposed. Although it was a bit of a shame that we had to skip training, I was actually quite curious as to how they were going to use magic to incinerate the corpses.

The members were the same as yesterday, but this time, Farne, Mill and Sharl were accompanying us as well. Farne was lightly dressed with a sword attached to his waist, he was walking by himself. Mill was being shouldered by Hegard on an even bigger basket than the one I was in. As for me I was being carried alternatively by the three retainers who were serving my father— Sean, Rasegu and Dice. If we wanted to get to the area we were in yesterday, it should take us around 1 and a half hours, however because this time around, Farne was coming along with us, our pace was a little slower than before.

Farne was excited questioning the three adults and Hegard about the battle they had yesterday with the goblins, but Mill on the other hand looked relatively bored. I was just nonchalantly using appraisal whilst sitting in the basket. Passing through the dense forest, we finally arrived after walking for about two hours. The goblin’s corpses was already a mess as their soft stomachs had apparently been eaten by some sort of animal.

Hegard and his three subordinates dug up a hole approximately 30 centimetres deep and collected all the goblin’s corpses into the hole. With this the preparations seem to be complete. Because the hole is not very large, it only takes about 20 minutes to dig up. Sharl tells everyone to get far enough to be safe and then she tells the kids to pay attention to what she was about to do. Naturally. I wasn’t going to look away.

She pointed the palm of her hands towards the corpses, extended her fingers she shoots out a faint blue light towards the corpses.

Soon after pointed her palm towards the corpses, the bodies started to catch on fire, it was quite the vigorous flame!!

The flame burns the corpses very quickly.

Sharl had a serious expression on her face as she adjusted her hands to spray the flame on to the corpses evenly. The flame created by magic is as expected different from a normal flame, the corpses not only caught fire from Sharl side of things but it also spread around to the other side. The smell of burning flesh is unpleasant, but I can only endure it for now. Farne and Mill had a grimace on their faces whilst looking at Sharl as she spout out flames from her hands.

After continuing for about five minutes, she said “I’ll take a break” and then she headed towards us. I hear that Hegard is standing on guard for anything dangerous in the surroundings and two people were patrolling the area as well.

「Right now, the magic I used was called an offensive magic “Flame Thrower”. You guys probably won’t be able to use it just yet, but at the very least, we can study a little about magic here」

As soon as Sharl said this, she began her lecture about magic.

Apparently, magic is separated by five different systems. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void. The four great elements of magic is about using the four elements as the name suggests to generate: fire, water, earth and wind. For example, Sharl was using fire just now, but that fire was artificially made from fire magic. Finally void magic is a special kind of magic and it can do a variety of things that the four elements can’t accomplish. It would be more fitting to call it a multipurpose magic.

If you used the four elements magic without combining it with void magic, at best what you can do is release the four elements, therefore it is not often used by itself. For example fire magic no matter how powerful it is, is only fire in the end. Naturally, the higher the level of the magic user the ability of the fire magic will also rise accordingly, and the scale in which fire can be summoned and spread goes up. But in the end it is just fire, and you cannot manipulate it any further than that.

In order to manipulate the element to a greater extent, you need to combine it with void magic. The fire magic Sharl used a moment ago called “Flame Thrower” works by using “Merging” and “Continuing” in conjunction with fire and void magic. By the way, “Merging” is the same spell that she used to unite the demon stones together. In other words “Flame Thrower” is magic that uses fire magic to output fire, and then the fire is merged to shoot out in one direction, and then it is made to persist/continue in that form.

In any case, the use of void magic is an essential aspect of being able to freely master and manipulate the four great elements, and it is not wrong to say that it is one of the most important magic you need to learn. To begin with, the reason why we needed to practice how to flow the magic freely in our morning practice is because this exercise is used as a foundation to build on void magic.

The training of magic usually starts with perceiving the flow of magic, although I have said this before, there is a reason as to why Sharl’s training starts with how to make the energy flow instead of how to perceive it. This is because being able to perceive magic is a type of minor magic: cantrip. Therefore, MP is not used up. And if she were to start here, than she would be going against great-grandfathers words, which was to expend all our MP in practice. Minor magic has a limit to how many times you can use it each day, and MP has a limit on the MP consumption before you fall asleep, just like how when you get really hungry, you may steal someone else’s food but, there is a limit to how long you can survive like that. Normally, due to the relationship between age and MP amount, people wait until they become adults before they train in magic but I think that the real reason for this is because there are some strange incidents by which a male would be really low on MP and then start attacking a female, or they would rush into the toilets to do something dirty.

Anyways, after explaining various things about void magic, Sharl told us that we should practice training magic as per usual. I was thinking that considering we were outside of the village and in a place where goblins may show up, it wouldn’t be such a good idea to train in the wilderness, however Sharl said, that because we were still kids, even if a battle broke out, we wouldn’t be much use so it will be fine if we were asleep. She said that because there is still some time for her to rest before going back to burning the corpses, and she can still help out with our training. After we fell asleep, we were laid down next to the root of the large tree.

By the time I woke up, the goblin’s corpses had already been burned thoroughly and only bone was left over. With this, it is likely that demons and monsters won’t be drawn here as there was no meat left over. Hegard and the men kicked the bones into the hole they dug up and then covered it with soil. Right now, it was a little bit of time after noon, and so we were going to have a quick lunch here before heading back home.

Because we still had plenty of time, everyone was walking at a slack pace. After walking for about one hour, we took a break. Everyone was taking a seat and after taking out their leather canteens they took a sip of water. If I am not mistaken, it was around this time yesterday that the goblins attacked, but when I thought about stuff like this, I was getting anxious of the fact that an attack may really happen, so I stopped thinking about that train of thought. Instead I was thinking about how magic is combined together.

If the four great elements of magic are combined with void magic, I wonder if it could do something like this? Let’s say we casted the “Flame Thrower” magic from before but now we also added water magic to the mix, could we make some sort of warm water shower magic? Although it may seem foolish when you first hear it, but if this was truly possible, than I can think of many things that when combined together, will make an incredibly convenient magic.

When I wanted to immediately ask Sharl about this, she told me that there was already people with this train of thought, and I hear that various combinations of magic were already being researched. I suppose this is natural, after all anyone would notice the benefits of certain potential combinations. However, Sharl also said that even if the same combination of magic were to be used, if the amount of magical power put into it is adjusted, the effects can become totally different, therefore, this has become a research topic that is essentially everlasting with limitless combinations.

After our rest ended, I became a resident to my basket again.

After around hour more hour, we returned to the village.

Farne and Mill seem to be training in the way of the sword until the evening. Farne should have been really tired from walking all day, but he’s still very diligent, he’s truly great…

Because we returned relatively quickly I used appraisal whenever I could. Because recently my MP has been recovering at a rate of approximately 1 MP every 5 minutes, I have been using appraisal whenever I had the spare time, when I continuously used appraisal on myself, my appraisal level went up. When the level of my appraisal skill went to level 7, it seems that I am now able to appraise skills as well.

Now then, let’s confirm my previous doubts and clear up some of the things I’ve had on my mind for a while now. I slowly used appraisal on Myun.

【Myunerin Tobasu/19/2/7427 Myunerin Saguaru/2/12/7409※】

【Female/21/11/7409 Tobasu Household Eldest daughter※】

【Condition: Excellent】

【Age: 19 years old※】

【Level: 9※】

【HP:84(84) MP:9(9)※】

【Strenght: 11※】

【Agility: 18※】

【Dexterity: 16※】

【Endurance: 10※】

【Special Skill: Wind Magic(Lv.2)※】

【Special Skill: Void Magic(Lv.3)※】

【Special skill: Camouflage(Lv.5※)】

Fufufun, well I guessed as much.

When I used my appraisal to further look into her name of Tobasu, the sub-window that came out explained the history of my great-grandfather Samato and there was no problems. However, when I examined her name of Saguaru with my appraisal ability, this is what came out.

【Saguaru Family: A lesser retainer of the Debasu Kingdom. Founded at the 17th March 7247】

【Sudden rise to power working as a: Combat Slave, Beguri Saguaru provided distinguished services in war. (Assasinating the enemy general in the battle of Coda Valley)】

【The current family head is a person named Bondaru Saguaru who is from the sixth generation】

The smell, the smell coming out of this housemaid is really dangerous…

After levelling up my appraisal ability, I was just really happy so I used it on everyone and everything, this is when I noticed this irregularity.

Although she wasn’t married, she had two names. Also the other name belonged to a completely different family. At first I thought of the possibility that Myun had already married once before. However, the fact that she was named as the Eldest daughter of the Tobasu family was weird. If she were truly married than it would display something similar to Sharl, like being the first wife or the second wife etc.

In addition I also made sure of this when I looked at Myun’s stats with status open the other day.

At that time, I am sure that the name Myunerin Saguaru, was not in her status.

It seems that after levelling up my appraisal skill, I have been able to garner more information that would otherwise be normally hidden. Although it will still take more levels before I am able to see the particulars of certain skills, in this regard considering how fast my MP is recovering, I will only need another 2 or 3 days before it will increase in level again.

Because she had the special skill “Camouflage” many things besides her status had a ※ symbol next to it, this probably represented the statuses that she was hiding. Other than her current condition, hasn’t everything about her changed? By the way, before I reached level 7 in appraisal and was able to appraise skills, this is what came out previously.

【Myunerin Tobasu/19/2/7427 Myunerin Saguaru/2/12/7412】

【Female/29/11/7411 Tobasu Household Eldest Daughter】

【Condition: Excellent】

【Age: 17 years old】

【Level: 2】

【HP:65(65) MP:4(4)】

【Strength: 8】

【Agility: 12】

【Dexterity: 8】

【Endurance 8】

This is what was normally seen. Frankly speaking, before acquiring my abilities, I didn’t really examine the dates with scrutiny to figure out if everything matched, in any case I don’t think I would have been able to detect anything amiss. Nevertheless, her camouflage ability is a truly splendid ability.

Well it’s fine.

At the present time, she has never caused any problems, and has never shown any malicious intent. Besides, I don’t really have any evidence against her. In any case, the fact that she’s using camouflage on her status window is a suspicious act, right? Even if she hasn’t shown any malicious intent, just with this fact alone, I think that it would normally be sufficient evidence. However, I cannot really refer to this fact at this point in time.

If I start denouncing that her status window has been hidden by a skill called camouflage, people will start asking me troublesome questions as to how I knew of this problem. This is a natural thing. However, I couldn’t really reveal my inherent skill Appraisal at a moment’s notice. If I did, then I may reveal valuable information to Myun who may actually be a potential spy of another country, and not only that, I may be shunned by the people of Bakkudo village, and I can only see a negative outcome if I were to carelessly reveal my abilities.

In the first place, I was only able to realize this fact because I have this inherent skill appraisal. This just goes to show just how powerful her camouflage skill is. It is quite interesting that the content being displayed when using status open and appraisal are slightly different. For example, I noticed that when I used appraisal, I could not only see the levels of my own abilities and skills, I could also see other people’s levels and abilities. In status open’s case, I can only see my own abilities. When speaking in terms of effectiveness, appraisal is by far more useful, the reason I used status open up until now, is because when appraisal was still at a low level, it couldn’t see any of my special skills. From hereafter, it is unlikely that I will be using status open on anyone else, other than in the special circumstance where I have run out of MP and have no other choice.

Although I kind of wandered from the main point a little, it should be fine if I just cautiously watched over Myun for a little longer right? It seems that she has already served the Greed family for several years, and many things are still unclear, such as how she managed to slip into the family? Or the reason she has come here?

Right now I haven’t got any evidence, so it will be fine if I spend some time to investigate more clearly, besides I also want to know the extent of her camouflage ability. Because I will find out more about these things as I level up my appraisal ability, I feel like it’s only a matter of time.

Anyways, I need to give more attention to Myun and her Tobasu family.



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