Chapter 2: Reincarnation

(it, it’s agonizing…..)



I can’t breathe, my chest feels really tight.

I wonder what’s happening?

Ahh, that’s right, I died in a train accident, didn’t I.

No, the fact that I’m still feeling so much pain probably means that I’m still alive?

Did I get saved in time!?

The tight feeling around my body somehow loosens around my head area.

I can’t open my eyes. Moreover, I am still unable to breathe.


I hear the voice of a young man.

For some reason the voice seems really distant.

It’s probably one of the people that was caught up in the train accident?

The tight feeling around my body was gone.

It felt like I was being pulled from my shoulders and my chin up towards my head area.

Is this perhaps? some kind of treatment?

My eye’s still wont open. Moreover, I still can’t breathe yet.

It’s painful.

And my body was covered in some sort of warm water. Is this a bath?

(It tastes bitter, eww)

「Cough, Cough」

After I choked and coughed I became able to breathe. What’s this? I feel the taste of blood.

「Cough, Coughh」

I seem to have vomited out some sort of liquid or maybe it was blood from within my mouth and now I was able to breathe.


The voice of a middle aged woman. Because I can’t really see, I am not able to confirm that it was indeed a middle aged woman.


Now it was the voice of the young man whom had spoken previously.

(Perhaps I am still being treated in the hospital? Was that me vomiting my own blood?)

「>%、%$$、#”%!! #”$#$!!」

Exactly, what happened to me?


It still hurts. Am I still waiting for them to bandage me up?

(Oi! Did I survive?! Which hospital am I at?!)

「Uge! Ugyaa Ugyaaa!? Ugyaaaaaa?」

(Huh? I can’t use my voice properly?)

「Ugooaaa? Uhiyaaa?」


This nurse, what the heck is she even saying to me? Please talk in Japanese.

「#”$”#$、0-&。 ”#$#:、;*】&%! #$&”!」

(Shit! What the hell is going on?!)

「Ugiyaaaa! Ugigyuuu GyaaaaAA?」

It seem’s I am not in any grave danger. Even the shoulder which I hit really hard is not painful at all.

And I am beginning to understand why I am not able to talk properly. It’s because I’ve become a baby who was just born just now. The reason why my vision was so blurry when I first opened my eyes and I couldn’t really see anything is now understandable.

I was trying to feel my body and when I did I saw my cute and chubby hands with lovely little fingers attached to it, and even my arms were cute and puffy. Although I couldn’t really move my body properly, My movements aren’t getting obstructed by anything and I don’t feel any remnant pain. Although I was able to bring my hands up towards my eyes so that I could more clearly inspect them, I couldn’t keep them up for long. It was also impossible for me to toss and turn about.

It would seem that my body is not very strong. Is it because I’m a new born, is this how weak a baby is supposed to be? I tried to move my body as much as possible however I couldn’t really put any strength into any of my limbs, I felt really lethargic and couldn’t move very well.

And, there is this man who keeps on peeking at me and, talking to me in a language I couldn’t understand. As expected it was the kind of voice that I couldn’t really understand and he seemed to be a foreigner of some sort. I was trying to communicate with him somehow but, my vocal cords weren’t really moving the way I wanted it too so all I could manage to strain out was 「Aguu」or 「Hoguu」. This is bad, was I born with some kind of defect/disability perhaps?

「%-&、*;*;、%%=#。 >”=^¥&%$:)#”&%」

Shit, don’t hold me up in such a weird way. The palm of your hands are really tough/hard its really painful on my body, darn it. Although all I wanted to do was complain a little bit, I couldn’t supress the rising annoyance/anger within me and in a violent fit of fury I screamed my lungs out.

「Ugiyaaaaaaa, UgiyaaaaaaaaAAA」

Ahhh, for goodness sake, it wasn’t that painful to begin with, and all I wanted to do was be able to communicate with him.

Around 3 months had passed and I started to understand a few more things.

  1. Most likely I was reborn. Whilst retaining the memories of my previous life.
  1. The place I was reborn in was a foreign place. Maybe Europe?

Well it’s a fact that they don’t speak English. Because they are not speaking either German or French it must be a language from a country that I am not familiar with

East Europe or Northern Europe, or it could be the west  edge of Europe such as Spain and or Portugal.

If we presume that I was reincarnated as soon as I died, then I would feel that based on the climate and the season that I was more to the South.

There is a possibility that I am actually near Mexico.

However, some of the nouns were understandable for me. Just what kind of language are they speaking?

  1. Just from looking at the furnishing and the goods around the house I can speculate that this is not an advanced country.

There was not a single electronic appliance that I could find.

There wasn’t even a radio, what was with this place?

It might be a small developing country which was independent of the former Soviet Union in Eastern Europe.

By the way, the house is wooden and from what I can see the floors was also made out of wood. There was no carpets or mats.

The window’s didn’t have any glasses, and it was only supported by a wooden pole to keep the windows opened.

At night this wooden pole was removed in order to close the window.

Although there weren’t any glasses on the windows, there was glass for the tableware.

  1. Each day before the sun would rise, breakfast would be prepared.

When the sun sets, preparation for supper would be started. They would use a lamp to light the dark house and eat with it lit, afterwards they would go straight to bed.

Ahh, They also seem to eat lunch. Well I wasn’t really weaned out from food yet so I don’t really understand the menu well.

There is no electricity in this house and it makes life extremely inconvenient.

  1. This family is composed of around five to six people excluding me.

I see them every day, however, I couldn’t pin point exactly how many people there were until a little later.

・The first family member is naturally me. I am a baby. All I did was suck on some breasts for milk then sleep, cry out when I need to poop and sleep, therefore I don’t really know exactly, but it’s been around three months since I was born. By the way breast milk tastes horrible. it tastes like thin milk.

・The second family member is probably my father. He was a middle aged man with a beard and blonde hair. However, he might be considerable younger than the age I was when I died. He’s probably around his mid thirties? He had blue eyes.

・The third family member is probably my mother. She seems to be in her late twenties or early thirties? unlike my father she was a considerably beautiful woman. Also she had perfectly shaped breasts. My mother was also blonde haired. With light green pupils.

・The fourth family member was most likely my elder sister. she seems to be around her late teens or maybe around 20 years of age? Although it wasn’t easy to say that she was beautiful, she wasn’t unattractive either. Just like mother, she also contributed to taking care of me quite often. Although I told you guys that she was my elder sister, judging just based on her age, it was more likely that she was my father or mothers younger sister, which would mean that she was possibly my aunt. She had brown hair. Light blue eyes.

・The fifth family member is probably my elder brother and the eldest son. It seemed like he hasn’t started going to elementary school yet. around the age of 5~6. he seemed to give off a feeling like he was a slightly mischievous kid. He was adorable for his age. Brown hair. Pale green eyes.

・The sixth family member is likely to be my elder sister and the second daughter. It seemed she was a little younger than my elder brother. around 3~4 years of age? Sometimes both her and my elder brother would take a quick peek at me. She had a good smile when she laughed. She would likely become a beautiful woman in the future. she has beautiful blonde hair. Light brown eyes.

・The seventh family member is a man whom seems to be a little older than my father I could hear his voice everyday. I’ve seen this mans face around 2~3 times this month. I predicted that he was my uncle. this is the main reason why I said that it was an approximate guess of whom my family members are. This guy also has a beard, but it wasn’t as rugged as my fathers, and was neatly trimmed and arranged nicely. he had dark blonde hair. Emerald pupils.

  1. I still don’t know what my fathers job is.

After eating his breakfast in the morning, he would take off to go somewhere, he returns home at around noon to eat lunch and then he leaves again and doesn’t come back until the evening.

For the time being, this is what I can gather. The number of rooms in the house still remains a mystery. Right now the only rooms I can see are: Parent’s bedroom, Living Room and Dining Room. I could see that there was door’s to other rooms but as of yet I could not really get up to walk and most of my time is spent sleeping. Other than the time when she needs to breastfeed me or change my diapers, my mother doesn’t really give me any other attention. (Illustration: Alein being held by Shirley)

Although I knew it was important, for some reason I could not control my emotions or keep them in check. Whenever I got hungry I would just automatically cry without being able to endure, When I wet my pants I would have this unpleasant feeling and I would cry uncontrollably. No matter how you saw it, I was just your ordinary baby, I definitely did not look like a man in his forties. I’m a little anxious when I think about the changes I’m experiencing and what’s become of me. And I would often cry because of my anxiety.

Naturally crying is not the only thing I do. when my elder brother or elder sister cuddle me or when they make these strange faces which were not the least bit interesting, for some reason or other I would be happy and end up laughing. It seems that after a while of being left alone I would be crushed by the feeling of anxiety again and I would end up crying. Am I demented?

Half a year has now passed and I have been able to confirm various things.

  1. Although my abilities to keep my emotions in check is still a problem, I have grown accustomed to it to a certain degree and have improved slightly.

I was able to suppress the huge wave of emotions which rose up within me at least one or twice.

This makes me happy.

  1. I became able to crawl.

I can’t stand just yet as I am not able to balance my body properly.

It feels like one of those foot soldier toys that kept falling when you tried to make it stand upright.

Nevertheless, In time I feel like I can get accustomed to this sensation and will be able to stand up soon.

  1. My understanding of the language has improved.

My vocal chords have yet to fully develop so I’m not really able to pronounce the words properly yet, however in terms of picking up what people are saying I think that I am becoming relatively good at it.

It would seem that there is not much difference in grammatical composition to the Japanese Language.

In terms of how each particle is changed or made, or how terms can be conjoined or the particles used to make a verb, I am still not very confident about these things. However in terms of understanding the general gist of what they were speaking I feel like I was able to grasp most of it.

  1. Because the understanding of the language advanced, I was able to gather a huge amount of information a lot quicker.

First is my own name. Al. Please tell me its a lie, ○ーnie. (Note: name has been censored)

My father’s name was Hegard. His body was really muscular. His body resembled a professional sport’s player.

My mothers name is Shirl. A beautiful woman with nicely shaped breasts. My sexual desires doesn’t spring forth. Did I become impotent?

I thought the other grown woman was my older sister but it turns out she’s the house maid “Myun”. She goes to work in the morning and seems to return at night. It seems like there is no holidays in the working environment and it seems like a black company. (Note: black company is a Japanese Term for an exploitative sweatshop-type employment system.)

My elder brother is Farne or also called Fan. Depending on the person, different people call him with different names. His pet name you ask? it’s “little boy”

My elder sister is Mill. She’s a young girl.

The other man that I thought was my uncle was apparently my fathers subordinate, his name is Judd. Other than Myun the man would speak to everyone else with honorific’s that made me think that he was my father’s subordinate.

Other than this there are several other people that came by the house, but I was not able to remember their names yet. They didn’t enter the house so I didn’t know what they looked like either.

Furthermore I have not yet been able to discover my family name. Well, in a sense this is to be expected. It would be abnormal for my family to refer to each other by their last names.

  1. The place I live in? is it a village? or maybe a town? All I know is that it’s called Bakudo Shun.

I don’t really know what this Shun refers to, it could be referring to a village, town or a city. The name occasionally ends only with Bakudo, so what’s certain is that the name is Bakudo.

Perhaps it was the name of the country itself.

I’ve never heard the name of such a country before and it wasn’t really mentioned that much in conversations.

Most of the nouns they used were similar to the Japanese language so I was hoping that there was something in common with the name of places.

  1. The date right now is uncertain.

I haven’t seen anything that resembled a calendar, nor have I seen any newspapers lying around either.

I was reborn after 2015, so I thought it would be save to assume I was born in a modern era, however……..

Almost as if it was the most natural thing in the world, my house didn’t even have a clock.

  1. My house is about hundreds of metres squared in size and it seems we have a barn where we keep chickens.

Every morning the sound of chickens crowing could be heard.

In this country is it referred to as kukkudou-du-ruduu or cock-a-doodle-doo……? Well it really doesn’t matter.

I may have forgotten to say this, but I was born in Winter. Although it was a little different than the four seasons which occur in Japan, I was able to figure out from the four seasons that around one year has passed by. My guess is that if I was reincarnated as soon as I died from the train accident, then this place would be located somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

Recently I have become more accomplished at controlling my emotions. Moreover, whilst I haven’t developed much muscles to speak of, I am now able to stand up and walk for short periods of time. It was also possible for me to pronounce many of the vowels which existed in the Japanese Language. (Note: Japanese vowels: a,i,u,e,o) Let me share with you the new information which I was able to garner as of now.

  1. I am able to control my emotions relatively well.

However, If a big wave of emotion strikes me, I still go berserk.

For example, if all I was feeling was hunger I could curb my appetite just fine, however,  if the time period exceeded 1 hour I would quickly reach my limits of toleration. I would end up either crying for my mother or for Myun.

Also, I was able to endure it when I would occasionally fall down however, if something were to hit/bump into my head, the limit of my endurance would be reached and my eyes would become watery and because of the pain I would cry.

It would seem that the margin of my emotional control has only become sufficient to a basic extent.

Although this was just my speculation, I believe that after I was reincarnated, even if my mind was that of an adult, my spirit and body was that of a baby therefore this affected how I behaved.

  1. I am able to walk staggeringly and also became able to run.

There is always someone monitoring me (My mother, Myun, my brother and or sister) And I am not yet allowed to go out by myself.

However, I was able to understand the structure of the house.

The house consists of two floors however, the second floor is in essence just an attic. I’m not really sure what it’s actually used for.

The first floor consists of a living room and a dining room which is covered by around 10 metres squared, the Kitchen is about 4 metres squared, the bedroom of my parents and me is about 8 metres squared, there is three additional rooms around 6 metres squared each, one is a childs room, another one is a guest room and the last one is perhaps a reception room? There is also a passaage that expands from the entrance of the house to the corridor and at the end of the passage there was a door.

There was a toilet but it was one of those old fashioned toilets where you had to scoop out water to flush.

There was no bathroom. A wash basin is used as a replacement for a bathroom and all you do is wipe your body with a cloth.

  1. I almost completely learn the language.

Although there was six vowels which was actually one more than the Japanese Language, the syntax was almost the same to the Japanese language and I was able to easily pick up the language.

I think that I am now able to understand the majority of conversations between my family members.

I am also able to talk whilst stuttering out the words.

In terms of general nouns there was plenty which resembled English.

Although I was stuttering when I spoke, considering how old I was, my family seemed to think that I was a genius.

I didn’t want them to treat me like some kind of freak or devil spawn so I was very careful in not disclosing that I had been reincarnated.

To begin with just going by common sense, it was a very unrealistic thing to talk about being reborn, Even if I were to say that I came from Japan, I already had my funeral and my body was already buried.

Even if the report goes to the government of this country it will be troublesome to actually contact Japan.

Certainly I have a desire to meet Miki and my parents, but to them I was already dead.

I mean there was a chance that I actually survived the train crash but that would also be a problem.

Because this would mean that, two people with the same memories exist simultaneously, and they may be an fight/argument as to whom the real person is.

I’d rather not cause a commotion. Considering I was reborn with my memories intact, 「This me」and 「In this life」I want to progress forward/move on and try to make the best of what I got.

  1. The geography and social conditions indicated that Bakudo is a village. It would seem that my father is the village mayor, or village head, he was treated as a kind of feudal lord.

The main focus of this village seems to be in agriculture, although hunting is also done to a certain degree.

Furthermore, there was something that I was extremely astonished about…………..No, I changed my mind, I will talk about this a bit later.

Although there was so many things that were astonishing, I will need to go over it in more detail one by one so I will leave it till later to tell you.

  1. The measurement system for unit of weights and measures is similar to the metric system.

It is just my opinion that we are using the metric system. Because we don’t actually have any rulers or weight scales the real results are unknown.

Because it will inconvenient to think otherwise, I will just use the normal metric system. the pronunciation of the units are almost the same.

  1. In terms of mathematics, the decimal system is being used.

Although both my parents can calculate simple arithmetic operations, their academic levels might be quite low. Neither my elder brother or elder sister seem to be good at calculations.

It’s hard to compare the level of education to Japan.

I can accept the fact that they weren’t able to do multiplication or division, however, not being able to do simple subtraction and addition was worrisome.


For the time being the amount of unimportant details of my life for the past year………..have been covered. From here on I want to speak about the important matters.

  1. There is a possibility that this is not the modern age.

Or more like the probability of that is really high.

I hear that the name of this kingdom is called Ron Belt.

I’ve never heard of such a country before, and the independent country who separated from the Soviet Union is most definitely not a kingdom.

Furthermore I could guess from the lack of miscellaneous goods and the living standards.

Unless this was Africa, did I go back in time?

  1. Ron Belt is a kingdom which is governed by a feudal system.

The land is governed by kings whom directly control their territories and nobles whom may be conferred a part of the land to govern.

Bakudo village is within the control of Marquis Webdoss.

My father was more or less a feudal lord . Moreover, this would mean that I was a noble/aristocrat.

My house would be succeeded by my elder brother. My sister would be married off to another family, but how exactly was the second son going to be treated? Based on this time period It might be that I will be treated as a back-up son whom will not possess anything.

Some measures will have to be taken before it’s too late.

  1. Last is about the taxation system.

Bakudo village specialises in growing wheat.

Of course other types of vegetables are also grown but our main product is wheat.

The farmers seem to be paying my father 60 percent of their harvest in tax.

My father seems to give his superior a 60 percent cut from that (I’m not sure if the superior is Marquis Webdoss).

The fact that they take 60% of the income is totally crazy! Well I suppose in this day and age it was a normal thing, If I really thought about it, my father receiving 24% gross profit from the village is more than enough.

In all honesty, he doesn’t really receive 24 percent of the profit.

This is because the responsibility to bear the cost for the infrastructure and maintenance of the village is all left to my father whom is the lord.

The population of the village is uncertain (It might not be that many people) and the total revenue is uncertain, I can’t really say that we live an extremely comfortable life. I am able to determine this from the standard of food we are eating and the furnishings of the house.

I tried to be inconspicuous and look obedient as I collected the various information for the past year. It would be bad if I were to be suspected or if I were to say things which were strange so I tried to not talk if I could help it. At most I would more or less use baby talk to communicate, and show them that I have a lot of potential as I could walk considerably well, that was the kind behaviour I was showing to my family.

After all, I’m only one years of age and there is not much point if I try to hard at this point in time. There is still enough time for information gathering, and in the case that this is not the modern era, There will be a need to exercise and train my physical strength. It’s better if I take things slowly but surely.

Since I was born for a period of this one year I have lived cautiously. The things which have happened are all mind blowing but they have been written down by me  in succession, and I continued to collect and arrange the information I obtained quite peacefully in this manner for several days after.



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