Chapter 3: It’s not necessary for the Earth

On a clear sunny day, there was this one time that I was placed in a baby basket and taken for an outing…..

Several days ago, Hegard left home for some business matters.

After lunch, as usual my elder sister would begin to take care of me. My elder brother called out to my elder sister.

「Mill, Bring Al and come to the room」

「Eh–, Al already seems to be sleepy」

「It’s alright, just bring him」

My elder sister holds me into her arms and brings me towards their room.

I’ve already turned 1 years old, and for my sister whom was only 5 years of age it must of been hard for her to carry me.

I was unable to walk properly yet and was only able to waddle, similarly my sister whom carried me in her arms was also tottering.

Please don’t fall down or drop me〜

「Mill, Do you think we can just put Al in this basket?」

Oi, what are you guys saying!

「Yeah, I think he will fit in, why do you ask? Onii-chan do you want to sneak out? 」

On closer inspection I would definitely be able to fit into the basket, but it was a little bit small. In the first place, doesn’t it look similar to a shopping basket? If they put me in there even if it’s Farne carrying me in such a thing will be quite difficult.

「Yeah, I was thinking of showing Al to Dick and Kelly. Those guys have never seen a small baby before」

「Eh? But mother said that we shouldn’t bring/take Al outside just yet, shouldn’t we listen to her? 」

Oh? Are they planning on taking me outside? It seems that I will be able to gather even more information.

I’m quite happy to hear this.

「Myun has said that his neck muscles is already set in place, it should be completely fine」

「I suppose it’s alright then? But then in that case, isn’t the basket a little too small for Al? If the basket size is not one that can be shouldered properly, it’s really easy to get tired, and if we drop him it will be a disaster」

Ohh, Onee-chan is really acting like a big sister, she’s really worried about me.

I couldn’t help but to grin at my elder sister and give her a big smile.

「Well, I guess you are right. Mill, isn’t there a better basket that we can grab in the warehouse? Do you think we can use that instead? 」

If this is the same thing I’m imagining it to be (It’s one of those baskets a grandmother in the country side would use) then it should be enough to fit me in. If I stood up and held the edge of the basket to support myself, I may even be able to see the sights outside, but can a 7 year old Farne really support me on his back?

Maybe it would be better if I just walked.

「I, can walk」

I tried to say.

「I know that you can walk. But Al is still just a baby. You’ll be slow and you may fall down. It would be bad if you fell down and got injured so it’s better if I carry you」

After all if I fell and got injured wouldn’t Shirl be really angry and give me a scolding?

「Onii-chan I’ll go get the basket. Wait a moment」

After saying such things, Mill went out of the room to get the basket.

「Al, today I’m going to bring you out and introduce you to everyone. We are lucky father had just gone out, so if we secretly go out no nobody should find out」

It’s probably because I’m still a baby but, it was forbidden for me to go outside of the house.

Naturally, both my brother and sister should have thoroughly been aware of such a fact.

「Yeah, It’s the first time I’m going outside. I’m really happy」

Even if I am only able to waddle about, I was still able to walk by myself, and added to the fact that I have 45 years of life experience on my belt I have an overabundance of knowledge. To someone like me, even my father seemed like a young kid. More or less going outside, was not a big deal for me.

「Is that so? What great timing」

Whilst we were talking, my elder sister returned. Rather than what I imagined it to be the basket was a little bit small and more rectangular shaped. The lid of the satchel is like the ones grade-schoolers use and it about three times larger. If it was like this it would be impossible to sit in the basket but there will be no problems if I stood up inside and gripped the edge of the basket.

「Alright, Shall we do? First let’s give Dick a visit」

Saying such things, he lifted me into his arms and put me inside the basket.

「Al, make sure to hold on properly alright. You can’t let go okay? 」

My elder sister warned me earnestly.

「Alright here I go!…….. Woops! I almost forgot something」

My elder brother who was about to go out with my sister attached a sword to his waist.

I didn’t really expect such a thing to appear, as this would not have been necessary in a more modern world……

And strangely it looked like he was accustomed to using it.

Ah–, this completely negates my theory that this was in the modern world. Should I assume that this is a time slip/travel development?

「Onii-chan, is it alright to bring a sword around?」

「Ahh, It’s important to be ready for a fight at any point in time, Father also taught us such things」

Whilst saying so Farne adjusts the sword belt. Can you even use such a thing?

「Besides I’ve trained in using the sword, and if you are a knight its natural to bring around a sword」

Eh? You actually train in the use of a sword? I totally didn’t know such a thing was happening. Moreover, to be talking about a knight’s attitude at the mere age of 7, my brother is pretty amazing. I kind of looked at my elder bro in a new light. At first I thought that he was a just a cocky/arrogant brat.

「Training…. Hasn’t it been less than a month since you started? Isn’t it heavy? 」

I was just about to be impressed but I take that back. As I thought he’s just a stupid brat.

「I can do it. See look, it’s completely fine」

Without staggering in the slightest my brother walked around the room with firm strides.

Ohh, if it was like this there shouldn’t be any problems.

「Al’s face is completely visible. Do you think he will be discovered? 」

My sister said this whilst having a worried expression on her face.

「Well, alright how about we bring a sickle, a cloth and or a straw mat」

Ahh, it seems that they wanted to use a straw mat to use as a cover.

As expected with this it is unlikely for us to get discovered. In the space between the basket and the straw mat a sickle was protruding.

「Al, make sure to grip the handle of the sickle tightly. Then, let’s head off! 」

I suppose I will have to postpone my plans of being able to look at the outside view.

To make sure that I wouldn’t be seen, I crouched/squatted low down the basket and gripped the handle of the sickle. The lid is covered with straw mat. We seem to have gone out of the house. As soon as we got out, someone’s voice called out to us.

「Oya oya(Who do we have here?), Isn’t it young master Farne? Where are you heading off to? 」

It’s a voice I hear from time to time, the fellow named Bogusu. From the way he speaks to my father, I suspect he is father’s subordinate.

「Hey, Bogusu, we are just going to go by the river side for a little bit and cut out some common reeds. Mill is also coming along」

「Is that so? Please take care and have a nice trip」

In my opinion, no matter if Farne is a child of a feudal lord, he’s still just a brat and for someone like Bogusu to be speaking so respectfully/politely towards Farne is an unusual thing, furthermore being able to stay calm and replying to Bogusu’s question so naturally is also a weird thing. However, it would seem that after observing the situation for a year, this kind of thing is actually the norm around here.

Especially in terms of going out of the house, Farne was able to leave freely without any troubles.

After several minutes had passed, my brother said “it’s safe to take off the straw mat” so my sister took off the straw mat. I stood up in the basket and the edge of the basket was gripped firmly as I looked about my surroundings.

Ohh, as expected it was a dirty countryside scenery. The building I see approximately 200 meters away from us is probably our home (My view is reversed, as I am being carried by my elder bro and l am looking opposite to the way he is travelling) In addition to the main building there was three other small buildings, and the area was enclosed with a wooden fence. From looking at the season (It seems to be February)

We went straight down the middle of the road and on each side of the road there seemed to be a field of some sort, but it didn’t have any plants growing on the field. The ground was beautifully arranged into a ridge and it was ploughed neatly.

A couple of minutes went by where I was just looking around viewing the scenery, and perhaps it was because I was looking towards the back, or maybe it was because it was really shaky but I started to feel a little bit sick/dizzy. I turned to face my brother  so that I would be facing the front and held unto my brother’s shoulder.

We crossed a river and if we proceeded onwards a little bit, there was a house on the left side. The entrance to the house was open. Four children were hanging around the side of that house. All of the children looked to be younger than my elder brother. They are probably around the same age as my elder sister or a little younger even.

「Oi Dick, Let me introduce to you. This is Alein. Isn’t he cute? 」

This is the first time I’ve heard of this new piece of information. I guess my true name is called Alein? My pet name must be Al. If that’s the case, it is likely that my elder brother and elder sister have their own proper names as well.

A voice calls out towards my brother and an older kid ran towards us just as I was being let out of the basket.

「Ehh!? Fern-sama, you’ve brought him along with you? 」

The boy who seems to be Dick was running towards us with a smile on his face, he reflexively raised his voice and almost tripped as he ran over. As I watched the child with my big round eyes, the other three kids tried to catch up to Dick and they ran towards us.

They were trying to overtake each other to see who would arrive first, and I noticed their interesting hair colors. Light yellow-green, light blue, pink and lastly navy blue. All the kids had beautifully dyed hairs. From a long distance away, I thought they were wearing hats because of such colors. In my family, there wasn’t anyone who dyed their hairs, this time period (although I don’t really want to admit it, but it seems like I may have time-travelled) is probably around the 12th-16th century, that’s why I assumed that there would be insufficient technology to dye one’s hair. Well as you can see, it would seem that dyeing one’s hair is seen as a normal occurrence, the cost is probably not that expensive. That’s because even a poor looking village where there didn’t seem anyone capable of earning money amongst these kids, were able to dye their hair.

「He’s still just a baby! How adorablee…….Hey, hang on a minute this child, has black hair! Farn-sama, did you dye his hair? 」

Ahh, as I expected dyeing your hair is not something that is done in general. Well due to the hair that fell out as my hair was being combed, I wasn’t really surprised when they pointed out my hair was black. But in this world, is dyeing a baby’s hair something that people generally do?!

「Al was born with black hair. Al’s eyes are also black」

Oh, my eyes were also black? I was just curious, but I kind of wanted to have green or blue eyes. For some reason Mill was proud as she spoke.

「It’s true he has black eyes」

「How strange〜」

These children were getting excited over the fact that I had black hair and eyes. My eyes are black because, I ain’t dead yet. They probably don’t understand such an idiom. “Whilst my eyes are black”, this is a Japanese idiom. (TL: another meaning to this is basically “As long as I’m still alive”)

「Hello. I am Al. Please take care of me」

Let’s give them a greeting for the time being. Greetings is the first step to having good communication skills, besides I want to leave a good impression.

「Uwaa, He talked?!」

「Ehh? Although he’s still just a baby, he can already talk?!」

The children around us were really surprised when I gave them a greeting, and each of them had their mouth’s wide open as they stared at me.

「Yeah, Al can already talk. He can also walk, but because he’s still small, he can’t really balance that well」

Mill seemed to be really proud of the fact that I was able to talk and she boasted this fact in front of the other kids.

「Well, as you guys can see he’s still a baby so he’s not supposed to be outside just yet. But just today I wanted to make an exception and show you guys my little brother, Soon enough he will be able come out and play with you guys, in that time I hope you guys will take good care of him. Well then, we better get going」

Whilst saying so, Farne picked up the basket again. He proceeded forward slightly and then took a right turn. He walked for around 20 minutes without taking a break. During this period of time, we passed by many houses. We met various people as we walked, Fern and Mill would properly greet them and give a brief introduction to them about me. As I thought many of the people we met had dyed their hair. Soon after, a house was seen ahead of us. Slightly ahead of the house was apparently a forest.

Farne walks towards the front of the house and opens the door 「Kelly are you here? 」he called out. Oi oi, is it really alright to just barge into someone’s home like this?

Before long, a kid answered Farne and came close. Once again, a surprised voice came out of the other party. It would seem that this child had ears attached to her. On her head that is.

「Farn-sama, What brings you here?」

Kelly was asking the reason for his visit and just like he did previously Farne began by introducing me. After exchanging conversations about my black hair color, Farne said something.

「Kelly, the day is still young, would you like to do some sword training?」

Ohh, are they going to be doing some sword training? I really want to see this.

「Yes, Farne-sama. Is it alright if we walk a little bit and go to the training hall? 」

「It’s really close right? Let’s go」

Apparently he’s going to be bringing me along as he heads to the training hall. It seems like I will be able to watch them train. I’m interested in it as it will be an informative experience.

We walked for approximately 10 meters along the road from the house, and arrived at a place where the grass was cut short and spanned over a 10 meter radius. It would seem that this place is where they were going to train. I am unloaded to the roadside and Farne immediately pulls out his sword.

Eh? Is he going to use a real sword? As I was thinking such things, apparently he was only warming up and practicing his swings. Kelly has a wooden sword. Well then, should I finally ask the question I’ve been wondering about all this time? Whilst I was watching them training I asked mill a question.

「Anee-sama, Why does Kelly have animal ears on top of her head?」

「Ahh, Kelly belongs to the wolf tribe, that’s why」

Huh? Lupine Tribe? What the heck is that? Did she mean Werewolf tribe?

「Eh? What is this wolf tribe? 」

「Both Kelly’s father and mother are Werewolves. That’s why Kelly is also a Werewolf」

Apparently this was just common sense in this world.

「Is that so, they are Werewolves, I see」

I answered as if I actually understood what she was saying. —–Hang on a sec, ehhh!? A tail just sprung up………. so she even has a tail? I understand the fact that she has ears growing on top of her head. I can also accept the fact that she has a tail growing out of her. However, I was really curious to find out whether hair was growing on her body besides her ear and tail. I wanted to ask but, I thought that there would be plenty of opportunities later to ask so I refrained for now.

Nevertheless, Both Mill and Farne have never spoken about a Werewolf tribe to me before. Or more like, can Werewolves even be considered as a human being? Their looks aren’t much different from humans. From a long distance, the ears aren’t really noticeable unless you pay extra attention, and the tail can easily be hidden to make it unnoticeable. Perhaps it’s really uncomfortable if the tail is hidden within the undergarments/pants, and maybe unless the tail is free it may be stuffy.

As I was thinking about such things, Farne and Kelly were still swinging their swords in practice repeating the same motions endlessly, I was getting a little bored/tired.

After 15 minutes passed I started to feel really sleepy.

Mill was making a crochet out of the stem of the plants, she was probably thinking of making some sort of flower crown or something. (Illustration: Mill Playing with Alein)

At that time, something jumped into the vacant ground that was named as the training hall. When I was thinking about what it could be, a shadow of a person appeared. It was almost the same height as Farne………..—–Whoa, it ain’t human!!

It had green colored skin and it was wearing a worn out piece of cloth around its waist. Its head was bald, and its eyes looked sharp. The ears were pointed, and there were fangs growing from under its jaw that could be seen protruding slightly out of its lips. The body build is exactly like a humans however it had a low stature and looked like an adult. It was holding a long stick that resembled a spear of about 1 meters in length within its hand. Although it wasn’t in prime condition, it was a normal looking spear. The tip of the spearhead was rusty.

「It, it’s a go–goblin!!」

Kelly shouts out.

Huh? What did she just say?! Goblin!? You’ve got to be kidding me!?

However, if I think back to the fantasy movies I watched and the games I played where there was a 「Goblin」, indeed what stood in front of me was a goblin. It’s to the extent that I’m convinced what’s in front of me is a goblin. At the same time pandemonium struck me. Isn’t this place supposed to be earth??

「Kelly, fall back! Mill, use the sickle and protect Al! I will handle this fellow! 」

Eh? Farne don’t tell me you are planning on fighting the goblin?! You, aren’t you only 7 years of age? No matter how small it may seem, the other party is a monster you know? Won’t it be too much? To begin with, the only thing you’ve done till now is just practice swings, isn’t it?

「I understand, Onii-chan. Kelly, Call someone here!!」

Huh? Mill, you, what are you saying? Isn’t this the time we should be running away normally? Please use some common sense. It’s unbelievable to think that a child would even dare to oppose a monster. I was continuously observing the goblin with a look of fascination, this was the first time I’ve ever seen a goblin in real life since I was born in both my previous life and this life combined. At such a ridiculous scene I’m not sure if it was because I was excited or if it was because I was confused, but I raised my voice and let out a yell that had an indistinct meaning. No, if you are a normally human being, it was natural to react in this manner.

I was becoming excessively confused, and my emotions was getting way too worked up, for some reason I contrarily became quite calm. More or less my thinking capabilities returned to me. That’s the way, calm down me, don’t be influenced by this baby body, control your emotions! With a great amount of effort, I managed to calm myself down and I was able to look at the goblin with a keen/observing gaze.

Its height was around the same as a 7 year old Farne, so according to this I predict that its height is around 1 meters 20〜30 cm. Although the thickness of its arms and feet are not that different from Farne, its stomach was slightly bloated and it seemed like it was more or less overweight.

Mill took out the sickle from within the basket and she stood in front of me in order to protect me. Rather than just standing there with a sickle, it’s even better if we can just use stones to throw at the goblin. Ah, is it better if I told her this idea?

「Anee-sama, if you throw stones at the goblin, it will be much better support for Ani-sama! Let me hold the sickle! 」

「Eh? I understand. Onii-chan, I will throw stones at it. Please use that chance to strike! 」

Saying this, Mill began to crouch down. She was probably trying to search for a stone to throw.

The Goblin aimed its spear towards Farne and rushed towards him. Farne deflected the goblins spear upwards and struck back by slashing towards it. Ohh, Farne looks so cool!


Goin! (Impact, bonk, whack) Although Farne was retaliating by slashing at the goblin, the goblin sprang backwards and raised its spear to defend against Farnes attack. The sword may be a little bit heavy for Farne, It seems that his hands were slightly shaking from the impact. After all, isn’t this way too much for him? He’s only 7 years of age and if he were to get stabbed by that spear, it would all be over in an instant, I can smell a bad end.

The goblin aligned its spear and thrust it towards Farne again. Once again Farne manages to deflect the attack. Farne is doing really well right now, but I can see that it’s taking a really big toll on him and it’s only a matter of time till he makes a mistake. This is really bad, something needs to be done, or in the end everyone will get done in by this goblin. When I thought about how vigorously this goblin jumped into the open field, if I were to run away at my staggeringly slow pace, I would soon be caught and killed. Mill needs to land one of these stones otherwise, Farne will be in big trouble.


This time Farne did a horizontal slash at the goblin. The goblin swayed its body backwards and dodged the sword, and after letting the sword hit empty air, the goblin performs a piercing attack against Farne. —Farne used the momentum of his swing which only hit the air, to twist his body and perform another vicious slash.

Uwaa, this is bad! Although Farne’s actions could be said to be brilliant for his age and really nimble/swift, the goblin struck first and it seemed like his spear was about to pierce Farne before his slash could reach it.


Mill took her aim and threw the stone which she picked up right at the goblin. It wasn’t really that powerful however, it grazed the left shoulder of the goblin. Because the goblin was slightly startled its spear was hindered/delayed. Farne on the other hand was able to land a strike on its right thigh although it seemed to be only a light scratch.


The goblin raises a voice of pain, and its face was warped in a disgusting expression.

Farne quickly rebuilt his fighting stance, and in this span of time, Mill transferred the rock she picked up with her left hand to her right hand and proceeded to throw it at the goblin once again. This time around the goblin was able to evade the rock thrown towards it, but Farne was able to rebuild his proper fighting stance. (TL: he used the momentum of the first swing to slash at the goblin a second time in succession and his form broke, thus he needed to rebuild his firm fighting stance) On the contrary, the goblin lost its stance when it was trying to avoid the rock, and Farne took this opportunity to land a strike with his sword.


Zashuu! (Slash!) The sword hits the goblin’s left leg this time. Farne succeeded cutting around 5cm deep into the goblins left leg this time.

「Gyoooo!」(Wail of pain)

Due to the fact that the goblins left leg was deeply gashed and wounded, its movements started to become really dull/sluggish. This is Amazing! Farne is Amazing! As expected of my Ani-sama, (TL: LOL this guy changes his attitude every few seconds towards his brother)


Farne brandished his sword against the goblin whose movements had become slower. Mill also crouches again and continues to pick up more stones.


It would have been really good if it was cut down and it ended, but the goblin suddenly stabbed out with its spear.


Ahh, it seems that the spear hit Farnes right leg!! Due to the fact that the goblin was injured in its left leg, it didn’t use its hips as its force of momentum and instead it relied purely on the power of its hand, Farne didn’t expect the new unpredictable trajectory and got stabbed. However it seems that he was not stabbed right in the middle and it was just a graze, because of this his life was not in any danger but he must have sustained some severe injuries in his right leg.


Mill yells out.

「I’m Alrig–right!」

Farne replied with fighting spirit and even with his right leg being pierced he slashed towards the goblin again.

Dotsu! (Slash) Farne was able to land a deep cut at the Goblin’s right shoulder.


Without being able to endure the goblin let’s go of the spear from its hand and falls down to the ground. There was a 15cm wound on the right shoulder entrance of the goblin. It probably couldn’t use its right hand anymore. However, Farne was also stabbed by the spear on his right leg.

「Mill, Keep throwing stones at it!!」

Farne was talking to Mill with the spear still embedded in his right leg, he proceeded to thrust his sword at the goblin.

「Gyoooeee!」(Wail of goblin)

The goblin extends his still useable left hand as a sort of shield to protect its body from the stab that Farne just threw out. Because of the left hand being a hindrance, Farne couldn’t pierce any of its vitals, however he was able to embed/penetrate the sword deeply into the palm of the goblin’s left hand. Alright, with this the goblin should be unable to grasp on to the spear with either of his hands.

Farne put in all his strength to the sword that was currently embedded into the goblin’s left hand and sliced off a portion of the goblin’s fingers. After freeing the sword from the goblin’s palms this time Farne aimed the sword towards the Goblin’s feet and slashed at it.


It seems that the goblin’s left leg was splendidly cut by Farne. I can clearly see that the sword carved out a portion of the left leg and was embedded quite deeply into its leg. If it’s like this I think we can win! (Illustration: Farne vs Goblin)


Mill doesn’t hit any of the stones she threw. Isn’t this the time to use the sickle?

「Anee-sama, Use the sickle on its neck!!」

I shouted out such things and held out the sickle, but, it’s really heavy! Is it because I am only 1 years old, that I don’t have any muscular strength?

「I understand」

Mill snatched the sickle from me and ran out towards the goblin.


She let out a battle cry and from behind she tried to slice the neck of the goblin with the grass sickle.

Zusha (Slash). Though the sickle hit the goblin’s neck, because of the fact that the tool was used by an inexperienced 5 year old kid, the blade didn’t dig deeply enough to finish it. It’s practically like beating it with just the handle. However, to the goblin whom was dressed with wounds all over its body, it was seemingly enough, Farne was able to pull out the sword out of its left leg.


Farne aims his sword and pierces towards the goblins abdomen.

「Gubuu」(goblin wail)

As the sword gets deeper into its belly, its eyes start to lose color and becomes duller, and the goblin collapsed. They did it! They really defeated a goblin! A 7 year old and a 5 year old were able to overcome and defeat a goblin!

「Mill! Deal the finishing blow! 」

When Farne shouts this out, Mill began to beat the head of the fallen goblin senselessly. (TL: wow so inefficient/brutal….) Every time she beats the goblin, it would let out a groan of pain. In conjunction Farne took out the sword that was stabbed into his stomach and once again this time standing on top of the goblin he drove his sword downwards.

The Goblin trembled its body one last time, before going into its endless slumber.



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