Chapter 4: Status Open?

Kelly—The village kid who was a werewolf—–she went to call the adults to the scene and it took around 10 minutes for them to arrive. She’s slow. If we consider the short distance to the village, isn’t it way too slow? The adult who arrived ran to Farne and carried him away. It couldn’t be helped, for now I held on to Mills hand and together with Kelly we walked inside Kelly’s house. My pace was really unsteady and I couldn’t really walk or run straight. Rather than attempting to run away, Farne made the right decision when he decided to make a stand and protect us.

If he tried to grab unto me and run away from the Goblin, he wouldn’t be able to run away with his top speed, Mill also didn’t seem capable of out running the Goblin. Although we were at Kelly’s house for a few minutes, soon after an adult came to pick us up.

「Mill-sama, are you injured?」

「We aren’t injured anywhere, more importantly, Jim, How is Onii-chan!?」

His name is Jim? This Nii-chan. seems to be around 25 years old.

「Farne-sama, is being taken care of by grandma Shiemi. Shall we go? 」

「Yes, make sure to bring Al together with us」

Both Mill and I were being carried in the armpit of this guy named Jim. He said to Kelly “You should also come”, Kelly responded by quickly running towards us. Around 4~5 minutes passed by, and we passed through the village houses.

「Shiemi-sama, How is Farne-sama’s condition?」

We entered a house and at the same time Jim called out. Inside the house there was three adults around Farne tending to the bleeding leg and the blood that was flowing out of it. One of those people must have been the person known as Grandma Shiemi.

「Guys I’m fine, you don’t need to make such a big deal out of it. Ah, Thomas, bring me that magic gem that dropped from the goblin」

「Farne-sama, it is more important to concentrate on the treatment. Shiemi, how is his condition? 」

The fellow who carried Farne on his shoulder as he ran is called Thomas, he was asking Shiemi-obaasan (grandma) for Farne’s condition.

「It isn’t that bad. Has the wound been properly cleaned? 」

Ahh, that’s a relief. I thought that he was letting out a considerable amount of blood but, it seems that it wasn’t a dangerous wound.

「Ahh, It should be good enough, The spear was rusted so we took time to cleanly wash the wound, we’ve done all that we can」

A guy whose name isn’t yet known began to speak as his body shifted. Ehhh!? Are you kidding me? The wound is still trickling with blood, aren’t they going to treat it any further?! Shiemi-obaasan placed her hands on top of Farne’s wounded leg.

「I dedicate the magical energy within my body, to bless and heal this person “Recovery Cure”」

Huh? What we need isn’t some good luck charm, we seriously need to disinfect the wound right now, and don’t we need to stitch the wound to stop the bleeding? Though I was about to tell them such things, Obaa-san’s hands started to glow light blue and a light begins to envelop Farne’s wounds.

Farne was gazing at the spectacle completely popeyed, Farne exhaled with relief and said “Thank you Shiemi. Your Recovery Magic is amazing. I’m saved」he said this to grandma Shiemi whilst having a wide grin on his face.

Farne was not the only one who was astonished at the scene, Mill was also popeyed, however for me it was way beyond just being a little surprised.

「EhHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!? Wha? What just happened?!」

I shouted in a loud voice. I mean, she just casted magic you know!?

「I merely used magic to treat Farne-sama’s wounds. Because the wound did not reach as deep as the bones, the treatment ended without any complications」

「This is the first time I’ve seen recovery magic in action! It was really pretty when your hands began to glitter」

Shiemi smiled after she finished the treatment without any complications and Mill was enthusiastically showering Shiemi with questions. No wait, we are getting side tracked here, she’s a freakin magician!!?

「No no no, Ane-sama, this is not the time to be surprised. I mean we are talking about magic, aren’t we? 」

All five of my orifices were opened in shock, my eyes, mouth and noses as I retorted Mill’s logic.

「Umm, Farne-sama, Mill-sama, who is this child?」

One of the adult males whose name was not yet disclosed asked about me.

「Zack, this fellow is my younger brother, his name is Al. Al, I know you must be really surprised seeing magic for the first time, but go and give your greetings to everyone」

With Farne urging me, I recovered from my astonishment and greeted the four adults. The four adults were aware of my existence, but since they have never actually seen my face, they didn’t recognize me. Naturally, this was also the first time I met these people so I didn’t really recognize them either.

Although they refused to believe that a mere 1 year old baby like me could speak let alone give a full proper greeting, Mill interjected and stated “Al is a Genius!” and for a moment the four adults had no choice but to accept the fact that I was a 1 year old. We were probably going to get scolded by our parents a little later, but I suppose that couldn’t be helped.

But man, I guess I am a genius? A genius is someone who doesn’t really put much effort yet, due to their natural gifts it is possible to extrapolate and excel in results. I suppose I fit this description. I did have a hard time at first learning this new language, but I was able to grasp the language overwhelmingly faster and earlier than a person of my age should have been able to, this is all thanks to the fact that I have my previous life knowledge and experience. In the first place, even though I died in that train accident (I think I died at least) I was able to retain all my all my previous life’s experiences and I don’t feel that I have any memory blanks at all.

In this world a person who is a genius is defined not by the fact that they were smart, it was defined by their efforts in life.  I would agree/endorse this notion. Although in the history of the earth, there was definitely people who was truly gifted and could be named a genius, most of the other famous people of the world climbed through the ranks by pure efforts, and slowly honing their skills and accumulating wondrous achievements to their name. If someone was to claim that they were a genius without any achievements to back up their name, it probably wouldn’t hold out for long.

When I thought about my own position, exactly what category was I in? I mean just a moment ago I was talking about how efforts were what defined a person, but honestly speaking, in the one year that I have been alive, all I have been doing is eating some food, sleeping and playing around. Nevertheless, whilst there were still a variety of things that I couldn’t pronounce very well, I was able to exchange a proper conversation with an adult at the age of 1 year old. Well it is a natural thing considering that I got to keep my memories and consciousness, but is this….. Is it really fair to call me a genius in a situation such as this?

Perhaps, this world is like one of those so-called fantasy stories. There were monsters and also magic. There was a kingdom and a feudal society akin to the Middle Ages, and I am the local lord’s son. I think that if I used my previous life knowledge I would be able to contribute greatly to the community in terms of raising the efficiency of living and the income of the territory.

Although there might be still plenty of things in this world and its common sense that I don’t really understand quite yet, I mean come on, I am still just a one year old baby. From here on out, there will be plenty of chances for me to fully learn about all these things. There may also be a possibility that I will be able to learn magic in the future and learn to use it.

Alright, so as to make sure that people will not be disappointed when they hear that I am a “genius” allow me to try my best to live up to the name. After all I have been given a second chance at life. I should do as many things as I can, expand my horizons by experiencing new things, and testing the limits of my power in this new world is also not a bad idea. Anyways, I already died once before, I should move on and accept my new life. The person known as “Takeo Kawasaki” his life has ended, I should embrace the new life and live as the person known as “Alein” from now on. Though I have yet to discover my family name, it will be disclosed sooner or later.

For some reason I felt gratitude spring forth towards my elder sister Mill, who made me realize such a thing. And, the fact that Farne who was only 7 years of age was brave enough to confront a goblin for the sake of protecting his younger siblings, made me think that he was extremely cool.

After the incident passed, they started to talk about unimportant matters. Anyways I thought about what to do next as we returned to our house. This is because I think it’s better to reconsider my plans and desires/ambitions for the future.

When we returned home, Farne reported today’s happenings to Sharl. Even if we just stayed silent she probably wouldn’t have been able to find out, but Farne had a high sense of pride, and it did not allow him to spit out lies. As one would expect, both Farne and Mill got a huge scolding for trying to bring me out of the house. However, in regards to the fight with the goblin and being able to defeat/kill it, especially the fact that he was able to protect his younger brother/sister & Kelly, this fact was praised.

The next day, Hegard arrived home. On his way home he seems to have heard about the Goblin incident from a passing villager. The door of the house is opened and Farne is called out to in a large voice, it seems he was given a good whacking. After that a new event occurred for me.

This time around, Hegard had to leave for his trip to meet a Shinto Priest in the town of Doritto northwest from here. Doritto was a town that was closest to Bakuddo, and I heard that it was around a 3 day trip if you travelled in a wagon. By the way this Shinto priest, is not the kind of religious figure you guys are thinking about.

Back in my previous world, religious people would want to spread the word of the church and increase the number of believers or try to get you to support the cause by donating to a charity, however in Rob Belt kingdom being a Priest was not about that kind of thing. First of all, there was no such thing called sects/groups/cults. There was only one religion and one unified sect in existence. Moreover, they do not accept money as the form of charity/almsgiving. To a certain extent the religion has a connection to the government, and some people from the kingdom are sent to oversee the matters in regards to family registry management.

This time around, that family registration matter has arrived in our village Bakuddo, this fact was the truth. Roughly once a year someone is sent from the kingdom to visit Bakuddo, and they will come to do a family registry investigation, and make a report to the superiors if any new people are born and the current status of the family. Last year they came before I was born so this year will be the first time I experience this event.

After my dad gave a good beating to Farne, he took me out to the house garden. Over there, there was other parents who had taken two other babies with them.

「Now then, Greed-sama, The newborn baby from last time, is this all of the new members of your family? If this is all the assembled members, may I start the naming ceremony for this year? 」

The Shinto Priest talked. Is Greed my Surname?

「Yeah, this is all the members. Let’s begin the ceremony immediately」

After Hegard finished speaking, the Shinto priest stood in front of each child an asked the parents what each child’s names was. When he confirmed the pronunciation of each name, he gently tapped on the baby’s heads.

「Status Open. I hereby grant this child a name from the heavens, as a proxy of the god, her name shall be Lilia Nemudo」

Huh?? Status? Open?

I was blown away in amazement, whilst the Shinto Priest just continued onwards to the next child and repeated the same thing.

「Status Open,. I hereby grant this child a name from the heavens, as a proxy of the god, his name shall be Rondo Nemudo」

Next he stood in front of me, he extended his hand and placed it on my head, and after confirming with Hegard that he was satisfied with the name “Alein”, he proceeded to do the same thing.

「Status Open. I hereby grant this child a name from the heavens, as a proxy of the god, his name shall be Alein……. With this the ceremony has been completed. Lord Greed, if I may ask you to please confirm the results」

My father touched my head whilst saying something.

「Status Open……. There is no problems with Alein. Status Open….. There is also no problems with Lilia. Status Open…… There is also no problems with Rondo. Pastor-sama, Thank you for your troubles」

This Shinto priest was a pastor? No, that kind of thing doesn’t matter. Status Open? What on earth was that? Just for a little bit I wanted to try saying the words, but we were still in the middle of the ceremony, so I decided to wait.

「Then, allow me to record these three new people in the notebook so that I may report it later」

「Yes, Pastor-sama. Please take care of them」

After that, Hegard and the Pastor were talking about something or other, it would seem that all three of us children were given some kind of god’s blessing and the ceremony ended soon thereafter.

It seems that Hegard will be accompanying the priest all the way back to Doritto, and after staying for the night the priest left early next morning.

Anyways, because the ceremony had ended, I returned to my room for now.

Now then, let’s try it out immediately!



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