Chapter 5: Inherent Skill


Right now, I am sleeping in the baby bed which had fencing around it.

Of course, I wasn’t actually asleep, just lying still.

There was nobody inside of the room.

Well then, shall we try out the Status Open that they were doing before?

In any case, what does status open actually do?

Does Status Open reveal your current body condition?

It’s probably something related with magic right?

Shiemi Baa-san——She treated my big brother in the village by using magic ——- at the time she used her magic, there was some sort of a light coming out of her hands, however when the priest examined me earlier there was no light coming out of his hands.

I lightly shut my eyes, I took a deep breath and calmed down my emotions and then I deliberately recited the words.

「Status Open」

Was I a fool?

Nothing is happening at all.

I suppose this is natural.

However, it wasn’t only the priest that could recite it, Hegard was also able to use it on me.

In that case, it will be logical to think that the spell “Status Open” was not limited to being able to be casted only by the priest.

What am I doing differently from them?

Let’s go back and think to remember exactly what occurred in that “naming ceremony”.

First the priest heard the names of the children from the parents. Confirming the pronunciation of the names.

Next, he placed his hands on the head of the baby and gave them a name.

The hand on the head,

What. Perhaps, it’s necessary to touch an object before reciting it?

I suppose up till now, I haven’t been using my hands, is that why?

Is it because I haven’t touched my own futon?

I don’t get this. Ah, Maybe I should grip the futon using both of my hands.

Shall we try this again after grabbing on to something?

Whilst grabbing on to the baby fence which surrounded my bed I tried it once again.

「Status Open」

Oh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

It was like something was appearing in the corner of my vision, almost like a window was being opened in a personal computer.

On the blue translucent window/screen it said.

【Bed (For infants】

It was written in Japanese characters in white color. Shit, it’s in Japanese? I missed seeing these words so much that I am beginning to tear up. I received a great amount of shock at the same time. Whether this world was actually earth, or was it a new world it dawned on me again.

Nevertheless, it seems that I am also able to use magic. No, well, can this really be considered as magic? This kind of thing?

I tried placing my hands on my futon and recited the words.

【Sleeping Mattress】

Next I tried touching my clothes as I recited the words.


Alright, let’s get on with the real thing now shall we?

I placed both my hands unto my cheek and….  (Illustration: Alein Status Open)

【Alein Greed/5/3/7429】


【Universal Human Race – Greed’s family second son】

【Inherent Skill: Appraisal】

【Inherent Skill: Gift of Natural Talent】

A big blue window that was way bigger than the others I have seen currently popped out, along with the five lines of words.

The first line. Is my name. I anticipated that this would appear. However I don’t understand what the numbers on the right of my name mean.

The second line. Obviously it’s my gender but again, what is the figures on the right?

The third line. This was outside of my expectations. Most likely the term “Universal Human Race” is about the tribe or race I am in or something. It’s probably some kind of animal classification like in biology?

The fourth line. The meaning is unclear, moreover the color of the characters on this line were dark red.

The fifth line. Another line in which I don’t know it’s meaning, this one also has dark red characters as its color.

What does Appraisal do I wonder? Is this some kind of magic? How would I go about using this Inherent Magic called Appraisal? Appraise! Normally isn’t there some kind of description or values which will provide a general background info about a particular work of art or great treasures? I focused on the blue window, in specific I zoned in on the words “Appraisal”.

When I did, suddenly my field of vision started to change.

First of all, the blue window where my information was being displayed disappeared, at the same exact time, one piece of the ceiling board which were right in front of my view started to glow/shine. No, rather than saying that it was shining, it is more accurate if I describe it as the brightness of the object went up. I was a little surprised so I adjusted my glance slightly.

When I honed my gaze in on that bright thing, it started to glow even brighter. When I moved my glance to a different item the brightness started to subside again to a normal level. It’s almost exactly like playing in some sort of a game, it’s like my eyes were some kind of mouse cursor which I move around, and it felt like I could choose an item out of the options available or something.

Does this mean that I can make some sort of a selection?

I want to try it out. The first thing I can reach right now is my bed.

I focused on my baby bed in order to increase the brightness of it and then I concentrated on thinking of selecting the bed as an item.

A similar window to the one before opened out. This time around the color of the window was green

【Bed (For Infants】

Isn’t it exactly the same as before?

When I thought about the fact that it was the same, suddenly all my motivation disappeared.

Well, whatever…

Let’s just sleep.

It’s a part of a baby’s job to sleep too, right?

Even if I tried to sleep and when I closed my eyes.

【Bed (For Infants】

The green window still hadn’t closed out and was still floating in my field of vision.

Man this is so annoying, the Blue Status Window disappeared when I separated my hand from the object, but this green one is… Disappear!

Oh, it’s gone.

I’m sleepy. Goodnight.

Evening: I woke up around supper.

My supper consisted of some sort of broiled meat with mashed potatoes and onion and some oatmeal.

I suppose I am still a baby, that is why they usually only serve me oatmeal.

However today, the Priest was at my house so I was able to eat something other than oatmeal. It was a slightly more extravagant meal than usual.

I suppose I won’t be able to suck anymore milk out of those really nicely shaped breasts from now on?

As soon as everyone finished having dinner, the lights were turned off.

It was already time to go to sleep.

As usual it was still quite early in the night, they also rose quite early in the morning.

I just slept a little while ago, so I wasn’t really that sleepy right now.

Eei, for the time being should I make a bet with this?

No, I think it would be bad to let other people know of my ability to speak other than those of the village.

Especially if that priest found out.

If I somehow ticked off the religious society, down the track it would be irreparable.

I could be branded as a devil spawn by the priest, or possibly they might even think I am a reincarnation of god. Those kind of problems will be troublesome right?

Let’s just obediently get held in Sharl’s arms and go to my bedroom.

Ah, whilst I am being held by Sharl, let’s give it a go.

Should I use the magic of Status Open? Well I actually need to chant Status Open out loud so I think in this scenario let’s use Appraisal instead. Invoke!


I entered object selection mode, so I selected Sharl.

【Shirley Greed/8/6/7421 Shirley Tune/24/11/7401】

The green window in front of me had this kind of information displayed on it.

For some reason she had two different names.

The family name was a little bit different.

Ah, most likely it’s the name she had before she got married? As opposed to her new one after she married off?

In other words, might the other numbers next to the name be some sort of date?

If we go by this logic than she married into the Greed family: on June, 8th, 7421. And most likely the other name is the one she obtained when her name was ordained by some sort of priest when she was a baby, and this was perhaps in: November 24th 7401?

A little while after being born (In my case it was roughly around 1 years?) people are named, and assuming that she got married 20 years later and her name was changed. Thinking about it, it was likely that this was the case.

Whilst I was thinking about such things, we had already arrived to my bedroom.

Hegard was just in the middle of taking off his clothes. He had a wonderful body, just like a perfectly balanced sports player. But his face was pretty average.

I was placed in my baby bed by Sharl.

「Have a good night’s sleep, Al. Today is your name day」

Name day? I suppose she must mean that it was the day I was given my name by that priest. In Japanese culture, we receive this during our death anniversary.

「Yes, good night, Mother」

Today a guest was sleeping over at our house my parents probably won’t be making my younger brother or my younger sister right?

I think I will be able to sleep well tonight.

Well, my mental age is already 46 years old, so observing my parents have sex only makes me feel envious of their youth, regardless, at this point in time I’ve already gotten over it.

Most likely my mind was effected by my current body’s physical age and therefore I don’t have any sexual desire to speak of at the present time.

Because there was no unnecessary voices, I could think easily and appraise things without any problems.

It would seem that I was able to make a decision after using my Appraisal ability on Sharl.

This world (I have resigned myself to the fact that it is no longer earth here. Although there was still a little bit of doubt considering that the Window was displayed in a bunch of Japanese characters, but reaching this far it is easy to conclude that this is not the earth I came from) However, the naming system seems to be the same, and when someone marries over the name surname can get changed.

Most likely another naming ceremony is performed at the time of marriage, Perhaps there is a thing called the marriage ceremony? They probably get their names restated at the wedding.

And that date information (A Time Stamp?) is left behind.




After thinking this far I realized something.

In my status window there was five lines in total, An Inherent Skill: Appraisal and another Inherent Skill: Gift of Natural Talent.

The color of the characters were also different, they were dark red.

And, when I appraised Sharl a little while ago, there was no such thing like and Inherent Skill.

Furthermore, her gender (and the figure next to it, probably the date of some sort?) and also the fact that she was from the greed family or her race were all missing from the list.

That would mean.

This is just my usual summary but:

  1. Status Open (Magic?) and comparing it to Appraisal (Magic?), Status Open seems to give you way more information about a person.
  2. Appraisal (Magic?) is an Inherent Skill.

Ah, this is bad.

Doesn’t Inherent Skill imply that only I can use such a skill?

Well at least Sharl is another person who doesn’t have any Inherent Skills.

Well, that may also be because I used Appraisal on her instead of Status Open.

I didn’t use Status Open on Sharl.

And I also haven’t tried using Appraisal on myself.

I really want to give it a go.

However, Both Hegard and Sharl already got into the bed.


What should I do?

No, let’s give it a go.

「Mother. Mother」

Sharl slipped out of her bed and comes towards me.

By the way, I have never seen either Sharl or Hegard wear any sleeping gear.

They always slept naked.

Because I am a baby though, I am always wearing clothing.

I suppose it is natural to assume that there is no culture in wearing pajamas?

「What’s wrong? Al. Need to pee? 」

She lifted me up in her arms.

Now is the time. Sharl is clinging on to me.

「Status Open」

【Shirley Greed/8/6/7421 Shirley Tune/24/11/7401】


【Universal Human Race, Greed House family: First Wife】

【Special Skill: Water Magic】

【Special Skill: Fire Magic】

【Special Skill: Magic Nullification】

Fuaa? She has three kinds of magic… you’ve got to be kidding me…..!?

「Hand on, Al What are you doing?」

「Today, Father also did the same thing to me. Also, the Priest did it as well」

「Al, you can read characters?」

「What are characters?」

Crap, I haven’t learnt about characters just yet.  The right move in this scenario is to deceive her right?

「However, this thing is so blue, it’s beautiful」

「Geez, it can’t be helped. Ah, I also haven’t seen yours, Status Open」

「Isn’t it beautiful, Mother?」

Though I tried to check on her change in facial expression, there was no major changes in her expression, and after looking at my Status Window for a while she had a satisfied smile on her face.

「You have been successfully given your name」

After saying that she returned me back to my baby bed.

Whilst putting the futon over me.

「This time, you need to sleep alright?」

Sharl slipped back into her own bed.

Even if the room is pitch black and you can’t see the other person or thing, as long as you are touching the object you will be able to recite Status Open on them, this much I was able to figure it out.

The next thing was about Appraisal.

Let’s invoke it immediately.



The previous ceiling board was getting brighter as I glanced at it. When I move my glance, and place my gaze on Sharl and Hegard, they also start to brighten up. Both the bed and the futon also started to brighten. As long as my gaze is placed on it, it would seem that anything can be selected.

This is extremely useful/convenient!

Should we try using Appraisal on Hegard?

【Hegard Greed/20/8/7422 Hegard Greed/25/7/7400】

As I thought I could only see his name.

Haa (sigh), I lost a little bit of motivation somehow.

Oh well, whatever.

Let’s just sleep.


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