Chapter 6: God


Which reminds me, yesterday I used Appraisal on Hegard and the results were as you would expect,  only the name and his date of birth was displayed, this made me lose a bit of motivation, so I went to bed early.

Today is the day that the priest returns to his own town.

Hegard will accompany the priest as a guard to travel to the city of Doritto again, right?

The ambience of the entire house was busy as everyone was preparing for the departure.

Status Open and Appraisal. Both of them had their own uses.

Status Open, discloses: the name, gender, date of birth (and if you knew today’s date, you could count backwards and figure out their age), Race, Affiliation and even Inherent Skills.

However, in order to use it, there is a restriction of needing to touch the object whilst chanting “Open Status”.

On the other hand Appraisal only provides the name of the person but it doesn’t require you to speak any chants, and as long as you were able to land your glance on them, even if it was a totally dark area it has a potential to still be effective. If I use it properly, I may be able to take action in places where there is little light. Moreover, apparently, it was an Inherent Skill.

Well I suppose there is no use worrying about things I don’t understand.

Let’s continue to gather more information so that I can increase my understanding, It was driven into me when I was in the Japanese Self-defense force in my previous life, that as long as you deepen your understanding of things, all problems will be able to be solved, that is the iron rule to solve all kinds of problems.

Even when I returned to being a civilian or when I became a businessman, this iron rule was very helpful to me. You might say that this particular way of life has been embedded to my core beliefs.

There was still a little bit of time until breakfast so I immediately decided to organize the information I possessed.

Ahh that’s right. I also had the same thought process without realizing it, last night I tried to use both Status Open and Appraisal on Sharl so that I could obtain more information, it was the same when I tried to use Appraisal on Hegard. Afterwards I quickly went to sleep.

Well, in that case let’s continue from where we left off last night. Now then, I almost forgot the small details but first let’s use Status Open on myself.

【Alein Greed/5/3/7429】


【Universal Human Race Greed Family’s second son】

【Inherent Skill: Appraisal】

【Inherent Skill: Gift of Natural Talents】

Fumu (alright).

The naming ceremony was performed yesterday, therefore today must be March 6th, 7429. And I was born last year on February 14th. This means that I am currently 1 years old.

I think that the Universal Human race, is basically just the Humans of this world. When I get the chance I want to try some things out with Kelly—–the Wolf tribe girl who was with us when we got attacked by that goblin.

Next is the thing about me being the second son of the Greed family.

When does this become a part of the information that will be displayed?

Did I obtain this title on the day of my birth? Or is it obtained yesterday in the naming ceremony? In order to piece things together I tried to remember the Sharl’s status window I saw last night.

【Shirley Greed/8/6/7421 Shirley Greed/24/11/7401】


【Universal Human Race Greed Family First Wife】

【Special Skill: Water Magic】

【Special Skill: Fire Magic】

【Special Skill: Magic Nullification】

The third line states that she is the Greed’s family first wife.

It would seem that there is a naming ceremony that needs to take place, and you need to fill in the name in the status.

In other words, this affiliation and or title with the Greed Family as the first wife is not something that is acquired by birthright, it is something that needs to be given to you.

If it truly was an automatic operation and titles would be given regardless of the naming ceremony (this would mean that the chant done by the priest was only a pointless recital of words).

Therefore, it is better to think that this particular status is not given to you automatically.

After that, there seems to be some sort of dark red characters covering the words 『Inherent Skill』It was in both lines of my Inherent Skills: Appraisal and Gift of Natural Talent.

Sharl’s three kinds of Special magic was displayed in the usual white characters.

Also I was able to use my skill “Appraisal”. However what about Gift of Natural Talent, how do I use this? Hmm, I don’t know. I tried invoking it just like how I used Appraisal but nothing seemed to occur.

Although it’s a shame to say this, but for now I will shelf the Gift of Natural Talents and look at it again some other time.

Even more importantly, there is some really big problems that I need to solve.

The first being, Sharl can use magic (or at least I think there is a high possibility that she is able to)

Another thing was that although I didn’t have a【Special Skill:●●Magic】for some reason I was able to use Status Open, this means that there is a possibility that Status Open was not actually magic.

Another thing, was that I was able to use my Inherent Skill Appraisal without making any sort of chant.

Another thing, was there must be a lot of different variations in relation to the amount of Inherent Skill that exist in this world… Let’s speculate a little bit.

  1. in the instance that an Inherent Skill is an unusual occurrence.
  2. a) The Inherent Skill “Gift of Natural Talents” that I had was one of the more common abilities.
  3. b) After making a big fuss about it, everyone already knew I had this ability. That would mean that I somehow forgot, such an event occurred.
  4. In the instance that an Inherent Skill was a normal thing to have (Then this scenario will not pose too many problems)

However, considering that the priest obviously did not show much of a reaction to me having an Inherent Skill, I am more inclined to think that Inherent Skills are more of a normal occurrence and they are not so unusual.

After arranging the pieces of information, let’s bring it all together.

  1. Let’s learn Magic from Sharl (This is an obvious thing to do)
  2. Confirm the maximum range for using “Appraisal”.

For now this is my plan.

I can’t really do option 1 immediately. She is probably busy with preparing for the departure anyways. Let’s just investigate more about option 2 for now.

It will be easy for me to just use Appraisal on every single object in this room.

However, as long as I cannot go out of my room, it will be impossible for me to test the limits of Appraisal’s range.

First let’s try getting outside in order to use Appraisal.

It would seem that Appraisal will work up to a distance of approximately 10 meters.

Before I was able to use Appraisal on anything, Hegard who was placing his equipment in the horse harness as preparation for the departure spotted me and ushered me back into the house. I was only able to go outside for a span of one minute before I was made to go back inside the house.

Therefore I tried to make the best of it and I used Appraisal on the horse.


That was the only information that came out.

I was expecting the horse to have some sort of name attached to it, but it would seem that there was no name given to the horse. I suppose that is natural. After all, it’s not like people would pay a priest just to perform the naming ceremony on a horse right? There might be some sort of cost attached to the naming ceremony as well…

I went back inside the house and I tried to stare outside from the window, however I wasn’t tall enough to be able to see outside yet. Well since it couldn’t be helped I decided to just practice the use of Appraisal within my own house.

This Inherent Skill called Appraisal basically makes any object within my gaze shine a little brighter. When the object begins to shine brighter I can choose to concentrate my consciousness into the object (I feel like I am basically using a mouse to click the object with my cursor) the object is Appraised and a green window opens up in my field of vision.

Next let’s confirm how long it takes for the green window to disappear.

What I have been doing up till now is basically, when I pray for the green window to disappear, it will disappear (This is also the same as with the blue status window, however the status window will also disappear if my hands are separated from the object).

Nevertheless, I wonder what would happen if when the window is open, I stopped looking directly at the window and looked towards the side.

I sat in the corner of my bedroom, and I used Appraisal on my pillow on the bed.


When I shifted my gaze, the window moved from the center of the pillow to the side of the pillow.

Ohh, this is interesting somehow.

When I completely removed the Pillow from my sight and changed the direction my body was facing, the window completely disappeared.

Even if I later returned my gaze towards the pillow, the green window remains in a disappeared state.

Hmm, yesterday, when I used Appraisal the window did not disappear even though I closed my eyes.

Ahh I get it. If the window closes just because one closes their eyes, then wouldn’t it disappear every time I blink?

Next is, what happens if I activate Appraisal but don’t make a selection of an object, what will happen? It seems that because of this function, it will become very useful during night time.

The verdict is that it just stays in “object selection mode” for a long, long time. It is likely that 30 minutes have already past.

Should we test it to the limits?

In that moment, Sharl entered my room.

Because the door was opened so suddenly, I lost my concentration and selection mode was cancelled.

Thereupon, I became a little sleepy.


I have become sleepy?

Now that you mention it, last night when I used Appraisal, my motivation seemed to be reduced…..

It seems that Sharl came into my room to feed me breakfast.

I was getting sleepy as she spoon fed me some oatmeal, although I started to become more and sleepier, I endured and continued to eat. Soon after I slept in the middle of my meal.

The next time I woke up was already lunch time.

I had been asleep for several hours until lunch.

Hegard and the others had already departed.

I was really refreshed after waking up, but because I only eat breakfast halfway, I was considerably hungry. Anyways, I am grateful for the fact that this was time to eat. I greedily devoured the food in front of me and I was able to calm down, I once again started to brainstorm.

When I used Appraisal, I would become sleepy. I wasn’t to the extent that I couldn’t stay awake, but fighting against it was really hard. Most likely, if that persisted for the whole day, I wouldn’t be able to resist and just fall asleep, it was a strong sensation to sleep.

Why does it make me sleepy? Is it better if I don’t use Appraisal that much?

Even so, it is important for me to be able to discern the characteristics of all the abilities I possess.

In this world where there is barely any light during the night-time, without a doubt this ability has a limitless amount of applicability.

Furthermore, it could be that because I am still a baby right now, my body cannot handle much physical stress and it is hard to endure the drowsiness for now.

After lunch I was returned to my bedroom and I continued my thoughts whilst lying down on my bed.

Should we try using Appraisal again?

If it’s like this, who cares if I get sleepy, I will just sleep on my bed.

I decided to use it. I used Appraisal on the shelf. I erased the green window.

Even though I allowed the status window to appear for around 30 minutes there was no sign that I was becoming sleepier.

I used it one more time. As I thought I’m not getting sleepy.

I toss and turned about in bed and I tried to stand up with the help of the fence of the bed, but I still did not feel anything out of the ordinary.

Was it just pure coincidence that I got sleepy before?

I used it for a third time. I did not feel drowsy.

As expected was it just my imagination all this time?

Alright, let’s see how long I can last in selection mode.

I used appraisal again and stayed in the selection mode for as long as possible.

I glanced around here and there.

I glanced at the fence of the bed that I just used as a grip to stand.

Naturally the brightness of the object went up.

I was just absentmindedly staring at the fence without selecting it as an object, when a thought came into my mind.

What on earth is this about?

When I used Appraisal on the bed it would show (For infants), but then why is it that when I used Appraisal on the fence of the bed, it doesn’t reveal the fact that it was made out of wood?

I moved my glance towards my own body.

The moment I used Appraisal on myself, my name would surely be displayed, right?

Why doesn’t it also display things like, right hand of Alein Greed if I specifically stared at my right hand? Or why doesn’t it display more information like (Flesh of Universal Human Race)?

I lift up my right hand towards the front of my own face.

And then I noticed something.

It was not possible for me to make only one of my fingers shine.

Of course it was also impossible to make it so that only my right hand shines.

Let’s experiment something for a moment.

I went back into selection mode and pulled out a strand of hair and I bring it in front of my face.

Ah! I was able to make it so that only the strand of hair started to shine.


“I’m getting the hang of this”, just when I thought such things, a strong wave of drowsiness surged rapidly.

Oi, Oi, what is going on?


Where am I?

I have a feeling of just floating in the middle of white space.

Even when I turned around・・Nothing seems to catch my eye.

Yeah, I can’t even see my own body in my field of vision.

There is only this white space, and the feeling of floating in it.

Although I can’t see my arms and legs, I can still feel that I have them on me.

However, it was not possible to for me to use my hands to feel around my body.

What a weird sensation.

I understood that this was probably just a dream.

I can’t seem to wake up from it though.

How many minutes have passed?

10 minutes? 20 minutes? Or has it been 1 hour?

「Have I made you wait a long time?」

I couldn’t pinpoint whether it was the voice of a man or the voice or a woman that spoke out towards me.

「It took some time for me to attune myself to the frequency of your consciousness」

『Who are you?』

Even when I didn’t intend to speak, my voice leaks out, it felt like part of my thoughts were flowing out of me.

「Umm, you probably cannot pronounce my name accurately even if I told you. Well I suppose if I were to tell you in a language that you will understand……it would be “God”」


The voice from my mind leaks out again. It does not mean that I didn’t want to say it. Well, it’s more like I just inadvertently blurted it out of my mouth.

「Oh? Are you not aware of my existence? I thought that the name “god” was quite common」

『No, I am aware. Don’t tell me・・You are truly that “god”? 』

「Haa, I am not sure which “god” you are referring to・・but that is correct. I am a god」


『G, god!? Hahaaa—–tsu, I start bowing my head and「You don’t have to do that」』

『Uwaa? 「There is not much time left. It is considerably difficult for me to continue to maintain this dimension. Therefore before I permit it, I will not allow you to speak. Neither will I allow you to develop any ideas. I will make you understand my “reasoning” within 30 seconds, and another 30 seconds will be given for you to understand the “circumstances”, only then will I allow you to ask me questions」』

I was astonished at the amount of information (?) that flowed into my brain.

The train accident that I was in. Apparently it was because there was a collision with a bus in the middle of the railroad. The reason for the accident occurring was because of a mistake in the traffic signals. However, the cause for the traffic signal error was not done by humans, there was a foolish fight between this god and some other unknown god, and although this god had already set up barriers to prevent other places from being effected by the ripples of the clash, there was a point in time where the barrier waned and some of the violent energies went through. It was during this time that the electric signals went haywire due to the after effects of their fight leaking out of the barrier.

To sum it all up, their fight was the main cause for the accident. In truth, there was more information which flowed into my brain things like (the reason for the foolish fight to occur, and the mechanism of the barrier and how some of the energies from their fight went through it) but I shortened it.

In conclusion, that accident was not supposed to happen.

Including me, apparently 39 other people also died in that accident.

A part of the news image that was telecasted after the accident, was also shown directly into my mind.

Nevertheless, normally the god would think “Ahh, several people have died. What a shame” and the matter would end just like that, however in this instance, the god decided to transmigrate all the victims which died in the accident, and as for the reason, rather than saying that the god wanted to apologize or provide some sort of compensation, it was actually for something much simpler than that.

If I had to explain it in simpler terms, the gods could be compared to two elementary school children, the two children had a big quarrel and they unfortunately stepped on an ant’s nest, and although it was not part of their intention to do so, they crushed several ants in the process. They started to blame each other and tried to make one party admit the fault of killing all the ants they stepped on, and because they could not reach a conclusion on who was at fault, a third party who was monitoring the fight, told them “Stop this futile argument already. You can just make a new water tank for the ants you crushed and just revive them at that new place” Because the third party said such a thing, the two kids decided to put down their weapons and reluctantly followed the advice.

It was not because they felt responsible for the ants, nor did they feel any love for the ants. The two kids just wanted to scorn each other and say “look at all these pitiful ants you killed, look at how cruel you are”, that’s all they really wanted to say to each other, it was not because of their pure intentions that they wanted to revive the ants. They just wanted to show a good public front. Though everyone in the class knew that they were just putting up a good front, no one really wanted to point that “Hey you are lying!” because it was too troublesome too meddle in the affair.

Even so, although they were just putting on a good front the words “Oh how pitiful” did come out of their mouths, so it couldn’t be helped that they needed to provide some sort of compensation, and so they reincarnated us reluctantly.

Moreover, because the words compensation also came out, the victims who was going to be reincarnated was given various special advantages for their next life.

・All the victims will reincarnate on the same day (The age when they died doesn’t matter)

・The victims are able to keep their previous life memory.

・They will be given a single randomized Inherent Skill.

・When something about us leveled up, the god will come out to explain the situation and (this dimension will appear).

・Whenever we level up, the amount of bonus points we obtain, will be higher than the average living beings of this world.

・The place in which we are born, how good of a family we are born in, and our standings in the society are all decided randomly.

Those were the terms that were given to all the reincarnated people including me.

With this, the time to understand the reason and circumstances behind the incident is over.

Finally it was time to ask some questions!


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