Chapter 7: Question time


「Takeo Kawasaki, no should I call you by Alein Greed now? You have now understood the reason for your transmigration and the current state of affairs, is this correct? 」


「In that case, I will allow you to raise some questions. You are allowed to ask me about anything, however I cannot guarantee that you will receive an answer for all of them. Nevertheless, I believe I can satisfy most of the general questions」

『I understand. Well then, my first question. Is there any limitation to the frequency to my questions? 』

「I’ve told you that there was no concept of time in this dimension right? Well although there is no restriction on the number of questions, there is a limitation to the amount of time. The remaining time you have left, in accordance with your subjectivity of time, is around 18 minutes」

『Roger that. You explained before that one of the condition’s for being a reincarnated person was that we receive “One inherent ability which is randomized” for some reason or other, I have two inherent abilities, can you please explain what is going on here?』

「Ahh, the scene I directly showed into your mind a little while ago, was kind of like a video that was shown to everyone reincarnated, the circumstances of each person will be individually different. On your last moment before you died, you managed to save the life of a person. So please think of your additional inherent ability as a reward for that time」

『Ahh, the kid I managed to protect with my body?  Did the kid survive?』

「Yeah, and as a reward, you received another inherent skill in place of the child. Your ability to appraise objects is the one you got. This time around, you managed to level up the appraisal ability, that’s why I have made time to explain things to you」

『Hee, it levelled up. Ah, at times, there is moments where I get heated up, and the words I want to say are different from my intentions. Is this perhaps because there is a difference between my spirit and this body’s physical age?』

「Yes, that’s right. In your previous existence, you lived until the age of 45. In this world you are barely one years old, your combined mental age would put you at 46 years of age. However, right now your body is only 1 years old. Your physical strength has also been normalized to your current body. Your feelings and ideas are influenced by the sensitivities of your current body’s age. Nevertheless, in approximately 2~3 months, you will start to conform to your new body, and because your spirit will become accustomed to today’s body, your mental age will also be able to correspond without much trouble, it is likely that your feelings will also be controlled much easier. In regards to this matter, please think of it as just a matter of time」

『The status window when I use appraisal displays in the Japanese language. This worlds characters, are they in Japanese? 』

「No, the status window from appraisal is something that only the owner of the ability is able to see. Willpower, in reality, it displays the window by passing magical energy into the optical nerves. Therefore, it will display the written language that you can comprehend the most. In the case, that your most proficient language is in English, it will display the characters in the English language」

「There is some sort of numbers next to my name, is that perhaps the date? Moreover, if it is the date, what is the length of time in this new world……For example in this world, how would one hour compare, to my previous world’s one hour, is it different?」

「That will become clear in due time. Well I want to say that you should confirm it for yourself later, but I will just tell you that it is the same 24 hour clock you are used to on earth. However, in this world, one year is only 360 days」

『In the train disaster which occurred, can I assume that all 39 people which died have been reincarnated into this world?』

「Yes, everyone has been reincarnated on the same day」

『In regards to that, may I ask, if there are any other people with several inherent skill given to them on rebirth?』

「No, there are no others. You are the only one with two inherent skills」

『Please teach me the details of places where the others were transmigrated excluding me』

「For that, please investigate yourself, and find out the answer」

『Is my wife doing well?』

「After you passed away, hmmm yeah for about half a year, she was in a considerably painful mental state, however, now she is living each day energetically」

『Is that so? That makes me relieved. Is it possible for me to get in touch with my previous family?』

「That is impossible. After transferring here you have cut all ties with your previous existence, and whilst I am sorry for your loss, it cannot be done」

『That seems unreasonable……. Is this the first time you have ever given an explanation to the reincarnated?』

「No, There has been people before you」

『I see, so there has already been others who have levelled up before me……..』

「There are also people who have already died in this world」

『Eh? There are already people who died?』

「Yes, out of the 39 people that got reincarnated, 8 people have already died」

『Please tell me their cause of death』

「One person died from mental derangement as a result of being transferred, four others died from illnesses as their families were poor and unable to afford medicine.  One of them died due to starvation, another was involved in a city riot and died whilst being stampeded, and the last person died because they were devoured by a beast」

『Uwa, I guess my luck is pretty good then. How was it decided where each person was going to reincarnate to?』

「Although the process was completely random, all of you were made to reincarnate a certain distance away from each other, so that no one would be in the same place. The distance with the person furthest away from you, is a considerable distance away.  By the way, in terms of location of transmigration, you are on the edge」

『How many people who have met you, that reincarnated have already died?』

「One person」

『How many people have seen and met you before me?』

「Two people」

『In that case, asides from myself, there is only one other person who met “god”, right?』

「Yes, that is correct」

『Is there a name for this world? Ah, for example, in my previous existence, it was called Earth』

「Normally it is called, Orth」

『Is this world a heavenly body?』

「Please confirm this by yourself. All I can tell you is that there is an edge in the world, and at that edge, it might be your usual seawater, or it might be a great demonic snake, turtle, or elephant waiting for you at the edge」

『Are the laws of physics in this world the same as Earth?』

「Whilst it is possible to use magic in this world, the rest of the law of physics are akin to Earth and can be thought as such」

『The nature of this world, things like vegetation and animals, how different is it from Earth?』

「There are numerous differences」

『Can you tell me what they are?』

「There is a considerable difference in the plant distribution as opposed to Earth, but there is also similarities between them. Moreover, animals also evolve just like at Earth, but the tree path of evolution differs. I’m sure you’ve seen it firsthand right? The fact that there are beast human race is just one example of this. There are also more trivial details, but if I have to explain them all there would not be enough time, do you desire for the full explanation? 」

『No that’s enough. From here on out, if any of my questions are related please explain those parts as well』


『Though I have lived here for about one year, I am curious the extent of this worlds civilization compared to Earths, I don’t really know whether the place I am living at is the standard or not』

「Comparing it to Earth, it would be something akin to the 15th century. There will be slight differences depending on which province you live in, so it is not possible to say it applies to the whole of Orth. Moreover, definition of the word “civilization” is quite vague, there are various things like tools and clothing, and depending on the lowest level of development or the highest level of development each province will have it different, that is the extent of information I can give from your particular question. Nevertheless I can tell you that, the land where you are currently living, has a considerably advanced form of culture and technology. Other than this, please confirm it by yourself」

『May I get the map of this world?』

「I cannot give it to you. The things I am permitted to do in this space, is merely provide information, and answering some questions. Thus, things that may become articles of writing or images cannot be passed along」

『I understand, Well, I wonder what I should do about finding out all these other things? Ah, I’m sorry. Then, how about this, can you teach me how to refine titanium alloy?』

「I cannot teach you that. I am only permitted to answer your questions」

『Hmm, in this life of mine, will there be another chance for me to meet god again in order to ask some questions?』

「There might be, or they might not be」

『I suppose, you are implying that it will depend on my actions from now on?』

「Perhaps. But, we gods are quite busy, so your behaviors are not always being monitored by us, even if you call out to us, we may not always be available. Therefore, it is better if you think of this as the first, and also the last meeting we will ever have. Nevertheless, it is prohibited for you guys to try and come into contact with us, so when the necessity arrives, we will be the ones to bring you to this place again. Though that is very unlikely」

『I think that it is better if I get acquainted with some of the small details. Oops, I’m sorry. It’s about the inherent skill, for some of the skills I examined using status open, some of them were seen in dark red characters, why is this the case?』

「The color of the characters are red because it is an inherent skill. Moreover, even if other people try to see your status, they will be unable to see those inherent skills. Only the person themselves will be able to see it, also, this doesn’t just apply to inherent skills, only the person in question will see their own level information in regards to the level of the skill」

『A moment ago, you told me that my appraisal ability increased in level, what I want to know is, how does one go about leveling such an ability?』

「Please confirm this fact later by yourself」

『If the abilities I have level, is there any advantages?』

「The answer to your question is that, there is an advantage.  Please figure out the advantages by trying it out yourself later」

『What are the differences between status open and the appraisal skill?』

「Status open doesn’t use any form of special abilities. No matter who it is, they will be able to use status open, however there is a limitation to the information that will be obtained. As for the Appraisal ability, only you can use this ability and more detailed information can be acquired from using it」

『In regards to the ceremony of naming, the priest used a form of “naming” magic. Will I be able to use that type of magic as well?』

「The ability to name other’s is a little special skill. It is a skill that can be given to you, if you serve us gods for many years. Once a year, us gods will visit the place people worship us. Over there we will meet with other gods to renew our old friendships, but also during that time, we will select a variety of Shinto Priests and give them the special naming ability. They must be willing to serve, and have pure minds, and they must also have hearts that do not doubt our existence, and we will be able to give them the naming ability, Because there is nobody on Earth that fits the qualifications, there is no one on Earth who has the ability, in terms of you acquiring this skill, although I won’t say that it is impossible to do so, it will likely be very difficult」

『The place to worship gods, you are referring to a shrine? Is it like the country in which the god Izumo lives? How interesting. So doesn’t this mean that if I go to the shrine of the gods during that particular time, that we will be able to meet again?』

「Yes, you can just call it a shrine. In Orth the name is the shrine that worships god, but you can just call it shrine. We do not directly materialize within the shrine, but more like in a separate dimension much like this one, therefore it is unlikely that we will be able to meet again. However, some of the gods are deeply related with Orth’s people. If you were to play an active part in your current life, you will likely come to an understanding of this world’s culture in the future. Still, it is unlikely that we will meet directly」

『Excluding inherent skills, is there for instance, other special skills that can be obtained in the future?』

「Yes, it is possible. Although, special skills are very difficult to obtain, and it will depend on the person’s talent, if they are suitable for such an ability, please understand this fact. Abilities are divided into skills that can be obtained or skills that are inherent. Inherent skills can only be obtained when one is born, whereas skills acquired after you are born, are all related to magic」

『That’s amazing, so the fact that I may one day be able to use magic is not completely ruled out! Ah, sorry to ask you again. But let me confirm, things like being good at the sword, and running really fast, is not counted as a particular ability right?』

「All the things you ask me and what your thoughts are, all understood so there is no need to continuously apologies after every question. That is correct, there is no classification of ability for basic things like running fast or being good at the sword. If you want to be able to run faster, then you need to train your body, if you want to be good at the sword you probably need to practice every day, these are things which are fundamentally different from obtaining skills which can be acquired」

『I have an ability called Gift of Natural Talents, as part of my inherent ability, what does this do?』

「I cannot tell you that information. I am only permitted to give you limited amounts of knowledge in this dimension」

『Even if it’s just a hint? Like Ah, “Gift of Natural talents holds the meaning of genius”』

「Knowing this “time is about up”」

『I understand. Then can I ask you one more question?』

「Well I suppose it’s fine. What is it?」

『Do you think that in this life, I will be able to be successful in life?』

「This time around, everyone who reincarnated has the potential to be someone great. In particular, you guys have the ability to recall your past lives, which is almost like an inherent skill, no, it is an even better advantage than that. Moreover, you specifically have been granted two inherent skills. If with all these tools you cannot get ahead in life, then you are just that big of a fool, and a terrible idiot when it comes to being a person. Ahh, however even in that scenario, there will be no problems. Either way, this time around, it was due to our mistakes that caused the loss of life, therefore, giving you guys a handicap is not that big of a deal」

『I understand, please look forward to my progress』

「Don’t misunderstand our intentions, we do not specifically expect anything from those who have been reincarnated. We will not be telling you to do this or that. All we will do, is prepare you guys for the new life we have given. Therefore, lead your life the way you want to live. Anyways, this will be the end of our conversation」

When I awoke I was on my bed.

Because a huge amount of information was obtained at the same time, I’ve become a little bit confused.

Especially the cause of being transmigrated to this world, makes me feel furious.

Well, even if I complained about my dissatisfaction to god, I suppose it wouldn’t do any good.

If all I had to do was grumble about my dissatisfaction, and problems would be solved, I would have endless things to complain about, however, complaining about things has never got me any results. Instead, it may aggravate someone else, and it never leads to any good.

It’s always better to make do with the materials you are given.

However, one thing for certain that the things happening here is not a dream.

That’s because right in front of me, a status window is floating about.

「In a sense, this will be the start of your life in this new world. There are people in this world who has yet to even see the entrance, and yet out of the 39 people, you has already taken a step over the starting line. From here on out, you have the liberty to do whatever you like. Moreover, there will not be a second chance to reincarnate again, so in any case, you should live this life without any regrets」

That’s what the status window said.

What a jest. I thought such things, although, being able to remember our past lives and possessing two inherent skills, I really thought it would be a joke to let it go to waste, anyways I stayed silent, and willed the status window to disappear.

Well truthfully I wanted to retort what the god said a little bit more, but if I just sit around here idly doing nothing, there will be no meaning to it.

If there was another opportunity to meet, perhaps some of the more intricate questions will be answered.



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