Chapter 8: Level up! Part 1


Sharl came into the room. It seems that she came into the room in order to take the blankets off the bed and dry them.

Perfect timing.

「Excuse me, Mother?」

「Nn? What is it?」

「The words you said last night, what do they mean?」

「Ahh, the time I saw your Status? Rather than calling it a word, it’s closer to call it a record. Do you know what a record is? For example, if you don’t want to forget out current conversation right now, what would you do?」

I guess she’s going with this kind of teaching method. I should follow along I suppose.

「Umm, try my hardest to remember!」

「This is where, you would write it down. Rather than trying to remember the words by heart, it would be better to write it down on something, don’t you think?」

「Errm, so as long as we have a written record, even if we forget what we said, it will be fine? 」

「Yes. The form of the resolution that we need to remember is normally written down, and this is what the characters are for」

「In the Status, there is this character. That strange character is a word?」

「That’s right. Al, do you want to learn how to write?」

Alright! This is going exactly where I wanted it to go.

「Yes, I want to learn!」

「Oh, in that case, I will gladly teach you」

In this manner, I began to learn to read and write characters from my mother. As a matter of fact, I’ve been wanting to learn how to read and write, but it was not possible to bring this topic out without sounding overly unnatural.  I’m kinda saved. I will be learning characters starting from tomorrow morning and this will continue every day. Ok, I think I will also say one more thing.

「If I can’t learn the characters properly, will it be hard for me to remember magic?」

「Well, it won’t be impossible but if you can’t read the characters properly then you will soon run into a roadblock. If I find that you have a talent in magic, after you’ve properly learnt how to read and write, I will also teach you how to perform magic, kay?」

「Yay! Thank’s so much, Mother!」

Ohhh Yeah! It looks like I will also be able to learn magic. This makes me really happy.

Sharl walked out of the room holding the blankets.

Now then, there is something I want to confirm immediately.

It’s the thing God talked to me about earlier.

To begin with, the reason God contacted me was because he said that the level of my Appraisal skill increased.

I immediately used Status Open.

【Alein Greed 5/3/7429】

【Male 14/2/7428】

【Clan: Greed Household second son】

【Inherent Skill: Appraisal (Lv.1)】

【Inherent Skill: Gift of Natural Talents】

There was a number and level next to the Inherent Skill: Appraisal. However, the fact that it says Level 1 means that previously it did not even have a level, does that mean that there is no representation for Level 0? In terms of the Inherent Skill: Gift of Natural Talents, there is no notable change.

I should immediately use my Appraisal ability.

【Bed (For Infants)】

【Material: Oak wood】

Ohh, the amount of information increased!

The material used was added to the list.

In other words, doesn’t this mean that if my Appraisal skill continues to rise, then even more detailed information will be revealed from the ability?

There are some doubtful points here. In the first place, why did my Appraisal skill even go up in level? Is it perhaps the fact that continual usage will lead to an increase in its level?

That’s the only thing I can think of.

Other than using the ability, there wasn’t really any special action I took. Although I also used Status Open quite frequently, but since that is an ability that anyone can use, I don’t think anything special can be done to it.

Or is it perhaps, the thing that I Appraise, must be special for it to level up?

Let’s try to remember a little bit.

It was in the afternoon yesterday, when I discovered I had the inherent skill appraisal for the first time. The thing I appraised was the Bed.

The next time I used it was following supper, when I used it on both Sharl and Hegard.

The following use was on the horse and the abrupt cancellation of the Appraisal mode.

The next instance of usage was this afternoon, the 3 shelves and my hair.

The element that improved my levelling, what could it be?

The last thing I appraised was my own hair. Could it be this thing?



【Hair of a certain person】

There isn’t much change in the information.

Just to make sure…

「Status Open」

【Alein Greed 5/3/7429】

【Male 14/2/7428】

【Clan: Greed Household Second Son】

【Inherent Skill: Appraisal(Lv.1)】

【Inherent Skill: Gift of Natural Talent’s】

Yeah, it stayed the same at level 1.

In that case, perhaps it’s related to the frequency of usage?

How many times, do I need to do it, once? twice? three times…..?

I think I levelled up the ability after using it around 10 times.

Then does that mean, that it would start from 1 again and after 9 more uses I will level up my Appraisal skill again?


【Bed (For infants)】

【Material: Oak Wood】


【Bed (For infants)】

【Material: Oak Wood】


【Bed (For infants)】

【Material: Oak Wood】


【Bed (For infants)】

【Material: Oak Wood】

Shit, I’m getting really sleepy. I don’t feel like doing anything.

I got woken up at dinner time.

I felt refreshed.

After sleeping that much yesterday I guess it’s only natural?

Whilst being spoon fed by Myun my usual oatmeal, I was in deep thought.

As per usual rather than saying it’s not a delicious dish, it tastes completely crap. Wait, that’s not important, Oh yeah where was I, I was thinking about how when I used Appraisal I got extremely sleepy.

At first, I got really sleepy just by using it one time. The next time I could do it twice before I felt any effects. And then I could use Appraisal three times in a row. This time around when, I was suddenly struck by a huge urge to sleep, I think that Appraisal had something to do with it. Next time I should be more careful about this when I use it, when I thought that I was alright and used it four times in a row, I went to sleep and was called by God.

And then it levelled up. To tell the truth, it’s quite bad. Oatmeal that is… There is nowhere near enough salt used in this families cooking.

I think that I used it around 5 times just yesterday, when I started to become really sleepy.

Then does this mean that now I can use it up to 6 times this time before I get really sleepy?

In any case, after having my dinner I’m going to sleep anyway.

I think I will do an experiment.

This kind of meal is really unpalatable for a modern Japanese man like me, let’s just gulp it down and be done with it.

「Master, Madam! Al-sama is eating the meal by himself!」

Uwaa, why is she speaking like that so suddenly.

「It’s not like I’m a little kid, something like eating a meal by myself is…… Ah….」

This is bad, I think I just blurted out something really unnatural. Ohhh, for a second there my Parents my elder brother and elder sister all had faces full of admiration, but now that I’ve made a mistake…

This is bad, really bad.

「Doing something like eat myself, even I can do it!」

For the time being, I guess there is no other choice but to swindle my way out of this one.

「Al, rather than saying that you are a kid, it’s closer to say that you are still a baby. Moreover, where did you learn to use such vulgar words?」

Hegard was asking me with a serious face.

「I’m sorry. Father. It’s something someone said before….」

Was I able to speak with a sweet and modest attitude just now?

「….Well, it’s fine. If you think that you can eat by yourself, then you should try eating yourself」

「Yes, I understand」

Did I successfully, deceive them?

I gazed at the table timidly. Everyone was watching me right now.

I scoop out the oatmeal with my wooden spoon and started to eat.

I tried holding the spoon, in a more risky way.

When I successful eat my meal a couple of times, everyone finally started eating their own meals again.

I finished eating the whole oatmeal from the plate.

And everyone also finished eating their dinner.

Sharl held me in her arms. She’s probably taking me to my bedroom.

It seems that I managed to get out of this one. Phew, I’m glad.

Sharl was humming me a lullaby so that I would go to sleep.

Don’t worry, after using Appraisal about 6 times, I should be falling asleep. It won’t even take me 1 minute.

(Appraisal) →Myself

【Alein Greed 5/3/7429】

【Male 14/2/7428 Clan: Greed Household Second Son】


It’s a little different to seeing it in Status Open.

I guess this is because the level increased to Level 1?


【Shirley Greed 8/6/7421 Shirley Chun 24/11/7401】

【Female 11/10/7400 Clan: Greed Household First Wife】

Fumu. This has exceeded my expectations.

Let’s go all out!


【Shirley Greed 8/6/7421 Shirley Chun 24/11/7401】

【Female 11/10/7400 Clan: Greed Household First Wife】


【Shirley Greed 8/6/7421 Shirley Chun 24/11/7401】

【Female 11/10/7400 Clan: Greed Household First Wife】


【Shirley Greed 8/6/7421 Shirley Chun 24/11/7401】

【Female 11/10/7400 Clan: Greed Household First Wife】

With this, has the ability levelled up again?

I want to confirm it using Status Open….

I guess for the last one I should use it on myself to confirm?

(Appraisal) → Myself

【Alein Greed 5/3/7429】

【Male 14/2/7428 Clan: Greed Household Second Son】

【Condition: Favorable】

Ohh, It seems to have leveled up! Another line depicting my condition showed up.

It says, favorable, but what does this actually mean?

Is it referring to my health condition?

If that is the case, then this may just become very useful.

Although there was a limit to the frequency I can use the ability, it seems way more convenient and useful compared to Status Open.

I’ve safely confirmed that the ability has leveled up, I think for now I will go to sleep because I’m really tired.



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