Chapter 9 Level up Part 2


As usual waking up is really refreshing.

I was taking advantage of my sleeping hours to invoke appraisal so that I would pass out in bedtime. Today is the day that Sharl will teach me how to read some characters.

In this one year, I haven’t done much else other than memorizing words so that I could speak, therefore most of the time, I just spent it dazing around, the fact that I’ve got something useful to do these past several days has given me a sense of accomplishment.

After eating my breakfast, we immediately began our class of learning the characters. Farne and Mill are also studying together with me.

In this system of characters there doesn’t seem to be and ideographic writings, instead everything is written in phonographic characters. In other words, it’s kind of like the alphabet. (TL note: Ideographic is something that uses a symbol to describe itself without a word or sound. Phonography means “sound writing” where the characters represent an element of sound of some sort, hope this helps)

The amount of characters in the alphabet is also not that many. There are 29 characters all together.

The way we practiced was by putting sand on a plate and their using our fingers to write the characters.

The shape of the characters didn’t have many curves, and most of the words were composed of straight lines.

Because I was learning it in conjunction with the pronunciation, the alphabet was really easy for me to remember.

It was obvious that my inherent skill “Natural prodigy” effected my learning as well.

Because the grammar is almost the same as Japanese, it feels like I’m writing romanji characters, and it feels quite weird.

Because I already remembered most of it pretty quickly, I decide to use Appraisal on the others.

(Appraisal) → Farne

【Frankston Greed/18/2/7423】

【Male/21/1/7422 Greed Family, First born son】

【Body Condition: Good】

(Appraisal) → Mill

【Milhaear Greed/26/2/7425】(TL: help her name is weird ミルハイア)

【Woman/2/2/7424 Greed Family First born daughter】

【Body condition: Good】

Without a change, I appraised them 5 times. Because I became sleepy after using appraisal so much, I told Sharl I wanted to sleep and I went to bed.

I repeated this process of using Appraisal, and then studying how to read and write every morning, the second day passes by, and on the third morning during my appraisal time…

The level of my inherent skill “Appraisal” increased to level 4.

In addition to telling information about other people’s body condition, at level 4 it was also able to tell me their age.

At first I thought that displaying someone’s age was quite useless as I could already discern someone’s age if I wanted to count their date of their birth in comparison to the year. However an added benefit to this ability was the fact that I could also see the age of manufactured products, raw objects and even non-living things, it was actually really convenient. Well, there is also the fact that I don’t have to calculate the age of something or someone every single time I looked at them, so that in itself was pretty good.

Another thing was level, level probably meant the rank or level of the living thing. My level was 1 and so was Farne’s and Mill’s. Hegard was level 15 and Sharl was level 14. Our housemaid Myun was level 2. Myun was already 17 years old so I thought that her level would be higher than this but…..

The fact is, I don’t even know how I am supposed to raise my level.

However, what’s interesting was that if I used appraisal on an object, what’s displayed is not the level but the value of the object. For example let me just show you.

【Spoon made out of wood】

【Elm wood】

【Condition: Good】

【Manufactured date: 4/8/7425】

【Value: 10】

【Bed (For infants)】

【Oak wood】

【Condition: Good】

【Manufactured date: 14/12/7421】

【Value: 2500】

【Cube Calendar】

【Beach Material】

【Condition: Good】

【Manufactured Date: 10/7/7389】

【Value: 25】

I used Appraisal frequently until I got sleepy, and every time I woke up again, the number of times I could use Appraisal still increased by one, but the problem was that the amount of times I had to use it kept increasing as the level of my skill increased.

I’ve kept track of it until now but, when I first levelled from 0 to 1 it took me 10 times of using appraisal. From level 1 to level 2 it also took 10 times. However, from level 2 to level 3, it took me 20 times of using appraisal, and from level 3 to level 4 it took me 40 times of using appraisal. Most likely in order for me to reach level 5 in appraisal I would need to use it 80 times and in order to reach level 6 it will probably be 160 times before I could level it.

I didn’t really know what the limit to the level was, but for now I was just speculating the possibilities.

LV 0 (this is probably the level I got as soon as I was born)

Lv.0-1 10(10)   Morning of the Second day

Lv.1-2 20(21)   Night of the Second day

Lv.2-3 40(45)   Night of the Third Day

Lv.3-4 80(90)   Morning of the Fifth day

Lv.4-5 160(170)  Night of the seventh day

Lv.5-6 320(324)  Morning of the tenth day

Lv.6-7 640(665)     Night of the Thirteenth day

Lv.7-8 1280(1325) Morning of the eighteenth day

Lv.8-9 2560(2614) Morning of the twenty-fitfh day

The figures I came up with in the brackets is how many times Appraisal needed to be used before I became sleepy.  For instance from level 6 to level 7, at level 6 I needed to use Appraisal 320 times to level up, but at level 5, it will take me ten days in order to level up, and I will be able to use appraisal at least 25 times before I get sleepy. At this point, if I used Appraisal another 21 times I would hit level 6. However, This was a situation where I still could use appraisal 4 more times, therefore adding an incremental value of 4 more times using appraisal before I needed to pass out, I would be able to gain enough uses by the Night of the Thirteenth day to improve my appraisal to level 7. By this period of time, the amount of times I could use Appraisal without fainting would probably be 36 times, and the amount of time I could still use appraisal immediately after levelling would be 25 times.

Today, is the morning of the fifth day, therefore if I calculated based on this figure, the amount of time it would take me to reach level 9 would be another 20 days. At that point in time, I should be able to use Appraisal 70 times in a row without fainting. I would compare this experience to me playing a role-playing game (RPG) and collecting experience values. In short, my aim would be to continuously use the inherent skill ‘appraisal’, and by doing so acquire enough experience in order to potentially master the skill to a sufficient level.

Additionally, in terms of my study in how to read and write characters, there is already plenty of things that I could say, and my progress was quite extraordinary. I already completely memorized the alphabet of this world, including all the capital letters or small letters. I also completely memorized the vowels and if I started spelling out the words according to a rough pronunciation it would not be a problem for me to write the word.

Nevertheless, there were plenty of words like the English language, where the pronunciation of the word doesn’t actually sound the same, in this scenario, there is no other choice but to spend time in order to learn it.

Anyways, right now my appraisal level is at 4, and I just noticed that I could only use appraisal a few more times. In the case that I don’t completely use up all my ability to use Appraisal what would happen then? Obviously I wouldn’t get sleepy right? And does this also mean that if I don’t get sleepy, the frequency doesn’t reset and I can only use it a few more times, until I fall asleep to recover? I think that I should try this theory out as soon as possible. The only demerit in trying this theory out would be the fact that my levelling rate slows down very slightly.

Whilst I was just dimly watching my appraisal window with a vacant gaze, I started to notice a change in the window.

【Alein Greed/5/3/7429】

【Male/14/2/7428 Greed household, Second Son】

【Condition: Good】

【Age: 1 year old】

【Level: 1】

The brightness between 1-4 line and the fifth line is different. The 1-4 line seems to be a little brighter compared to the 5th line. When I stared at the first line, which was my own name, for some reason another window opened within the appraisal window!

【Alein Greed: The day he was named (Baptism day): 5th of March, Year 7429】

Is there a meaning to this?

Just as I was thinking this, I started to focus my gaze on the line which had information about me being part of the Greed Household.

I gazed specifically at the word greed, as it continued to grow brighter.

【Greed Household: Ron Belt Kingdom. Day of appointment: 3rd October, Year 7353】

【Rise to power: 12th generation Marquis Webdosu’s Fourth son, Samato Webudosu becomes independent and establishes the household】

【The current family head of the Greed household is Hegard Greed of the third generation】(This guy is the father of Alein, his full name is confusing ヘグリィヤール If anyone wants to have a go at it)

Just like god has told me, having an inherent skill like mine is a true advantage.

The sub-window (Tentative name) seems to stop here for now.

I really wanted to find out more information about the Marquis Webudosu, but….

I closed the open sub-window and this time I gazed at the second line.

【Male; Birthday is 14 February, 7428 A person of the Greed Household, Second son】

The sub-window opened up in two parts.

【Race: Ragudariosu Race】

I see, this race is probably akin to people of the Anglo-Saxon race from earth.

This part also stops here, as no more sub-windows will open. When I returned back to the Greed Household and opened the information about the second son, it was the same info as a little while ago. Well for now I suppose this much is to be expected.

Next let’s investigate the third line.

【Condition: The present state of both the body and mind: It’s excellent; definitely no problems】

This is what came out. I actually wanted to know a little bit more about the meaning of the words used to describe my condition, however….

The sub-window doesn’t open any more than this.

Eei, forget it then, let’s go to the next one.

【Age: One full year after being born: This is rounded down to the nearest decimal point】

Don’t joke around, what is this crap. I already know that kind of thing. Even if a number like 1.04 came out, how troublesome would that be?

Oh well… I understood clearly that even if the room goes dark and I can’t see anything, if any object or thing lights up as I am in appraisal mode, than that means I can find out more about it. Well, in this case, I will defer the experiment of not using Appraisal until I faint to a later date. In any case, I feel like it will be best if I used Appraisal as much as possible and increase the level. In 20 more days, I can hit level 9, and it won’t be too late to experiment around with my ability once I reach level 10 anyways. If I added another 10 days on top of everything, I could probably hit level 10. In other words, I just have to delay my experiment until the next month.

After thinking like this, I immediately used up the last vestiges of Appraisal, before drifting off to sleep.

Two days after, at night time, my inherent skill raised a level and became level 5.

Naturally the amount of information being displayed also increased. Although I couldn’t do anything but laugh, the values that appeared were actually HP and MP.

【Alein Greed/5/3/7429】

【Male/14/2/7428 Greed Household Second son】

【Condition: Good】

【Age: One year old】

【Level: 1】

【HP:6(6) MP:9(18)】

As I thought this was just like a role-playing game that I used to play as a junior high school student. Ultima was a good game, but I only tried it once. Dorae was also pretty good but I also only played it once. I’m at a loss, I truly didn’t play much video games back in earth. If only I played a little more, I would probably be able to understand the concepts of this world a little more.

By the way, after levelling up to level 5, the fifth line which displayed my level also lighted up to show more information.

【Level; This is a number that all living things possess which express their ability/talent numerically. It is increased by accumulating experience points】

If experience is acquired, I will be able to level up? This is becoming more and more like a game, isn’t it? The problem is how am I supposed to gain the experience points? Is it going to increase if I kill demons? However, even when Farne killed the goblin, his level didn’t increase from level 1. Does this mean that killing one goblin is not enough to raise your level?

Leaving that aside, lets pay more attention to the matter of MP for now. Right next to the number 9 there is a number (18) in brackets. Is the number in the brackets the maximum value? if I am not mistaken, I used my appraisal ability eight times after eating today’s breakfast in order to raise my level. And right now, will be the 9th time. And right now, the present value of MP is at 9. This is very easy to understand. When Appraisal is used once, it will use up one MP. This would imply that the inherent skill appraisal was a magical ability. MP would normally mean Magic Point. Well in any case, the next time I levelled up, I would probably be able to find out more about MP. In order for me to level up I would need 3 more days.

The fact that my HP is at 6……….I don’t really understand what this means. I don’t even know how much the average adult would be able to take before dying, or how much damage a single blow would cause?

Three more days have passed.

My MP increases in value. This morning I had 25 MP.

And I should be able to level up if I used appraisal 21 more times.

After eating my meal, I will start using Appraisal.

【Alein Greed/5/3/7429】

【Male/14/2/7428 Greed Household, Second Son】

【Condition: Good】

【Age: One year old】

【Level: 1】

【HP:6(6) MP:3(25)】

【Muscular Strength: 1】

【Agility: 1】

【Dexterity: 1】

【Endurance: 1】


I suddenly had four more lines of information.

In the game Doraku, this is what is called “power” right? Or if you played the game Urutei it would be the “Status” command. The fact that all my parameters are stuck at one right now brings tears to my eyes, nevertheless, considering the fact that I am still a baby, I guess this is natural, right? Well then, shall we look at the commentary explanation in the sub-window for HP and MP?

【HP; Hit Points Life Vitality. The moment the figure reaches zero, you will faint and it will become impossible to take any actions. Upon reaching zero Hit points, a negative debuff to the endurance value will occur, if the value of endurance reaches a negative value, you will die. If you reach an endurance point of minus one point -1, it will take approximately one week of rest in a safe place to recover. In the case that there is a plus in the numerical value of endurance, each point will allow you to recover 1 day faster. In addition to the age, Muscular Strength adds two points, endurance adds two points and agility adds one point to the total maximum HP points. In addition to this after reaching a certain age, you will stop the benefit of increasing in HP, in fact as you become older, there will be a negative penalty that slightly decreases your HP as you age. Only when the above-mentioned abilities are changed when increasing in level, will the maximum value be updated】

I expected this, I really did, but right now my endurance value was at 1 point, therefore, technically if I were to drop to a minus 1 value right now, I would probably instantly die right?

By the way, my “Age” actually opens another sub window of information but it doesn’t really say anything and just repeats my age. The sub-window won’t open when I try to figure out more about Strength, Agility and Endurance. Ahh, if I level up more, I suppose a sub-window will eventually open.

【Level; this is a value that every living thing has and it quantifies their capabilities/talents/abilities. You can increase your level by acquiring experience】

Isn’t this just the same as last time? When I thought about this another sub-window opened up.

【When you level up, the ability that you used the 1st most and the 2nd most will be the ability that obtains 1 point respectively. HP and MP is also included as an ‘ability’. However, in the case that you possess an inherent skill, the ability that will rise will be from the 1st to the 6th ability instead】

“However” from here onwards just like how the status window displays a dark red name next to the inherent skill, your abilities will also receive a dark red mark next to it. Hahaaha, I guess this is the privilege god was talking about, how everyone with an inherent skill received more stats.

・The amount of bonus points you obtain when you level up, is way more than the average people living in this world.

Well doesn’t this actually mean that every time I level up, I would actually obtain an increase in all six of my abilities by 1 point? In the case of normal people, they would obtain an increase in their HP and MP followed by their strength and or endurance, which would total to 4 points increase, however in my case, I would gain HP, MP, Strength, Agility, Dexterity and Endurance, which would be an increase to all six of my status points for a total of 6 points. I feel like not only is my inherent skill really amazing, the fact that this bonus is given to people like us is almost like a cheat.

The next thing is MP.

【MP; Magic/Mental Point. Willpower. The lower this value becomes, any sense of self-control, motivations, discipline and or devotion will be decreased to reflect the value, and when it reaches zero it will become impossible to act against your primal desires and instincts. Moreover, this value will decrease every time magic is used. Although it recovers at approximately a rate of one point every five minutes when you are awake, if you haven’t experienced an MP loss of more than 6 points than it will not recover. Also, if you rest continuously for four hours or more by sleeping, then you will be able to recover your MP to the maximum value. A one point increase to MP is given every 5 years of age, another method to increase it is MP will be gained by one point for every level you have in a certain magic. Another method to increase the value of MP other than when you level up, is when MP reaches a value of zero it will have a probability to rise in value depending on your age. to calculate this value, you multiply your age by itself i.e 1×1=1, 2×2=4 etc, and then you subtract this value from 100% i.e 100-1 = 99 %, 100-4= 96 %. Even if your age exceeds 100 years of age, if your mana reaches zero, you will still have a 1% chance to increase your MP】

Muu, I have come to understand a variety of things. The first thing is, the reason for my increase in the amount of times I can use Appraisal every single time I used up all my MP until it reached a value of zero, every time I woke up, I would be able to use appraisal an addition 1 more time before I passed out. My age is currently 1 year old. Multiplying 1 by 1 is equal to 1. Therefore the probability that my MP would increase in value, is actually 99 %. Moreover, when I first recovered and used appraisal a couple of times when my MP was still full, I could not recover my MP even though I endured staring at the window for approximately 10 minutes. This is because, I didn’t use appraisal 6 times yet and I hadn’t yet experienced an MP loss beyond the value of 6.

The fact that the value is left at 6 is probably some sort of safety mechanism left in place for living beings. For a normal person who cannot practice magic, the maximum value to raise using the method of MP consumption is surely not going to work out for them, therefore the maximum value would only raise every 5 years when they aged. And when they first reached the age of 26, if they were normally, they would for the first time in their lives, hit an MP value of 6. IF the case that you wanted to round down to fractions, when they reached 25 years of age, they would have a MP point of 5.8. Moreover, Mp is not only used for magic, but is also considered as a part of Willpower. In order to be in complete control of one’s desires, they would need to reach an age of 26, wouldn’t they? In this case, I believe that what they mean by desire, is the three major desires a human can possesses, namely: Appetite, Sleep Desire and Sexual Desire.

Although there are many individual variations, I was for sure really weak to the desires of appetite and the desire to sleep. Well in a sense, this is probably because my body is not yet at the age where it will generate sexual desires, although I cannot know for sure whether using me as an example for this particular scenario will be accurate or not, oh well. Until a little while ago, I was crying whenever I got hungry, and when I was sleepy I would also cry. This is probably because I started out with 1 MP. For the past few days, if I didn’t use up my MP completely, I can endure certain things without crying without any trouble at all. The secondary sex characteristics of puberty will hit when people reach around 13 years of age, so right now, this particular aspect is not that relevant to me. Technically if someone was at an MP value of 3 or 4 there would probably be a sort of problem, they would probably fall to their desires and if they were careful, they would probably start acting on their sexual desires and start pleasuring themselves or taking direct action.

After fully growing into an adult, at about 26-30 years of age, the MP value of an average person would be at 6 and even if somebody wanted to seduce them or tempt them, they would be able to have enough Willpower to resist. Unlike the value of HP, it seems that MP doesn’t decrease even if you age to a certain point, Occasionally, there is a person with an amazing amount of discipline and willpower, and most likely, these types of people had for some reason or another, been able to cut their MP values to zero coincidentally which increased their maximum MP value at a young age.

If this is true, that this is a problem for Farne and Mill. Farne is already seven years old now. Even if he used up all his MP, the probability that it will increase is only going to be 51%. Mill was 5 years old so she would have a 75% chance of increasing in MP. If they were able to build up their sense of discipline and will power from a ripe age, it will be much better for their future right? By some means or another, I really want to make them use up their MP so that it can increase. In any case, at the age of 10 or more, the probability to increase their MP will be capped at 1%. I want to consult about this matter with Sharl and ask her to teach them simple magic, so that they will be able to use it regularly, However, how am I supposed to explain all this to her? To begin with, my two siblings haven’t even mastered the art of reading or writing like me yet. At the very least, I suppose I need to wait until they are able to properly read and write?

No, Even though Mill was still in an alright place, Farne was 7 years old already. If he turns 8 years of age, the probability falls to 36% and at 9 years of age, the probability to increase his MP goes down to 19%. The faster he learns the better. However, doesn’t this mean that I have to be able to explain what was happening to my body, I don’t think they will trust in my words? No no, if I revealed my true colors right now, I really don’t know what might occur. In the off chance, that I am persecuted by my own family, what then? Crap, no matter how much I think about this, I can’t find a good solution.

Even though the matter regarding Farne’s MP is quite urgent, it’s not like something can be done immediately within a few days, therefore, I think that I will arrange the information and perform a more thorough analysis. I might be able to think of something useful in this period of time.

For the first time since I was reborn into this world, I used my brain to its fullest potential.



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