The Pagemasters Vol 2 Chapter 10


Author: Literataku

Chapter 10:
Being Controlled




I was standing in shock as she called out again. What the hell was this? Why was she turning against me? She held the blade just at the right point I could feel the sharpness on my skin without actually being cut. It was like she’d been wielding this weapon for years. My brain was screaming for action and yet here I was standing like a complete fool. Do something!

Finally, I snapped back to reality. I needed to run. Now. I needed to get away before the guards arrived. I needed to change back, but that was not a sure thing with that card. I need time and space to fail a couple of times just for insurance. Oh crap, Master is going to kill me!

First thing was first though. Taking a deep breath I used my wind power in the soles of my feet and leaped backward using the boost of wind magic to get away from her scythe pointed at my throat and toward the wall beside us. Violet wasn’t prepared for that move and fell backward to the ground as I reached for the wall and planted my feet against it to boost myself even further

Shooting off like a rocket, I started to bolt for the door on the far side of the room. Landing on both feet running. The guards shouldn’t be able to surround me after her scream too quickly, I hoped. I didn’t know the layout of this castle but I’m pretty sure a straight line could beat anything but magic.

I could hear her scrambling to get up on her feet. I was already more than halfway to the door she wouldn’t have time to- Rocks flew out from nowhere and surrounded the door handles, solidifying around them into a very formidable bar on the door. Crap! Me and my big-mouthed thoughts. Well, I still had one chance.

Gathering more speed with my wind power I took a flying kick at the door. Ready to knock the thing off its hinges, and failed spectacularly as the solid door received my impact and I crumpled against the door with a loud smack.

Violet laughed watching me as she walked calmly toward me, her bladed scythe swinging around in slow circles. Her steps were careful and precise as she looked at me with cold amusement in her eyes. I could feel a chill in the air as the shadows seemed to gather around her lifted up by the scythe into the air and circling around her.

“That was rather cute. A smart move if I couldn’t use magic. But you don’t get to run away this time. So are you going to be a nice boy and surrender? Or do we get to play tough and I make you regret forgetting everything you did when you **** yourself?”

I climbed to my feet slowly looking at her, I could see some pain hiding in the back of her eyes as she looked at me. How badly did I hurt her? For her to turn around and do this to me. I’m in serious trouble, I knew that right away. I couldn’t win here, there was no way to beat her. I was not at the level to face her kind of magic… Not yet. But I didn’t have to win, I just had to escape.

Summoning my staff, I crouched down and charged. I felt the ground underneath me buckle. With a lurch, the stone floor under her control tossed me into the air. I took that moment to launch myself even higher and kicked out, changing my direction with a blast of air and jumping over her, high enough she couldn’t react in time to block me.

The door opened from outside, ten guards rushing in with spears and short swords at the ready. One of them guarding the door as the others moved in to keep me boxed in. I could hear Violet turning to chase after me, her shadows gasping trying to get a hold of mine I could feel phantom tugs as they tried to pull me back. Leaping into the guards I put mana into my staff and started launching men left and right with blasts of wind power, trying to drop them into lanes where their shadows would interfere with the ones under her control.

One of them started to swing his sword at me from the right, I blocked and shifted my body, sending him off balance as I added force to send him flying into one of his pals. Trying to stay in constant motion to avoid anyone able to get a good chance to get me. Ducking another sword coming from the left and hitting him in the gut with the end of my staff, also sending him flying with a force of the wind.

Leaping forward above the heads of two other guards, I moved to head toward the one who was blocking the door, gathering power to send him flying back with my staff. Twisting my body to avoid as he made a thrust at me, avoiding his strike when I felt something heavy grip onto my ankle.

With a yank I was thrown back into the room, tumbling across the floor and landing at Violet’s feet. Her scythe pointing down, the blunt end pressing against my throat as she held me down and used her shadows to wrap around my arms, preventing me from moving.

“Captain, get your men straightened out and bring those magic blockers. We need to get this warlock restrained properly, now!”

She looked down at me with an expression I wasn’t sure what to think of. She almost looked disappointed somehow. The guards arriving with a set of chains to bind me with as she keeps me pinned down pressing firmly enough that it was getting hard to breathe.

I struggled as I could but it was essentially pointless now. A pair of manacles were locked around my wrists and ankles, I felt a sudden emptiness surround me. Like I was cut off from something important. My magic was being sealed by these so I couldn’t invoke anything.

“Is the cell prepared, Captain?”

“Yes, Mademoiselle Écrivaine. Enchanted so no magic can break in or out of the cell.”

“Good. Lock him inside and do not inform the King or anyone else until after the christening tomorrow. No guards posted nor any other prisoners in that section. We don’t want this one’s mistress coming to ruin the ceremony. The fewer people that could be used to spy for or divulge to her the better kept the secret and the better off we all are. Understand Captain?”

“Oui, Mademoiselle. We’ll let him enjoy the night all to himself.”

She let up her scythe about the time I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. I almost thought I saw her look apologetically at me while the guards hauled me away. Stumbling on my feet from the weight of the chains and the lack of air while I coughed. Two of them grabbed me from either side and began dragging me away roughly. I almost wanted to complain but I had sent most of them flying just a few moments ago so I decided that it would be rather impudent of me.

“S… if you guys are leaving me alone… Can I get some food to eat or…?”’

“Attacking the Head Wizard. You are lucky to still be alive, Warlock. You can starve tonight to regret ever serving the Dark Queen. Stay quiet. The Mademoiselle didn’t say you had to be intact or able to speak.”

HIs tone was quite curt and certainly angry. I decided for the safety of my person I’d keep quiet. In no way was it due to being intimidated, nope, not at all. Being half forcibly walked half dragged down through the castle, I was completely lost by now being taken through quiet corridors, the guards making sure I wasn’t seen by anyone else. Twists turn and secret passages all to avoid detection I wasn’t sure if I was being arrested or being treated like a piece of spy equipment anymore.

I almost felt relief when we finally entered the dungeons or at least one set of dungeons in this gigantic castle. I was starting to appreciate how huge this place was now. Barred cells lined the sides of the long rectangular room they pulled me into. Continuing to drag me along all the way to the end. The dim lighting inside the place making my eyes hurt a bit from how dark the overall place felt.

The cell they brought me too was different from the others. The front was completely walled with stones, and the door was made of solid iron. Not even a slit to peek inside or pass through meals. It felt like one of those cells you throw someone in and forget about until someone checks on your skeletal corpse months or even years later. As they opened the door and tossed me inside I couldn’t shake the feeling that I might very well be spending the rest of my life in this cell. The walls were completely solid on all sides, no windows, no light, nothing to keep a person sane at all.

The door shut and I was left in the dark and silence, listening to them walk away as I tried to feel out for anything in the room. Scrambling in the blackness as my breathing started to quicken, I was panicking. I closed my eyes and tried to focus.

“|{Let there be light!}|”


I tried to close my hand and summon my staff but all I felt was my own skin. I needed to keep calm, I can’t lose it. Try and call for help, maybe I could get ahold of Red or Master. Someone to try and come save me.

“|{Message}| |{Page}| |{Ririato}| |{Summon}| Dammit, something Work!”

My powers and magic were useless with these chains cutting off my powers. I had nothing I could use to escape. I just had to wait, I just had to hope. My breathing kept getting rougher as I tried to fight down a wave of panic. Welling up, losing the battle as I struggled with my fading sanity.

I was laying on the floor, curling up with myself and laying in the dark, the only noise was my breathing. Cursing myself, curing Violet, cursing Master, Red. Begging under my breath for help, pleading with quiet prayers as I fought back waves of panic trying to force themselves up from my subconscious. I kept going back to that nightmare I woke up in that first day, the blackness that robbed all from me. The Silence… I can’t let it win.. I can’t I can’t I can’t…

My hand clutched around something in my vest pocket. I gripped and felt the cool smooth metal feeling its roundness with my fingertips. My Watch! Holding it like a lifeline I pulled it out and opened it, sighing in relief as soft light expanded out and pushed away some of the darkness. Pulling out more of the dials letting them float in front of me for the soft silver light it provided me. I sighed being able to think again, my breathing subsiding as I looked at the predicament I was now stuck in.

Was there anything at all I could do in here? I sat in the soft light trying to think of something I could do to stop this and drawing only blanks. I could only wait and hope something would happen. Master and Red should realize something is wrong and come find me tonight, right? I looked at my watch and made a face. At least six more hours until sundown, and who knows how many more after that before they think about looking for me… taking a deep breath I tried to find a comfortable spot to settle in and leaned back. I needed to pass the time so I started singing random songs from my favorite animes. I knew I was going to run out after a couple of hours but at least it was something to do for a while.

“♪~Faiare where are you going?…~♪


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