The Pagemasters Vol 2 Chapter 19


Author: Literataku

Chapter 19:
Piercing Through My Heart

The first thing I noticed as I began to wake up was warmth, a lot of warmth. The sunlight was floating in from the window just across from the bed, and despite the narrowness of it, the light was just managing to fall across my face. Opening my eyes, I squinted slightly looking around with confusion for a moment. I recalled something about being close together with Vi last night in our shared dreams… But… Where was I in reality again?

The second thing I started to notice was that the warmth wasn’t coming from the light of the sun. Not all of it anyways. Most of it was from the pressure against my back, it was gentle and soft and slightly lumpy right between my shoulder blades. In my sleepy stupor, my mind still wasn’t processing things as I moved my hand and realized something was draped over my side.

That led to the third thing I noticed for the day. Brushing against the thing I realized it was a hand wrapped around me and clinging tightly. It was soft and delicate, and as I tried to move it only gripped tighter and pulled in closer. A slumbering murmur coming from behind my ear, the breath of someone behind me tickling my neck.

“Non… laissez-moi dormir… si chaud et fort.”

My brain started to snap awake as I realized the fourth thing of the day. Sitting up slightly and looking behind I found the Dark Queen pulled up close against me, her half-naked form pressed in close beside me. I could only guess that in her sleep she had moved over and started cuddling against me. Her face looked so calm and peaceful I found it hard to believe this was supposed to be the evil fairy everyone was afraid of.

I could feel another part of me was awake and gritted my teeth trying to keep that under control as I blushed deeply, really glad she wasn’t awake right now. Trying to pull away from her I found resistance as her hands clung around my chest as she pouted in her sleep. I could feel her breasts rubbing against my back, making it even harder to fight off those kinds of urges.

It was slightly regretful that perhaps I could have enjoyed this if Violet hadn’t confessed to me last night. Claiming ignorance isn’t something I could do now, mentally kicking myself in the head I sighed. Reaching down I started trying to pry her off of me, I was trying to ignore the part of me screaming guilty in my head. Let’s not talk about this part at all, to anyone.

She protested again before finally opening her eyes and seeing the very compromising position the two of us were in. She blushed furiously and quickly let go of me, diving under the covers with an embarrassed squeak. Hiding under the covers as her muffled voice came from under the blanket.

“Maitre! I’m so so sorry… I didn’t even think I would… And I hadn’t meant to… Umm… Was it good for Maitre?” Her voice getting quieter and I don’t think I was supposed to hear what she said next “I don’t even remember… and nothing hurts at all.”

I coughed slightly clearing my throat, ignoring that last part with extreme willpower. Getting out of the bed moving toward the pitcher with water and pouring myself a cup. My throat was a little dry and the cool water helped calm the rest of me down. Looking toward the hiding lump in the bed I had to suppress an inappropriate laugh before I could speak.

“Nothing happened. You just moved over and started spooning against me while we slept.”

“Oh… That’s good.” I raised an eyebrow. She almost sounded a little disappointed there.

She didn’t seem to be moving out from her hiding place so I walked over to the dresser my clothes had been laid upon last night and started getting dressed. I think I caught a hint of her peeking out from the covers but anytime I focused my sight on the bed she quickly closed off any holes she as peeping from with a noise of someone getting caught doing something bad.

Finishing I took a deep breath and moved toward the door pulling it open and starting to step outside. Looking back her head had popped out of a hole she had made in the blanket, though it probably opened more than she had intended as I could see the open line run down between her breasts and across her middle to peeking just above her panties as she sat up and looked toward me. How could someone exist that was this innocently sexual?

“I’ll let you get dressed, I don’t know how long we were sleeping, or how much longer we have to get there.”

She nodded meekly, her bright blue doe-like eyes staring at me, and the blanket slowly falling off her shoulders accidentally as she lost her concentration. It took a lot of effort to look away and close the door behind me.

I could feel my stomach starting to growl a little so I took the time she as getting ready to have a quick meal from the food stored in my pouch. I only managed to eat a little before she stepped out of her bedroom. I nearly choked when I saw her dressed up.

Her cloak was again draped over her shoulders, but fortunately, she was wearing more underneath this time. Though on the other hand, it wasn’t that much more per se. I wasn’t sure if it could be called a dress, corset or a bodysuit or perhaps it was a clever mixture of all three. The dress seemed to be made of what I could guess at dragon scales. It has a slight glow about it, with deep purples and greens mixed with accents of black…
Completely off the shoulders and backless I wasn’t sure if it was just the strength of the dragon scales or if the dress was magically attached to her breasts because they seemed well supported even though there didn’t seem to be anything that one would expect to help with that. Not that I am an expert on women’s undergarments by any means, but I had some slight experience on how… bouncy she was without wearing anything.

I caught myself staring a little too much as she looked at me. She smiled as if to say she was pleased with the attention and moved past me toward the center of the castle. Following her down I could feel some slight tinge of disappointment that I couldn’t see the back of her outfit due to the cape trailing behind her.

She walked out into the courtyard and reached out her hand, calling forth a long, gnarly looking staff, which completed the look that she was actually an evil villain as the story demanded her to be. I half smiled looking at her when she glanced behind to me seeking more approval.

Tapping her staff to the ground she began her incantation with swirling gestures across the space surrounding her, motioning me to come closer after the second time she twirled around creating her magic circle. “You might want to be ready to fight off some guards, Maitre. I intend to drop us right outside the castle if the fairies haven’t cast any enchantments to stop us.”

They needed us in there to curse the princess. Or rather her to do the job, and me tagging along like some forgotten background character in this version. At least I was counting on that version of events to occur. The problem might come from Violet and Red if the King calls for action afterward. “I’m not too worried about getting inside. I have a feeling that getting back outside might be more of an issue.”

She nodded slightly and continued her casting. “Dark shadows of the eastern borders, stretch out and grant swift passage to the home of royal blood. Deliver us into their place so that we might seek revenge on what had been wrought upon me.”

I could feel some queasiness starting to come around me as the shadows seemed to stretch out around us, growing darker and swirling around us. The castle courtyard fading in and out slightly, slowly changing shape and being replaced with the familiar sight of the garden outside the castle in the capital. I could see a pair of guards looking upon us in surprise as we started to fade away from the Dark Castle and arrive at the bottom of the steps to the Grand Hall.

The guards drew out their swords and began to approach us, ready to fight. Summoning my staff I looked at them with a quiet sigh and gave them a quick offer.

“We don’t want to create trouble. Just pay our respects. So let us through nice and easy, ok?”

The first one charged at us and I quickly moved to parry his attack and sent him flying with a quick thrust and blast of air. He crashed into the bushes and seemed to be stuck, tangling in the vines inside. I can feel for you buddy, but hey, you asked for it.

“Next?” I asked feeling a bit ironic as two more guards stepped forward blocking the pathway.

“I’ll let Maitre handle these ruffians. I need to conserve as much strength as possible to bless the child and ensure we can leave afterward.”

I chuckled slightly, letting the villain side of me show just a little as the two joined their friend in the bushes. “Works for me.” Let’s get this show started. A few guards and then we’ll be in and out with no major problems left to deal with that can’t wait another day. This will be an easy time I think.


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