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Author: Literataku

Chapter 21:
I Want Everything



Baron Ran stood looking over the remains of the battlefield his face kept neutral even as he praised his soldiers for a fight well won. It had been quick and relatively easy, The Kingdom of Roux Selier was quickly routed in under just half an hour The pieces of cavalry that had not been part of the sortie were in the midst of finishing the annihilation of the remnants of the border guards. And for Ran, that meant the battle had completely boring for him. His personal army commander, Ricard, was perhaps a little too good at his job.

In his mind, boring battles were worthy of punishment. But he wouldn’t do anything this time, they had caught the enemy unawares and with luck, it would spark Roux Selier to mass their entire kingdom against him. He had to smile to himself at the idea of fighting the heroes of the kingdom. He would destroy them all on his own, and he would enjoy the spoils of war with their women and add those he deemed worthy beauties to his collection of slaves. The rest he would give to his men as rewards after trying them all out for himself.

His adjutant, Casiel stood quietly at his side, stuck to him like a shadow, her back straight and trying to look as imposing as a sixteen year, one hundred-forty centimeter tall girl could be in light armor while standing next to the near three-meter giant of a man he was. He had to smile to himself watching her as she barked out orders on his behalf. It was overly cute and he started patting her on the head out of reflex.

She made a slight noise of complaint even as she looked up at him, her eyes narrowing in the pleasure of being praised by him. He sighed quietly and looked around surveying the scene once more before turning away and moving toward the tents. His blood wasn’t riled enough from this to enjoy much in the way of his normal entertainment. Tonight he’d probably only play with his adjutant a couple of times before falling asleep.

Following behind like a shadow his adjutant kept her face lowered to hide the blush from the soldiers who might glance this way. Though it was only for her own appearance and pride’s sake. Everyone in the army knew what she was, her lord’s slave and assassin. Only she and her Master knew what he had done to break and rebuild her into his personal toy. His cunning was on a level only those truly close to him knew.

To his own Kingdom, the Mourcelinic Empire, he was regarded as a muscle-brained deviant noble with a taste for women that was unrivaled. Which was only part of the truth, none of those fancy nobles within the kingdom’s capital knew his plans to eventually subsume the royalty and take the kingdom for himself. But of course, that was only a fraction of his ambitions.

That was why they were invading the kingdom that bordered his sizable domain. Why Ricard stood at his side as one of the few that stood there willingly instead of through coercion of fear and obedience. To take everything for himself, to rule a world united under one banner. His. He smiled thinking back on the promise he had made. The reward he would be given.

The woman, the immortal witch, who had trained him and set him on the path to conquering all. She had told him to create the greatest kingdom the world had ever seen, and she would grant him immortality and become his bride. He smiled to himself visualizing breaking her and turning her into his slave after she had given him the power to live forever. As much as he owed her, loved her, desired her, he could never allow someone to have had power over him to remain above or beside him.

Ricard was waiting as he approached the command tent, his face expressionless as ever as he gave a salute to his commander. It was something interesting to Lord Ran, this man who followed merely to hold his own ambitions to be ruled over by a powerful leader. He could not fully comprehend someone who did not seek to dominate all, but he appreciated it enough to use this man to the fullest.

“My lord, the clean up proceeds well and we should be ready to resume marching toward the capital by morning. As your orders we did allow a few scout cavalry to escape, with our estimation they will have the army gathered to face us in four days.”

“Very good work, Commander. You know what you must prepare for. And be sure to leave something for me to do next time.”

It was barely visible but Ricard’s back stiffened slightly as he acknowledged the praise and criticism. Though both knew if Lord Ran had been involved in this battle there might not have been anyone left alive to warn the kingdom. And a quiet invasion while swift and decisive would be absolutely boring to Baron Ran.

“It will be done, my lord.”

The Baron smiled giving a dismissive wave to his commander before stepping inside the tent, Casiel following obediently. He sat down in his chair and gave a quick twitch of his finger to deny his adjutant as she began to kneel between his legs. He wasn’t interested in her adulations at the moment, as fired up as he had been yesterday afternoon the high had dulled considerably for today.

“Fetch the tactician. If that sluggard is trying to sleep…”

He trailed off and she gave a knowing look while she nodded. Her eyes seemed slightly tinged with disappointment at his orders, but she obeyed without hesitation. He had to keep from smiling too widely as she turned away to do his bidding. Such a perfect toy for his pleasures, he allowed the indulgence of imagining torturing her with threats of setting her free. Just that alone, he could likely make her debase herself greatly to please him and beg to be kept under his control.

The idea was causing a stirring in his loins, perhaps he would play with her that way tonight. It could be fun, though it was something he shouldn’t do often. So devoted to him, it might hurt her too deeply if he played with her devotion too much. He didn’t want to break his toy after all. Not after he had reforged her form the first time he had broken her mind and spirit to become his. No, she was perfect the way she was for his uses.

A noise at the entrance of the tent broke his quiet imaginings. Casiel dragging his tactician inside by his ear. The man squawking with tiny complaints as she nearly tossed him inside. Letting the man sprawled across the rug. Had it not been this brilliant idiot, t might have come off as erotic. If there had a woman in such a position, Ran might have had thoughts about pinning her down and using her for his pleasures right then and there. Instead what growth had been swelling at his crotch quickly deflated to normal.

“Must I be treated so roughly, my lord?”

Ran chuckled, adjusting himself and letting Casiel take her place between his legs. Tapping her forehead to stop her from opening his pants. He ignored her quiet sigh and depressed attitude while focusing on the tactician as he scrambled to get back on his feet.

“Be thankful you were not napping. You might have lost something important instead of just being dragged in here.”

The tactician gave a half worried look about what that meant before giving a slight shake of his head. Ran found this man interesting, out of all his men this one never seemed to ever be truly intimidated by him. As he gazed back at Ran directly with his blacker than black eyes. This was something only two kinds of people did to Baron Ran, superiors that would one day fall, and dead men who never again did such a thing. Surprisingly this one had managed to stay out of both categories.

“What does the great baron desire to speak with me today?”

“Tell me about the Heroes of Roux Selier.”

“There are many heroes in the kingdom currently, but only three that My lord should be concerned about. The Red Warrior, the Violet Witch, and the Blue Warlock. None of them could openly defeat you in battle. But together they may find ways to stop you.”

Baron Ran listened to his advisor with a half-smile on his face, the chances those three could actively do anything to stop him were almost non-existent. But Heroes had ways of making nigh impossible odds flip around to be actual chances. If he could coax the two men out and destroy them the woman could be easily subdued by him. Another witch to control sounded quite tempting.

His mind drifted between fighting the Red Warrior to a standstill before overcoming him, and imagining the face of the Blue Warlock as his magic proved ineffective against him. The kingdom’s greatest hopes dashed before their entire army and the people would fall under his rule like cattle. One more piece to add to his collection and another step on making the world his.

He dismissed the man with orders to find Ricard and make plans for dealing with anything that the heroes might come up with. It wouldn’t be fun if they tried to do something besides fight him directly. A smile on his lips as he watched the man leave before turning his attention to the toy kneeling between his legs.

She looked up expectantly, waiting for permission like a proper pet. He could feel himself getting excited at the thoughts of conquering again. Giving a slight nod of his head he leaned back to allow her to give him the worship she craved desperately to give him. Perhaps he might be in the mood tonight to play with her more than a few times tonight after all.


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