The Pagemasters Vol 2 Chapter 32


Author: Literataku

Chapter 32:
In My Chest That Crossed With Yours



I slowly began waking up to a giant headache, my head was pounding like a pair of Taiko drummers were beating my brain around inside it. Bleary-eyed, I took a look around trying to figure out where I was. This was probably the worst hangover I ever experienced, not that it is saying much. I’ve only been drunk a few times in my life. This didn’t look like anyplace my half-sleeping half-blinded by pain eye could recognize off-hand.

There was a movement close by, my eyes gazing on a lovely looking blonde European woman standing by the bed and leaning over. There was a look of concern on her face as she reached over and brushed a hand against my forehead. Her other hand lifted something up and pressed it to my lips, I opened my mouth slightly as a cool liquid began pouring inside.

“It might taste bad but drink all of it, Maitre. It’ll help with the pain and dehydration. You’ve been sleeping all day.”

I drank obediently, trying to ignore the taste of anchovy, vanilla, and wasabi. It wasn’t entirely bad but it wasn’t a combination I would be keen on trying again anytime soon. I finished swallowing and felt like the drummers were starting to slow down with their performance, able to remember things now as I tried to sit up very slowly.

“Where is…?”

“They all went to the army camp. Things are moving very quickly and the battle is going to happen tomorrow. I stayed with you so we could teleport there once you are feeling well enough to stand up.”

I gave a slight nod and regretted it when I felt a pinging in the back of my head. Oh great, another noise going on inside. I closed my eyes trying to see if I could simply will it away. It wasn’t hurting so much as being annoying, and the ping felt kind of familiar. Oh, wait!

“They.. they just sent a message to me. The battle plans are changing. They want us to stay here tonight and prepare to start running in the morning. They’ll come get us on the way…”

She gave me a look of surprise and tilt of her head.

“My Maitre to have such a wonderful power of communication. But won’t your woman friend be frightened that I might take advantage of you tonight? This isn’t a plot to have your way with me, is it? Since I cannot confirm what you say.”

I shook my head slightly. Ow ow ow! I need to stop doing that right now. Sighing and leaning back on the pillow, being horizontal seemed to help with the pain just a little. What is with that look of disappointment?

“No, I wouldn’t do that. My head hurts too much to even think, much less lie about something.”

I almost thought I caught a smile on her face, one that I wasn’t sure if I should be worried about or not. She stood up straighter and started to move toward the door. Placing her hand on the frame as she turned and looked to me.

“You’re probably starving. I’m going to get us some food to eat, a rider from the capital arrived a little after your friends left. The whole village knows about us and the king’s death. Though fortunately, it looks like the magic your woman friend used is keeping me from being recognized for the moment.”

I gave a thumbs up this time instead of moving my head. She gave me a confused look before slipping outside and leaving me alone with my aching head. I lay there trying to think about other things, the medicine starting to kick in a bit and I could relax a bit better. Now alone with my thoughts for almost the first time since that brief visit to the royal jails, something started to pick at the back of my head.

There wasn’t a way to beat this Baron Ran, not as we are now. I could feel some part of me deep inside agreeing with Violet that there was no way we could get him with brute force. He had overwhelmed a more knowledgeable version of me that was using my ultimate cheat at rank 1. It was suicide through and through.

Allouise returned with a bowl of stew for me, she helped me sit up and placed a tray over my lap. She watched me start to eat before delving into her own meal, eating daintily and continuing to give me side glances as we partook in dinner. Wait, she knew the future me. Maybe I had left a message through her for myself? Or could I plan on doing that? Either way, I had to try.

“This might sound strange… But did I ever tell you something that sounded odd at the time? Special words to remember or something?”

She sighed and set down her fork looking at me for a moment.

“Those words ruined my life, Maitre. They didn’t work out like I had thought and it cost me everything trying to follow them. How cruel of you to bring them up.”

“What were they?”

She began to tear up, shaking her head and standing up. Leaning her head on the door she stopped and stood there in silence for a long moment. She didn’t turn back my way and I was half afraid she was planning on running away from me. I couldn’t really blame her, I was partly responsible for destroying her life and getting her unrequited love killed right in front of her.

“Sometimes you must be ready to sacrifice something you think is precious and must persevere to move forward because it is not as precious or necessary as you might think. Being the villain is more difficult than the hero after all.”

Villain… That word was getting in my way a great deal lately. Wasn’t I enough of a villain when I brought Allouise to the christening? Getting blamed for Hook’s assassination? That was what Captain Hook wanted right? For me to play the villain?

But was I really a villain then? I fought some guards and just stood there while Allouise did all the work. if anything I was a lackey or some hidden mastermind. I’m starting to get the feeling that wasn’t what he wanted me to do. Or rather it wasn’t all he wanted of me.

I wished Master was here, a thought starting to come into mind. The story didn’t have to be one hundred percent, did it? Then what was to stop further changes? My head started to hurt as I began to piece together things. How did he know all of this? Well, that part wasn’t as important right now. I looked up at Allouise. She was still standing and facing the door unmoving.

“I need you to take me somewhere. Tonight, and I want you to be ready to run if things go very badly. This is going to be the most dangerous thing I’ve ever asked you to do. You can say no to me.”

“Maitre, you are all I have left. I cannot say no to you.”

I took a deep breath and told her what I was planning to do. Her eyes widened as she stared at me, her body shaking slightly as she began to comprehend what I was about to do.

“Mon Dieu! They are as likely to execute us as they are to listen to you. Why would you think they would even let you get close enough?”

“For the same reason, they will be ready to execute us. They think I killed the King, I’m sure they will be curious why I’m coming directly to them openly instead of running the other way.”

“We’ll be imprisoned for eternity in the deepest dungeon for this. Even if they listen… regicide Maitre! They will never trust you if you cannot prove your innocence! Non! Maitre! This is suicide!”

I shook my head slightly.

“It’s suicide fighting the Baron. I think, no I am sure of it now. This is the only way we ensure the princesses’ survival. If I have to be the villain of the kingdom to protect her than that is exactly what I will do.”

She started to tremble and looked at me with large sad eyes. I could see her quietly begging me to change my mind. If she refused I’d find a horse and try to ride. I had to get there as fast as possible. And I couldn’t wait or things might spiral in the wrong direction and saving Red and Violet might fall out of my hands.

“Will you help me?”

She shut her eyes and heaved a deep sigh, opening them again and looking at me.

“My life is yours, Maitre, until it has no more use for you. I will take you there.”

We were sitting in a makeshift cell, chained together against one of the supports, we had been caught on the very edge of the camp and surrendered quickly. Letting myself be known they had roughly pulled us into here and left waiting for the commander of the camp to make his way here. I probably should have let the other know where I was going. Oh well, it’s too late now and I’ll try to let them know soon as I can.

The shadow was cast over the entrance of the tent, I swallowed and prepared myself for what I was about to do. Sorry guys, but the villain’s role must be played out now. I’m more sure of it now than ever. As he stepped inside I flashed a slight grin, trying to think like a monster even when I could feel my knees threatening to buckle looking at the man standing in front of me.

“They told me you confessed to murdering the King of this Land, why would you come here in the middle of this camp? Looking for a swift death?”

“Not really. Rather I was looking to offer some help.”

“A murderer thinks I need his help? And what help could you possibly provide me?”

And I began to tell him.


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