The Pagemasters Vol 2 Sidestory 6


Author: Literataku

Sidestory 6:
That I Touched To Be Frozen



I was in Hell! What else could I call a world that I knew only despair, pain and torture? There was no means of escape, no easy death as my body was subjected to everything and anything that the owner of it desired. Even now I was subjected to another game of his, my naked body his canvas for his art of torture. How long had this been going on? Months, years? It didn’t matter anymore. Herr Blue was never coming to rescue me, I knew that now.

My body wracked with pain as the blood from my wounds seeped slowly down my back. Hanging limply in the chains that supported my body, my arms wrenched upward as the manacles mercilessly kept me suspended above the ground. Shivering and soaked with sweat, I could hear the lash of the whip swinging out again. The crack as another cut appeared across my skin, the lash kissing my skin like a viper’s teeth and leaving wounds far deeper than the physical ones that appeared.

“For such a meek girl, you have managed to prove to be quite stubborn.”

The master spoke to me. If my legs had not given out ten lashes ago they would have collapsed underneath me at this very moment. He only talked after he was done with striking me. It was at this moment that scared me the most. Through my blurred vision, I could only stare at the walls that had become my prison and home. His presence moving up behind me as I trembled, begging myself to not fall again.

A coolness touched my back, the healing potion his gentle yet powerful hands spread across my wounds. He would not let my body scar, my body even after all the sufferings he put it through left no evidence of his foul games that he played with me. For all his cruelties, this was perhaps the cruelest that he did to me. He healed me and cared for me as I suffer through the pain that would soon disappear, leaving only the scars in my mind and soul.

His touch was delicate but firm as he rubbed the healing potion into my skin, my body reacting to his touch as he remained diligent in his breaking of my will. I could feel his breath as his head lowered down to my ear. The whisper sending shivers down my spine, as his hands moved to places that only he had touched, my body reacting instantly after months of being played and tortured like this.

“Please stay like this for as long as you can. You know what I am going to do to you, slave?”

I whimpered as he lifted me up and spread my legs moving up behind me as I heard the rustle of clothing as he opened his pants, tears falling down my face as I felt the shame spearing into me. Speaking the words he wanted me to say, hating myself as they started to ring true even in my ear.

“Yes, Herr Meister… Please take what is yours.”

I was in Hell! What else could I call a world in which I knew only pain, torture and suffering? The corset was uncomfortable and tight, the red dress gaudy and full of frills, the heels uncomfortable around my feet.

The people around me staring at me while I clung to Herr Meister’s arm. I was his escort tonight as he was required to have one for this affair. Though he had also taken it as part of my training. To blend in with the nobles, to show that I could fool even the upper classes into thinking that I wasn’t a slave nor a country girl. A test to see how well had taken my etiquette lessons. I was confident enough that I would at least appear as a high class of Hure if not a proper lady. Either one would satisfy Herr Meister.

A royal ball celebrating the change of the year, and my debut into society. The people stared at me while we walked into the grand ballroom. I could feel a soft blush rising on my cheeks as the announcer called out my name.

“Debuting tonight, Fraulein Heide Montcliffe. Escorted by Herr Baron Montcliffe.”

I could hear the whispers as people’s eyes darted across my body, causing a small stir as they saw the design of my dress. It resembled a ballgown at a quick glance, the tight corset, and a hoop skirt that exaggerated my figure, the red lace that accounted for the majority of the dress hides very little of my body when viewed from certain angles. And the simple string ribbon that was close to Herr Meister’s hand was the key that would purposefully shame me in front of everyone.

The key would be how well can I hold myself in front of these people. These nobles were all here, for one thing, tonight, and I was going to be the main course toward the latter half of the evening. A sacrifice to the noble for their lusts this evening, courtesy of Meister’s “generosity.” The first half would test how well I could act like a bashful young lady, how long could I play the “innocent” woman.

We exchanged many greetings throughout the first half of the night. Many of the men looking to decide if I would be their prey tonight. My innocent charms managing to fool and tempt many of them. Herr Meister smiled and leaned in praising me with soft whispers into my ear while a younger man slowly walked up to us and bowed gracefully to me.

“Welcome to a new world, Fraulein Montcliffe. It is a pleasure to see such a lovely young thing to join us. I hope you will enjoy tonight immensely.”

I curtsied deeply before him lowering so he could see down the inside of my dress. This man I needed to pull all stops on, the true target of the night.

“Thank you for such generous words, Herr Kronprinz.”

He smiled softly at me and exchanged a glance with Herr Baron. His lips curling slightly as he looked down quite rudely down my dress seeing the morsels of his desire.

“Perhaps I will be more generous tonight and allow you to have the first dance with me.”

This was far too easy, were the gods smiling on me now after all the torture and breaking I had gone through? I smiled brightly at his words, taking it into my false heart that he meant a genuine dance and not to be the first to thrust himself upon me. It was something of a shame he wouldn’t know why I was pleased with his answer.

“I will humbly wait for Herr Kronprinz’s request if that is his desire.”

I am in Hell! What else could I call a world in which I knew only pain, suffering and exhaustion? My body aching from day after day of constant training. Physical and mental training was my life when I wasn’t playing the fallen maiden in the Kronprinz bedchambers, and he called me there often. Collapsed on the ground as my instructor taunts me from above, his feet planted on my back and keeping me pinned down.

“Assassin? You are more like an ass virgin. Get back up and try again. You must be traceless, imperceptible to everyone.”

I gritted my teeth and endured until he stepped off of me and allowed me to back up on my feet. I closed my eyes a moment to concentrate, and then slipped into the shadows. I had to be perfection, to be the monster I had been forged into. A succubus that could as easily kill a man as seduce him, and stay undiscovered.

I could feel his eyes trying to perceive me as I cast the magic around myself, being undetectable by anything save a master who was actively looking. But that still wasn’t good enough. Herr Meister snickered as the instructor caught me yet again and pinned me to the ground, my hands tied behind my back as he growled into my ear.

“Still not good enough… Maybe your body is too hungry for men to be used anymore. Maybe you are nothing more than a Hure?”
I struggled as he tore the cloth from my body and looked up, seeing Herr Meister smile as he watched my violation. It calmed my heart slightly, knowing that even as I failed I was still reaching closer to his goals. Though such thoughts left me as I felt the pressure of my instructor’s body starting to push inside and fill me. I gave into those sweet desires and accepted my punishment from him.

I was in Hell! What else could I call a world which knew only blood, fire and the screams of those who were dying? I smiled as my daggers gleamed with the Kronprinz’s blood, his dying gasps filling my ears as I lay there embraced by him, holding him tightly as he looked into my eyes with questions that would go forever unanswered. I absorbed his dying essence and a final release giving him one final pleasure before he faded into oblivion.

Pulling away I slipped into the shadows and proceeded to the rest of my duties. Their faces burned into my mind, every single one that had used me that night. Herr Meister had given me my targets on the End of Year Ball and now all of them would pay the price for violating me and the true innocents that were pulled into their perverted world unknowingly.

It was Herr Meister that had broken and built me into what I was. But it was these monsters who had truly given birth to me. Their world would collapse tonight, death would claim many souls and drag them all into the hell that I prayed existed for monsters like this. I still remained here in this hell of my own. I was no longer its captive, but one of its denizens. I was in Hell, and I was going to enjoy it!


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