The Pagemasters Vol 3 Chapter 1 *TEASER*

“Author: Literataku”

The Pagemasters
Volume 3:

Chapter 1:
Within The Spreading Darkness

Baron Ran scowled darkly as he watched the last last dregs of the retreating army quickly hasten away. Wiping the sweat from his brow as his men worked hard to clean up the wounded and dying. Only a few warriors in his time had managed to best him, but never had it been like this. In the battlefield where life and death mattered, he was peerless. And yet this young man, this “Red Warrior” had managed to take on him and his adjutant and walk away. Walk away!

He gritted his teeth slightly. The Red Hero used fire magic. Baron Ran was certain that if the man had attacked him with it directly he could have powered through and slain the hero. But this one was smarter and only used the passive heat to slowly take over and dominate the battlefield. For all his stamina, the man who could rape a hundred women in a single night, the heat sapped him of his strength to almost nothing.

He stroked his hand through his adjutant’s hair, her naked body pressed to his leg as she was humiliated publicly for her failure. Sitting atop his boot and rubbing against him, begging forgiveness from him, trying to shield her body as much as possible from the prying eyes of the other soldiers. The threat of being tossed among them to be played with as punishment weighing heavily on her, adding more into her desire to beg and plead his forgiveness.

He smiled and let her continue, he would never let another man touch her. Once something was his, the only escape from that was death. No other man could touch her let alone have her body. Though he wouldn’t let Cassiel know that, it kept her obedient and surprisingly willing to obey all his desires no matter how perverse her past self might have believed them to be. Such a perfect little pet he had trained of her.

“Get those men started on filling those holes!”

Ricard was ordering the foot-soldiers toward the path, shovels, and wheelbarrows rolling out to deal with the messed up road. His face was furrowed in concentration and barely noticed Ran’s approach until he was almost atop of the man. He jumped slightly and saluted his superior and master.

“Milord. After scouting the area we’ve determined there is too much danger in pursuing the retreating army. The roads are full of holes and the forests have traps and hidden snares and tripwires. They seemed to have had this thought out quite well, sir.”

Lord Ran nodded and gave a soft chuckle. “It’s as the Blue Warlock said. His friends are unconventional and clever. It’s rare to meet someone who understands that courtesy and honor have no place somewhere like this.”

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