The Rising of Tanaka – 1 part 2


「Yes, Kamui-sama, you possess very outstanding hero qualities, thus you were chosen as one. Of course, you weren’t chosen for nothing. Through the vast amount of magical energy accumulated from the magicians participating in the hero summoning ritual, you’ve turned into a Hero with both a powerful body and vast magical energy capacity which far surpass those of ordinary people. Thus led us the current state here…」

Princess Lala briefly explained the details of how Kamui turned into a Hero. He was surprised by what he’d just heard.

「Such power is….」

Kamui slightly changed. Delight could be seen in his eyes as he stared at his own hands. Enormous power which dwelled inside his body, and the duty as a Hero. It might vary in scale, but surely there was no man whose spirit wasn’t stirred under such situations. And as a boy himself, Kamui was quite excited by it.

「Whether I really have that kind of power in me or not… I’m not sure, but if I really do have such a power, and it could be of any use, I’ll spare nothing in my capacity to aid you!」

「Oh… thank you very much, Kamui-sama. Then, how about we move to somewhere else to discuss about our course of actions from now on?」

Princess Lala expressed a somewhat exaggerated joyous expression. And then, along with Kamui, she moved to leave the ritual room.

However, at that very moment, an elderly man who looked like a civil officer rushed in in panic.

「Your Highness! A problem has occurred! Magical energy at the surroundings Royal Capital has vanished!」


◇ ◇ ◇

The Hero summoning ritual summoned the person who possessed the aptitude of a hero, Kenzaki Kamui, from earth.

Then, using the enormous amount of magical energy accumulated through the ritual, it created Hero Kamui.

This was a space isolated from the world. After sending Hero Kamui to the other world, the ritual, which had finished its duty, was about to stop its function.

However, something unexpected occurred then. A dull middle-aged man was accidentally summoned, and appeared in this place. He was still in the same strange pose he was in when he fell into the darkness. For better or worse, this middle-aged man also possessed a suitable aptitude to be a hero. Thus, the glitched ritual proceeded to strengthen this foreign existence.

However, the magical energy allocated for strengthening purpose had all been spent on the previous Hero. Therefore, the ritual sought after magical energy. And then, it immediately sensed an enormous amount of magical energy. It was a magical connection to the other world that was used as it sent out the previous Hero. On that end, magical energy of the other world was overflowing…

Thus, the ritual utilized those magical energies and began strengthening the middle-aged man.

The ritual continued on strengthening the middle-aged man. The other world was overflowing with magical energy.

Thus, the ritual strengthened the middle-aged man further. The other world was still overflowing with magical energy.

Thus, the ritual strengthened the middle-aged man further. The other world was still overflowing with magical energy.

Thus, the ritual strengthened the middle-aged man—

◇ ◇ ◇

The mood from just a moment ago took an abrupt turn by the sudden news.

「The magic tools which utilize magical energy in the air have all stopped working, so chaos is currently raging within the royal capital!」


Princess Lala turned her body towards a direction where no one could see her expression. And she then began to rack her brain while biting her finger. The gentle expression from earlier was nowhere to be seen, her face showed an expression that of a woman who weighed nothing but profit and loss. She was absorbed in her thoughts.

On the other hand, Kamui simply stood there, unsure of what to do. Suddenly a voice rang out as though to interrupt the princess, who was lost in thought.

「That was why I told you it’s dangerous. Not only did you forcefully perform an imperfect ritual, you even added this and that into it. For it work without any problem is definitely the bizarre one.」

Behind the civil officer who rushed in just a moment ago, an elderly soldier loudly said so as he moved toward the princess. He might be an elderly, but unlike the other people there, he was a soldier with a firm physique.

「Say no more, General White. It’s not a place for you, a soldier, to meddle in. In the first place, isn’t it due to the soldiers’ unsightly battle performance which led us to this situation where we have no choice but to perform the ritual?”

Said Princess Lala coldly to General White who had just appeared. The princess’ current appearance showed not even a shred of the gentle air she displayed to Kamui.

「In that case, then shouldn’t you correct your stubborn diplomatic stance first? That way, the soldiers can fully concentrate on the anti-monster operation.」

Unfazed by the princess’ figure, the General expressed his disagreement. However, the princess wasn’t to be outdone either. She didn’t waste any time to shoot back.

「That’s definitely not something for a soldier like you to meddle in. Diplomacy is under the government’s jurisdiction… More importantly, quelling the chaos is our current top priority. Gentlemen, we shall conduct an emergency conference right away, so please be ready. Kamui-sama, please wait in another room first.」

Kamui was dumbfounded and stunned, unable to keep up with the changes around him. He was left alone as the people around him began to move. And then, General White, with an indescribable expression on his face, stared at the Hero summoned from another world.

◇ ◇ ◇

Purin Kingdom swiftly dealt with the magical energy disappearance incident. It was only natural since the cause was apparent. Purin Kingdom focused solely on the problems caused by the magic tools which had stopped working and dealt with them systematically.

Regarding this incident, the chaos ensued across the countries all around the world was remarkable. The magical energy disappearance wasn’t limited only to Purin Royal Capital, it had spread across the whole world. From this day, for the magical energy in the air to return its original state, it took about a month of time. Aside from Purin Kingdom, in the other countries who know nothing of the cause, everyone was plunged into huge chaos, be it the top caste kings or the bottom caste slaves.

For the Purin Kingdom whose diplomacy was at an unfavorable situation against the other countries, this incident turned into quite a boon, the so-called turning misfortune into fortune. It was because as problems arose in the other countries amidst the chaos, their national powers involuntarily suffered and were weakened. During such a situation, in contrast to the other countries, Purin Kingdom was gradually strengthening their national power instead.

Unaware of the chaos that was taking place, General White had quickly finished his boring routine tasks in the castle. And then, on his way home, he discovered a strange man. The man dressed in a strange outfit, standing still on his feet dumbfounded and stunned. The passing passerby walked around him as though avoiding him.

However, the General was intrigued by this strange man as he felt that this man’s appearance bore some resemblance with the otherworlder boy he met just a while ago.

An ordinary middle-aged man, Tanaka Taro, had manifested there.


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