The Rising of Tanaka – 19 part 2


For a while, it was all about dealing with the aftermath on the town, but Tanaka had decided to try a lot of things once things settled down.

For the next month or so, Nanashi town was busy with revitalization work. Of course, Tanaka and co. also helped out with this endeavor.

As the revitalization works began to settle down, they then steadily dealt with the monsters subjugation requests that had been piling up in the guild.

On a certain day, Tanaka and co. were out hunting monsters around town as usual. Suke-san was the main attacker, Tanaka was the support, and Kaku-san was posing to cheer on them.

「What the hell is posing to cheer?! Kaku-san, you should do something to help too!」

Tanaka shouted to Kaku-san, who was looking at them from a distance while making various poses.

「Well, even if you say that, it isn’t like killing them will get me any stronger or anything, after all.」

That was right, it seemed that spirits had a fundamentally different growth mechanism. Spirits grew stronger according to their skills. And so far, there was no skill that Kaku-san could improve in by participating in the battle.

「Come to think of it, you said you could use various kinds of magic, didn’t you? … Alright, the time is just right, let’s use this chance to create a bunch of tactics for the three of us.」

Tanaka and co. ceased their monster hunting, and discussed their tactics by adding Kaku-san’s magic into consideration. The three of them gathered around and sat down.

「But before that, I need to first tell you about the fundamental principles of my team Tanaka.」

「Ho, there’s such a thing?」

Seemingly found it unexpected to hear that there was such a thing, Kaku-san was impressed.

「Our top most priority is… to secure a beautiful woman.」

Due to stress, Tanaka unintentionally leaked his pent up true feelings out of his mouth. Hearing this, Suke-san tilted her head.

「Huh? Isn’t that right-degozaru?」

「Ahem, I misspoke. Let’s start over again. Our top most priority is… my safety. However, as of right now, I’m as good as the team itself. That means, the basis of our conduct is for all of us to survive together. That’s our top most priority.」

Tanaka explained to Kaku-san with a crisp expression on his face. Kaku-san crossed his arms and nodded.


「So, do you have any useful magic?」

The one who knew the most about magic in this group was without a doubt Kaku-san. In the end, Tanaka decided to have him show some useful magic.

「Let’s see. What do you say about transfer magic then? Well, if it’s only at the extent of transferring beyond a mountain, I think I should be able to do it.」

Kaku-san finally spoke up after pondering about it for a while. Hearing that, Tanaka’s face gleamed.

「Oh! Transfer magic, huh. That’s without a doubt the greatest technique to escape. But still, to think it’d be a space type magic, huh. Yup, it feels totally protagonist-like. We’ll go with that then. Let’s try it out right away.」

Satisfied with the suggestion of spatial magic, Tanaka showed a grin on his face. Kaku-san then returned to his original form. He fluttered and floated before settling onto Tanaka’s head. And then, just when it seemed as though Kaku-san’s light had increased in brilliance for a moment, a pattern of light appeared on the ground.

「Oh, a magic circle! What a thrill! Wahahaha! O heavens. I hereby gain control over the space! And someday, I’ll surely tear my way through to where you are!」

Tanaka pointed to the sky and exclaimed aloud. He seemed to be very excited about experiencing spatial transfer. On the other hand, Suke-san was poking at the ground with great interest. But then Kaku-san turned into his human form all of a sudden.

「Oh no! I messed up the magic controls.」

「Nyat?! What the hell are you doing?! What is going to happen now?!」

Tanaka was flustered by the abruptness of the event. Unusually, Kaku-san also seemed to be losing his composure.

「I don’t know where we’re going to transfer to….」

「What?! What the hell were you doing?!」

「You fool! It was your fault for pouring too much magical energy into it!」

They were both shouting at each other in agitation. For some reason, Suke-san was sitting on the ground while grasping his knees, leisurely watching them. As the two seemed to be at their wits’ ends, what they were saying were completely incoherent.

「Huh? What are you even talking about? I did nothing! I didn’t do anything! Listen well, alright? I pride myself on not doing anything that smelled like trouble! Before my vacations, I’d make sure to buy food in bulk, so that I could fully enjoy shutting myself in my room without the need of stepping out even once! Spending my time uselessly browsing on the internet was my supreme bliss!」

「What are you talking about?! I don’t get it at all! … Crap! The transfer has begun!」

「Wai! Wait… N! Noooooo!」

The magic circle shone even brighter and enveloped the three of them. When the light subsided, there was no one in that place.


Name: Tanaka

Level: 24             Experience: 1535/2400     Guild Rank: E

Vitality: 3.8e13/3.8e13     Magical energy: 5.3e13/5.3e13

Strength: 3.8e12         Dexterity: 3.7e12         Agility: 3.8e12

Intelligence: 5.1e12         Spirit: 5.1e12

Skills: Sword (2.33) Magic (2.33) Believed One (1.51) Dragon Slayer (0.51) Spirit Master (0.17)

Equipment: Sword, Cool clothes, Black cloak

Money: 4548,000G


Name: Suke

Level: 11             Experience: 155/1100     Guild Rank: E

Vitality: 149.00/149.00     Magical energy: 213.00/213.00

Strength: 69.00         Dexterity: 67.00         Agility: 90.00

Intelligence: 82.00         Spirit: 85.00

Skills: Lance (1.01) Magic (1.34)

Equipment: Scythe, Black robe

Money: 100,000G


Name: Kaku

Vitality: 4096.00/4096.00     Magical energy: 4096.00/4096.00

Skills: Personification (10.00) Magic (10.00) Grand Magic (1.03) Apostle (0.17)

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