The Rising of Tanaka – 2 part 1


Hidden Power

Royal Capital of Purin Kingdom. General White’s residence had welcomed a peculiar guest. The guest’s name was Tanaka Taro. Perhaps guided by an unfortunate fate, the man appeared to be no more than an ordinary middle-aged man from another world. Currently, he was facing General White in the parlor.

「Well, anyway, feel free to make yourself at home. I have no intention of harming you, and while you’re in this place, at the very least I can guarantee that you won’t be in any kind of danger.」

General White said with a smile on his face as though to reassure Tanaka, and offered him to take a seat. Tanaka, although with some reservation, took a seat as offered.

「Well then… I suppose I should first give you an explanation about what’s going on to a certain extent. Do you have an idea of your current situation?」

Promptly, General White took the initiative to begin the conversation. Tanaka shook his head and replied.

「No, I don’t. To be honest, I’m very confused here. If possible, I’d like to ask you to explain various things to me…. Mainly regarding to safety….」

Asking in a humble manner was one of the sad natures of a middle-class worker. And yet, Tanaka showed no hesitation in trying to ask for information. That was a glimpse of his cowardice in trying to avoid danger at all costs. This man was a total chicken.

「Very well. First thing first, I’m General White, a soldier of this Purin Kingdom. Well, feel free to simply call me old man, if you’d like to.」

General White spoke in a rather friendly manner. Perhaps it was because deep down Tanaka actually possessed a bold nature, or perhaps it was a reflection of the General’s personality, Tanaka began to gradually act less reserved as though to match the General’s.

「Got it then, old man. But still, Purin Kingdom, huh… heck, I’ve never heard of it! But if I have to say something about it, I’d say its name sounds kind of tasty. And I can also feel a hint of Eros in it.」

For Tanaka, it was an unfamiliar country name. So he decided to honestly express his thoughts about Purin Kingdom. Tanaka’s hidden nature when he added that idiotic remark at the end in a serious expression, it exuded such a hard to hate idiotic vibe.

「What are you even talking about? And I may the one who asked to act this way, but quite an unreserved personality you’ve got there.」

General White didn’t seem to be particularly bothered by Tanaka’s attitude. Rather, he continued the conversation as though enjoying it. The two seemed to possess quite a good compatibility with each other.

「Well, honestly speaking, I was originally a timid person, but now that I’ve overcome my limit, I couldn’t care less about it anymore, or perhaps, it could be said that my guts have expanded. Leaving that aside, though, I have yet to introduce myself, haven’t I? My name is Tanaka Taro, Tanaka is my family name. Well, feel free to simply call me Taro, if you’d like to.」

As if responding to the General’s words from earlier, Tanaka introduced himself. He covered his face with his left hand and sent a sidelong glance through the gaps of the fingers as he declared so, there was no particularly deep meaning behind it, however. To put it simply, it was his chuunibyou in action.

「Oh, you have a family name? Very well, I’ll take your word for it and call you Tanaka then.」

At any rate, General White casually ignored Tanaka’s strange pose. And for some reason, instead of calling Tanaka by his given name as offered, the General called him by his family name.

「… No, I told you to call me Taro, didn’t I?!」

Tanaka involuntarily let out a retort.

「I find it hard to spell. Moreover, I feel that Tanaka suits you better.」

Said the General with a grin on his face.

「What the hell is that… Haa, well fine, on behalf of all Tanaka-sans all across the whole country, feel free to call me Tanaka!」

Despite slightly sulking in objection, Tanaka still acknowledged it.

「Ahem, very well then, Tanaka. Most likely you came from another world through the hero summoning ritual. At least, that’s what I think.」

The General pulled himself together and began his explanation. The content of the explanation was a shock to Tanaka.

「From another world? I see! So for me, this is another world, huh. Or rather, what the heck is hero summoning?!」

The word “Hero summoning” struck home too much for a chuunibyou like him, Tanaka involuntarily retorted loudly.

「Hero summoning is just as its name implies, it’s a ritual to summon a Hero from another world.」

In contrast to Tanaka, the General calmly replied as such.

「This country is currently beset with various problems, you see? And to break that deadlock, they’d opted to ask for a Hero’s help… what a deplorable conduct that was, if I do say so myself.」

Up until now, the General had been steadfast in his opposition of Hero summoning. However, in the end he still failed to stop it, thus a Hero was summoned. And right now, there was another victim right in front of him. Even while making a slightly gloomy expression, he still had to explain everything.

「The Hero summoning ritual was performed just a while ago… and it was quite an imperfect one at that. They did succeed in summoning a hero, but various troubles followed right after. Because of that, the country is in an uproar. For the time being, the Hero is being kept in the castle, while we are concentrating on quelling down the chaos.」

The General briefly explained the current situation.

「Hmm… wait a sec! Does that mean I’m not the summoned hero?」

Tanaka had been listening to the explanation up until then. However, as there was a slight difference with what he had envisioned, he had no choice but to interrupt him.

「Hmm, he’s a very outstanding boy, you know? In fact, I did feel an enormous power hidden within him. So, at the very least I don’t think you’re the Hero. You didn’t appear during the ritual, so most likely you just happened to be affected and dragged in by the overbearing summoning ritual.」

The General arrived at that conclusion as though it was already a matter of fact.

「Just why?! It’s indeed true that I only felt as though I suddenly fell into a hole after witnessing that summoning-ish phenomenon, but… that doesn’t mean I can’t also be a hero, does it?」

It’d been stated many times, but Tanaka was still suffering from chuunibyou even at his age. Thus, powered by desires, he strongly expressed his objection. In contrast to Tanaka, however, the General replied in a calm manner.

「Well, how about we find it out, then? It may be hard for you otherworlders to believe, but in this world we can precisely check our personal information. By checking that, we can easily determine whether you are a hero or not.」

The General explained one of the unique traits of the other world. The content was something that roused Tanaka’s interest.

「What’s that?! Awesome! But wait, is it even possible for an otherworlder like me to do something like that?」

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