The Rising of Tanaka – 49 Part 3


Phew, let me tell you something before we fight.

 And at this moment, Tanaka played his strongest card.

A heavyweight of this country. General White, I have him as my backing. For a mere prison warden like you to raise your hand against me. You’re 13.7 billion years too early!

 Tanaka struck a cool pose and went for the finishing blow.

It may be difficult to understand with that lacking brain of yours, but you’d better accept it even if you have to force yourself to. The fact that this great me is of a much higher height than you!

 Tanaka unleashed a barrage of attacks at once. For sure the current him would be able to fend off the persistent newspaper solicitors with a probability of no less than 30%. That was how powerful his verbal assault was.

You’d better make a way for us in the next ten seconds. Otherwise, my Karate will start to emit flames.

 Nailed it–. Tanaka was convinced of victory. However….

Gufufufu, I see. That’s one hell of a story.

 His opponent’s reaction was weak. In fact, it didn’t seem as though veins weren’t popping up around his vile smile. Tanaka reflected that he might have been a little too aggressive there. Reflecting was a very commendable thing to do.

It seems that you have yet to understand. Very well! I’ll explain it in a simpler manner to you. To put it simply, a man overflowing with possibilities that even raising up a mufufu relationship with the princess-chan of this country isn’t in the realm of impossibility. That’s me!

 He refrained himself from saying anything aggressive and focused solely on showcasing how big of a man he was. Tanaka-san hadn’t given up on victory yet. For sure he hadn’t lost his cool either.

So if you have a cute daughter, please introduce her to me. Very please.

 –he was hopeless. Tanaka caved into the intense face of the warden. The one standing there was nothing more than a single middle-aged man who had given up on victory and was only leaking out his desires.

Why the hell are you spouting such gibberish words at a time like this?! Take it more seriously!

 Toby retorted from the sideline. Tanaka came back to his senses at once.

Ha! What in the world am I…? Kuh, I let my guard down! Pretending to be brawn type, but secretly unleashing mental attack, huh. That’s quite a good move.

 Wiping the cold sweat away, Tanaka floated a fearless smile. What boldness. It was unknown if there were others other than Tanaka who could float such a smile in such a situation where it could be said he had been cornered into the abyss of despair.

A mental attack, huh… What a terrifying opponent.

No, no, no. No matter how you look at it, he’s just exaggerating over nothing, isn’t he?!

 Yashichi who observed the battle seriously, and Toby who retorted ceaselessly. Was he doomed to keep retorting as he was until he died of exhaustion? Toby’s future was truly worrisome.

What the hell have you been blabbering about now? You….

 Then, what followed after was warden Muchisuki’s remark of Tanaka. At this point, to Toby, warden Muchisuki looked like a retort angel who had descended to hell. A lovely angel who had eased Toby of his hardship, as he had gotten tired of making retort after retort. Toby felt as if the distance between him and the warden had been shortened. Of course, it was nothing but his imagination.

I’ve been told that I can do as I please with everyone other than the hero. So I guess I’ll let you become nourishments for my cute pets. Hey!

 In response to Warden Muchisuki’s voice, one of the guards ran toward a large door. The guard opened the lock with a seemingly flustered movement.

Come on out now! Cecily! Suzanna!

 From the door that was finally opened, something wriggling crawled out. Tanaka and the others tensed up. However, Tanaka alone was in expectation for something completely different from the two.

Gufufufu, you two are as cute as ever.

 What appeared were unusual slimes that while they were as mucousy as other slimes, they had deformed shapes.

Heck, I was expecting something like sorrowful enslaved beauties here! Give it back! Give my anticipation back! At least change them to something like monster girls!

 As usual, he was truly a man who never forgot his dreams. However, the one ought to be feared was warden Muchisuki. His act of plunging Tanaka, who had just resurrected like a phoenix, down into the ravine of hell once again. Truly a formidable enemy.

Be careful. I’ve had my fair share of them.

Say… what…?

 Receiving Yashichi’s warning, Tanaka was stunned. It was no small wonder. Enemies that even Yashichi, the strongest hero Tanaka relied upon, couldn’t help but be wary of. The enemies he had to overcome were so much of monsters, after all.

The small one boasts swiftness unimaginable to those of slimes (Suraimu). Due to its lazy cat-like (Doraneko) behavior, I called it Dlime (Doraimu)!.

 Tanaka raised his guard at once. As someone who specialized in escape technique, Tanaka was wary against any swift opponents.

And then, the large one’s speciality is its powerful attacks that rely on its mass. Pure power-wise, it’s no less powerful than a dragon (Doragon). So, I called it Dlime!

They have a same name then!

 Facing the looming enemies, Tanaka involuntarily let out such a retort. Truly a daredevil man as usual. Ignoring his retort, Yashichi continued with his warning.

Don’t let your guard down. Dlime has a rare attribute that boasts absolute defense against magic attack. Keep in mind that attacking it with magic is no different of an act than throwing away your magical energy. And then, Dlime is a type that inherits most of the physical resistance trait of slimes. So you’d better assume that physical attacks will not work against it.

Wait a minute! Which one is it? Just which one is which?

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