The Rising of Tanaka – 49 Part 4


 Tanaka fell into confusion. Toby screamed at such a Tanaka.

What the hell are you talking about in such a situation? Use a magic attack against Dlime! And then a physical attack against Dlime! Anyway, just do as Yashichi-san says!

You too?! At this late in the game, you’re also intending to betray me, aren’t you?! Do you really want to be popular with women that badly? I also want shed this joke archetype and be popular with women, damn it!

What are you blabbering about now? Can’t you be serious at least at times like this?!

 Before he knew it, Tanaka had taken up the baton of the straight man role. He was once again reminded of the dreadfulness of the power of a hero.

 — As expected, the power of a hero was dangerous.

 This power could even reverse the roles of the joke man and the straight man. Tanaka was being shown firsthand why this power was referred to as a power that could change the world.

 Unconcerned of Tanaka, who was beset by such a serious situation, Dlimes rushed toward him.

…Ku, kukukuku. This level of trickery. In front of my wisdom, it’s worth nothing.

 Finally unable to bear it anymore, Tanaka’s chuunibyou went out of control.

Physical resistance and Magic resistance? How many battles do you think I have recorded in my brain? I’ve come up with a hundred and eight different strategies at once, so you shall find no blind spots on me.

 Tanaka swiftly took a stance. Both legs were stretched slightly wider than shoulder width. His torso, that was set slanting toward his opponents, was in natural posture. The front hand was raised high into the sky, and the rear hand was situated as if lying in wait for the opponents from the lower level.

This is the defense stance that boasts invincibility in the long history of Karate. Calamity End Vortex of Death Execution – Kakakasacchuuzai.

 Seeing Tanaka unleashing such a stance, warden Muchisuki let out a laugh.

Guhahaha! What’s that? Isn’t that just a mere defense?

 However, moving not even a fiber of muscle in front of such a taunt lashed by the warden, Tanaka calmly responded.

Kukuku. Can’t you tell? The defenses of your pets. Their fatal flaw.


 Toward Tanaka’s remark that could also be called provocation, warden Muchisuki reacted.

Physical resistance and Magical resistance. The tactic where the two complement each other to form a perfect defensive formation. I wonder if they can maintain it while attacking? Let me tell you, Karate’s defense stance is no mere defense. It’s a two-sided stance that can instantly switch from defense to offense should the attacker show an opening. Kukuku, in this battle, the first one to make their move is the loser.

 The composed smile disappeared from the warden’s face.

You seem skilled at controlling monsters. But I wonder if you can control your prized pets in such a situation? Even if they have fallen to mere pets, monsters are nonetheless monsters. The wild instinct that rises up in the face of an enemy. Resisting it is impossible.

 Now that things had unfolded in such a way, warden Muchisuki couldn’t help but realize it. The fact that he had underestimated the man in front of him. It was exactly because he was a skilled monster-tamer that he could sense it. The stirs in his pets’ consciousness. As well as the fact that their so-called perfect defense formation was about to fall apart in no time at all.

 Perhaps due to tension, the sweat running down his back felt awfully cold. Now was the time he had to come up with some sort of means in the face of a formidable enemy. However, the warden’s mind refused to work properly. He, who before he knew it had been swallowed up by fear, could do nothing but accept the unfolding situation. And then, failing to come up with anything at all, the moment he feared finally came.

 Suddenly, a shadow soared up like a rocketing bird. Finally, its wild instincts came to the fore.


 Raising such a strange voice, the madness threatened its enemies. Following his instincts, Tanaka rushed at his opponents ferociously.

The hell, why are you the one who makes your move first?! What were all those speeches from earlier for?! You’ve ruined everything now!

 A man who was impossible not to slip and fall should there be a banana peel on the ground. That was Tanaka. No matter what crisis he was in, it was impossible for him to resist his instincts as a comedian.

 Basking in Toby’s retort, Tanaka broke into a smile. Ever since arriving in the other world, it could be said that he was filled with a sense of happiness for the first time. Something that truly didn’t matter.

 On the other hand, as if the panic he had just experienced had been nothing but a lie, warden Muchisuki burst into laughter.

Guhahaha! You fool. Have you gone crazy due to fear? In the end, it was nothing but a bluff after all.

 And then, in order to end this farce, he instructed his pets.

Cecily! Suzanna! Devour that… guy?

 However, he couldn’t continue his words until the end. The moment he turned toward the soaring up Tanaka, everything was already over. The one that appeared there was a huge hole. It then gradually closed up at a visible rate. The scene where the warden’s cute pets were being swallowed up by it was clear to see.

What the hell is that…? You! What the hell have you done?

 Confusion, anger, fear–. As various emotions jumbled up inside of him, the warden raised such a roar.

 Landing coolly on the already closed ground, not wavering in the slightest under the pressure of the warden, Tanaka declared.

Back to you, aren’t you misunderstanding something? Our main goal is to escape, not to defeat the enemies. Misunderstanding our goal and means is the height of folly. If we can eliminate our enemies easily without bothering with the trouble of taking them down, then of course we shall do so.

 What a twist, everything turned out to be Tanaka-san’s plan. All of the disgraceful behaviors he’d done so far had all been a strategy to catch his enemy off guard. In the first place, it was strange for the strong and cool Tanaka to show such disgraceful behaviors. For sure there was no way that Tanaka-san had merely gotten into an outrageous predicament as a result of acting in a carried away manner, and due to him being overly absorbed in invoking his magic, he happened to bury his enemies with embankment magic. As proof of this, with his usual fearless smile on his face, Tanaka-san struck a cool pose.

In the end, someone merely on your level isn’t even worthy to stand in my presence.

 In the face of such a formidable enemy, Tanaka was completely unfazed.


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