The Rising of Tanaka – 99 Part 2


Morinaga clenched the hand she was pointing at Tanaka. –At the same time, the sphere of light increased in brightness. In order to keep Tanaka from escaping, within these consecutively erected multi layered barriers, energy that was enough to turn all existences into plasma was raging.

Eventually, along with the subsiding of Morinaga’s rage, the sphere gradually lost its glow. Even Morinaga herself was unable to sustain the energy on a scale that could threaten even her own existence for long.

Once the light had completely vanished, in that place where all existence should have been extinguished–.

「Wha, wut da fak! That was so bright!」

It had completely spooked Tanaka. How fearsome of Morinaga. However, this result plunged even Morinaga herself into fear.

『Im, impossible…. What in the world are you?!』

What a nonsensical situation as both sides were flustered. As this unbearable situation went on, the first one to recover was Tanaka.

The dead fish-like eyes that allowed him to swiftly see through the situation where he could get carried away. The boldness that enabled him to wholeheartedly get carried away until he dove off a precipitous cliff. Such was what our protagonist, Tanaka, ought to be like.

「Ahem! … J, just what you’re scared of, I wonder? There seems to be a misunderstanding here, so let me make it clear, I’m not your enemy, you know? I’m just a cool guy-ish man who happened to pass by. Oops, you look incredulous there. It’s true that in light of my disgraceful state from earlier, it’s inevitable for you to react that way, but that was just a smart joke, you see. Because there’s no way I’d ever be flustered by a mere dazzling light, right? The truly dazzling one is me, Mr. Dandyism, who is shining brightly, after all.」

He was displaying a smug look that made one involuntarily want to punch him.


As far as Tanaka was concerned, it was a critical hit, but Morinaga’s reaction was not so positive. This was where Tanaka resolved himself to unleash the highly dangerous technique, Finger Snap. This was the trump card that allowed Tanaka to increase his zero percent success rate in picking up girls by twofold. With this his zero percent success rate was a foregone conclusion!

「Phew, it seems that I’ve spoken too much. I apologize if it sounded like I was making excuses. But you’re also one sinful woman for drawing me in with a scent that’s as sweet as Daagen Hazs ice cream.」

Along with that teeth-grinding line, he took aim and shot!


Here came the bitter mistake. Could it be that even Tanaka, who was in the perfect form to ride the big wave of the century, was unable to break free from the curse of finger snap failure?

Juice overflowed from those muddy eyes of his. It was the 9999th tears of regret he shed for the first time in his life.

『–I totally get it now. I get that you are looking down on me.』

In the face of this violence that was akin to that of praising the competitor’s product in front of a major confectionery manufacturer, Morinaga’s expression turned to one of anger.

『However, I have to admit. Your power is so enormous that it’s unreachable even by mine.』

Surprisingly, the words that came out of her mouth were an acknowledgement of Tanaka’s power. However, despite what she said, the enraged expression didn’t disappear from Morinaga’s face. Rather, her fury swelled up and her fighting spirit increased.

『But! No matter how powerful you are, you won’t be able to beat me! Let me show you the proof that I am the successor of the God!』

Power converged around Tanaka once again. It was a whole other level of power than the previous attacks. Above all, Tanaka was familiar with the power that was enveloping his very being. It was because that power was none other than the power of God that even Tanaka himself possessed.

『The crevice of worlds! You shall fall into the world of nothingness!』

Darkness swelled up to swallow Tanaka. Tanaka immediately moved to tear off the darkness, but a problem arose here.

There was a condition for Tanaka to be able to freely wield the power of God. That was the necessity of performing rotation by utilizing the ‘Great Sins Quartet Annihilation Formation – Adi Amarta’ Grand Magic, but in order to prevent damage to the world, he had already employed it. Thus, at this moment, unable to activate the power of God, all it could do was erect a barrier with Grand Magic.

If he had already activated the power of God, then there would surely have been no problem. However this time, he had to activate the power of God once again.

And then, the problem was the opening born from its initial operation. Thanks to the rotation of the ‘Great Sins Quartet Annihilation Formation – Adi Amarta’, he had overcome its lack of durability as well as managed to wield the power of God at will, but its slow initial operation alone had yet to be solved.

This sole remaining weakness had been accidentally exploited.

As Tanaka was being pulled into the darkness, he realized. That he would not make it in time–.

All Tanaka could do at the moment was to ask for help. Tanaka’s eyes naturally turned far downward.

At the end of his line of sight was the man he could rely on the most, Yashichi. Tanaka put his whole feeling into it. ‘Please help me! Very please!’–.

And then, clinging to what little hope he had, Tanaka was swallowed by the darkness.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

「No way…. He’s gone.」

Mikoto was stunned. No, Mikoto was not the only one. All those who had believed in Tanaka’s victory were in despair.

「Did he lose…?」

Éclair feebly muttered. The devils that had fascinated her with their fierce flurry until just a moment ago were nowhere to be seen.

「Get a grip! The battle is just beginning!」

The one who let out such an exclamation was the only one who still continued to hold on to hope, Yashichi.

「The eyes of my friend told me. ‘I’ll be back soon,’ they said–. In that case we have to respond to that. We’ve been doing nothing but relying on my friend up to this point. So now is exactly the moment we have to play an active role, right?」

「Yashichi-san…. You’re right…, there’s no way that man would go down that easily. I’ll be sure to buy him time, be it a minute or even just a second!」

Seeing the figure of Yashichi who was burning with fighting spirit, Kamui got his bravery stirred. And then, one by one, they crawl out of despair.

Yashichi, whose trust in Tanaka was maxed out as usual, splendidly exhibited his airheaded-ness, and finally managed to deliver the finishing blow. What would happen to Tanaka now that it was settled that no help would ever come? And what would be the fate of the world?

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