The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 1

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Editor: ryunakama

What’s in Dimensional Storage

The piercing white light disappeared and my vision returned.
At first I thought I was back at home, but a field of grass lay before me, spreading all around, and I was standing all alone in the middle of it, baffled.
「Eh… The Repatriation Spell was supposed to send me back to my world…」

–I don’t think I was returned to my world, this doesn’t look anything like it.

Looking up at the sky and seeing two suns – a small sun shining beside a big sun, further confirmed what I was already thinking, that this was not Earth.
I brought a strand of my hair to my view with a pinch, the silver was still there and I was still wearing robes.

I was still in the game avatar’s body.

In this tall grass that reached my knees, there was a rock big enough for me to sit on, I sat on it and pondered on what I should do next. The events that have unfolded up until now were troubling. It does not matter how young I have become; to be thrown in an unknown world and forced to live without any guidance is beyond confusing.
「How am I supposed to live here? And then there is my job, which no doubt I am currently missing… I…」

I realize that I have no family who would worry over my disappearance, as my parents are already gone, and I lived by myself.

「If this is something like the game, it would help if I could use Dimensional Storage– 」

Suddenly a screen-like window popped up in my head as soon as I uttered the term『 Dimensional Storage 』.
「Whoa! That’s freaky! 」

Although I was still taken aback, I turned my attention to the screen, there was armour, tools, in-game currency, and other items that were displayed. These were all from the storage of the Priest avatar.
「Does this mean… 」

I increased my focus on the bread icon that was also on the display, a loaf of bread in an instant appeared in my hand, and the number on the screen for the bread changed from『99』to『98』. The bread had a freshly baked warmth to it and I eagerly took a bite.
「Delicious 」

My appetite had not been stopped by the lacking breakfast that I was served when I woke up, so I took out several loaves of bread from Dimensional Storage and gobbled them up.

I ate about five, which finally satisfied my hunger and calmed me down.「I’m full, at least for now, but what will I do for a means of support here on out? Can I even use the currency from the game? 」

I withdrew some game currency as a reminder. A number of gold, silver, and copper coins materialized in my hand. I had transferred some of the money from my game main account to this sub-character. There was 20 million gil of currency, which I did not know if it was a lot or not. I was also uncertain of whether it could be used in this world.

「It’s no use fixating on it. I have to at least find a city… There are items I need to look over before that though… What else can I do? 」
Sitting on the large rock I browsed through the contents of Dimensional Storage. There were weapons I had used as a low level warrior, the Priest’s wands, robes, and various other items.

「Okay, I think I’ve got the hang of it. All that’s left is- uh, how I get to a town… Not sure if magic is something I can use, I need a weapon just in case 」
I took out a low-level warrior weapon – the Buster Sword. It was made from black iron and equipped with more attack power than any ordinary iron weapon.

「It’s been some time since I last used it… Talk about nostalgic 」
I swung the sword with one hand, taking note of how realistic it felt; a different feeling from graphics. The Buster Sword does not look good on the Priest compared to my Berserker character though. The Summoned Person title may have affected the Priest’s status, as I was able to wield the sword without hurting my muscles.

「I also need… Clothes… 」
The several robes I took out screamed of chuunibyou. Among them there was a plain white robe made from monster materials, and I put it on and examined how I looked.

「This will do for now… It is really light. Now to find a village or city 」

I searched for means of transportation in the Dimensional Storage and I found a horse icon.

I remember I used a horse until level 100, and then transferred it to the sub-character after an item payment allowed me to change my riding creature to an Earth Dragon.
「A horse… So far everything is like the game… Let’s try it out… 」

I imagined pressing the horse icon, and a beautiful black haired horse appeared. It was a truly magnificent horse; I guess its size was too magnificent.

「Heeheen, burrrrrrrr….. 」

And for some reasons not known to me, the horse began to bite my head.

–This can’t be right… You are not a normal horse are you?

I have seen a thoroughbred at a racetrack before, but this horse was too large, and had excellent muscles and legs.
I wiped my head with the hem of the robe while I stroked the horse’s neck; it seemed to enjoy it and rubbed itself on my body.
「Oh, all right. Can you give me a ride? I want to go to a city or somewhere, where there are people 」

The horse seemed to understand what I was saying and bent over with its legs folded to make it easier for me to climb on. I got on its back, grabbed onto its mane and talked to it.
「Well then, let’s go 」
The horse took off running on those words. Its speed was unlike that of any known horse.

「Hey! Too fast! Slow down a little! 」

Perhaps understanding my cries, the horse slowed down. After running for about thirty minutes, I could see a road. There were no people on it, but I was suspecting that if I took either direction, I would reach a city.
「Get on the road. If you take any direction there should be a city. We need to find out where we are… 」

I went down the road, riding the horse at a steady speed.
「This is about as comfortable as it gets… 」

I rode in one direction and up the hill of the size of a small mountain, and there it was – a carriage being attacked by a group of monsters.


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