The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 14

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Editor: ryunakama

C Rank

Ten minutes later, a man in his forties led by the young staff member came into the warehouse.
He was stunned when he saw the pile of monster bodies.
「Are you the one who brought this? 」
「Well…. Yes…. 」

I nod at the man and he smiles back.
「I don’t think we’ve met. My name is Efland, I’m the sub-guildmaster. How long have you been in town….? I assume you are a high rank adventurer. Our guild is always happy to have elite adventurers in our midst」

He thinks I am a high rank huh……
「My name is Touya. I am new to the city and I just signed up as an E rank the other day….. 」

Efland raised an eyebrow at me in disbelief.
「I’m sorry, but… Can you repeat that? Did you say “E rank”….? 」

I take out my guild card, which is a fledgling card with E rank written on it, and hand it to him. He stares at it and makes an incredulous face at me.
「A… a Recovery Priest!? Registration…. Was made in this city! This was not a party’s effort, but one person….? 」

Efland grins at me as I nod.
「Let’s go to the private room. Singlet! Prepare the paperwork and bring it to me! I’m taking Touya 」
「Yes! Efland-san, I’ll bring them to you later 」
「Well, Touya, shall we go? We have things to talk about 」

Efland grabs me by the arm and pulls me along.

The room I am led to is the sub-guild master’s office.
He offered me a seat on the couch and I took it as I roamed the room with my eyes.

Efland sat across from me and began to speak.
「I didn’t expect an adventurer of your calibre to register in this city…. We must raise your guild rank to C-rank after this. That subjugation size should be reflected in your rank. I’ll have your card updated 」

After saying this Efland pressed a button that was on the table, and not long after, there was a knock on the door and a staff member came in.
「Sub-guildmaster, may I come in? Touya-san? 」

The staff member turned out to be Milia.
「What? Milia you know Touya? 」
「Yes, I was in charge of his registration. Is there a problem? 」
「This is perfect then. Change Touya’s guild rank to C. And when you’re done, I’d like to know the update too 」
「 !? A C-rank? Okay, Touya-san, I’m going to need your card 」

I hand her my card, and with a smile Milia accepts it and leaves the room.

While we were waiting on her return, Efland served me a cup of tea. When I quizzically looked at it, he laughed lightly and said「It’s a hobby 」.

Another knock came at the door and Milia came in.
「Sorry for the delay. I updated your card…. Nice going 」
「Nice going….? What do you mean? 」
「If you look at the card, you’ll see what I mean…. 」

Milia hands the card to Efland first, who looks at it in disbelief as he reads the contents.

As I wondered what could warrant such a reaction, he placed the guild card on the table for me to see.
「Unbelievable…. 」

I picked up the card and looked at the contents. Written on the card was –
[Name] Kisaragi Touya
[Race] Human
[Age] 16
[Job] Recovery Priest
[Level] 57
[Rank] C
[Affiliation] Salandir Kingdom Fendi Branch
The status looks as I’d expect.

As I was already imagining which job I would choose once I got to level 100, Efland’s shocked voice snapped me back to reality.
「This level…. Written here…. Is it real….? 」
「Yes, that’s right. Is there something wrong with it…..? 」

「– I can believe it…. There are actually adventurers of this level buried out in the field….. 」

I nod my head, although unsure as to what I was nodding at.
「By the looks of it, you don’t seem to know what it means….. Milia, you should join us. This will be an important matter within the guild 」
「Yes….. 」

Milia sat down beside Efland and Efland began to explain.
「This level is, well…. In terms of adventurers, it corresponds to an S-rank…… There are certainly some A-rank adventurers in this town. But I’ve been an adventurer for 20 years and level 42 is the best I have ever seen……. Is that clear enough for you to understand? 」

Whoa…… This must have be because I was using a cheat item to explosively level up. But now that I think about it, there aren’t many items that give 100 times of experience points.

I laugh nervously and nod, and Efland continues to speak.
「If the country finds out about this, Touya will certainly be called up to the royal castle and will serve the country as a king’s guard. In particular, the city’s guildmaster is the second son of the viscount. He will be happy to report you as if your level came as a result of his effort. You understand? 」

I remember what happened in the country I was summoned in. It sickens me just remembering the princess and the nobles who treated me like trash.

I immediately shook my head and told him I had no intention of serving the country.
「So I’ll keep it to myself. Milia, you will be Touya’s personal receptionist, that won’t be a problem right? 」
「……. Yes….. I understand…… 」

Milia nodded her head in acceptance of the situation.
「All right Touya. – That’ll be all…. 」

Efland then gazed at me with the eyes of a predator that had found its prey and grinned widely.


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