The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 15

Translator: vysio_seth

Editor: ryunakama

The Greedy Sage

Only the materials that I had already taken out could be handled today, as for the rest they will be taken care of another day. Before I left the guild, Eveland had told me to come back tomorrow.

As of now, I am standing in front of a particular shop.
「This is the only place to come to….. 」

I open the door and step inside. Natalie, the one and only Little Sage, is sitting at the counter.

Noticing that I was the customer, she smiled at me.
「Oh, it’s you Touya. What will it be today? You bought Recovery Priest spell books to an advanced level last time. Do you need a potion? 」
「Actually… I’m looking for Holy Magic and Mage spell books…. 」
「That’s odd. You are a Recovery Priest, aren’t you? Do you really need those? Of course the books are available, from beginner to advanced. But I also choose my customers, if they can’t use the items, what’s the use of selling them? 」

I pause for a moment, finding it hard to explain my situation. It was just described to me at the guild, the normal levels of this world, which makes it more difficult to tell her.

However, seeing as how I won’t be able to buy the books as things remain, I decided to tell Natalie about what was going on.
「 – Job change huh…… I’ve only heard about it 」
「!? You know about it…..? 」
「Who do you think I am? I am Natalie the Sage. So you changed to Mage, I take it 」

I gave her an honest nod and she gave an approving smile and placed three books on top of the counter.

The Holy Magic spell book had a white cover while the Attribute Magic books were covered in the black one.
「These are the spell books. But… I have a condition on selling them 」
「Condition….? What is it? 」
Natalie nodded and suggested something I never expected her to.
「Become my apprentice, young priest 」
「—I refuse 」

I answered immediately. Even though she claims to be a Sage, she still looks like a little girl. I don’t want to be an apprentice to a little girl.
Natalie retorted rather exasperatedly.
「Then I won’t sell them to you. I, who in my past travels was called “The Sage of Twilight”, I have had the taste of the delicacies from all over the world and gained many experiences. If that’s the young priest’s response, I have a choice to deny him also! 」

Delicacies from all over the world….. Then perhaps……
「 – Natalie, if I give you something good to eat that you’ve never had before, would you sell them to me? 」

I knew right away, she would take a bite into the『something good to eat that you’ve never had before 』 taunt.
「Something good to eat….?. If you make something that satisfies me, I will sell them to you. No, in fact they will be for free! 」
「You said it. Come over to the house tonight and I’ll have something prepared! Don’t forget the spell books though! 」
「You have a lot of confidence, don’t you? Do not underestimate me. I’ll be there when the shop closes, so you better be ready! 」
「I’ll be waiting for you! 」

I spat out that line and exited the store.

Of course I am confident. This will be fun.

With a grin and oozing confidence I hurried to the mansion.
When I got to the compound, I spoke to Kokuyou for a few moments in the stable before entering the mansion.

On cue Ferris emerged in the front of me as I walked into the hall.
「I’m home, Ferris 」
『Oh….. Wel…come….. back…. Touya…….. 』

What did she say?
「Ferris, did you just call me『Touya 』?」

Ferris turned away and disappeared to avoid my question.
「Ferris said my name….. 」

I felt relieved. I had been told by Natalie,『 The house spirits do not speak. They do not change facial expressions. They just maintain the house 』. But Ferris shows some expression, albeit slightly, she can also speak – which makes me really happy.
「Oh… That’s right…. I’ve got to prepare food for Natalie…. 」

I darted into the kitchen.
「What will it be….. I’m pretty sure if it’s Japanese cuisine, she’s never had any… 」

I laid out the ingredients from Dimensional Storage as I crossed my arms wondering about what to cook.

I have salt, sugar, and pepper which I had bought from the stall. The pepper costs a lot more than the other ingredients, but it is a definite necessity for my taste buds, which are accustomed to Japanese cuisine, so I bought it anyway.

But I could not find anything like soy sauce.
「Wait a minute…. I only need to satisfy her with one meal…. 」

A plan came to mind which made me smirk, and I waited for Natalie, the Little Sage to arrive.

The sun had set and I was beginning to relax when Ferris showed up.
『 – C… ome….. 』
「Okay. Thanks, Ferris 」

I open the door and greet Natalie.
「It’s the landlord. You’re here already? 」
「Mm. Get out of the way. – You know what to do 」
「Of course I do. Prepare yourself 」

I invite Natalie into the dining room and offer her a seat.
「Wine? 」
「Mm. That’s fine. I’d like a drink 」

I set down a glass and take out a bottle of red wine from Dimensional Storage, wondering if it’s acceptable to give Natalie, who appears in many ways to be a little girl, alcohol.

I uncork the bottle and pour it carefully into the glass half full.
「Give me a minute. I will bring you your food 」

Once I’m out of sight, I take out the food from Dimensional Storage. This of course is the food from the game.
「I can’t wait to see her reaction….. 」

With a grin on my face, I took the plate of food and went back into the dining room.


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