The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 19

Translator: vysio_seth

Editor: ryunakama

This World

The Generate Kingdom— that’s the country that summoned me, Lunette Empire, which is the country that was mentioned at the time of my summon, and the Ciffancy Empire are all inscribed on the map.

「Does this mean……. The Repatriation spell ……. Is just a Transference spell…….? The arrangement of these countries is the same as in the game…….. The same……. 」

Fendi, the city which I am in, is located in Salandir Kingdom, and faces the Lunette Empire on one side. The other side of Salandir Kingdom is depicted as the Generate Kingdom.

I quickly unrolled the other maps to confirm the positions of these countries.

「If I return to Generate Kingdom……. Could I possibly be sent back to my original world……..? No, wait. There’s no guarantee that I can go back. Even if I did return to Japan, with the amount of time I have been missing, I would be surprised if they haven’t fired me from my job. With that said……. I’ll have to live the rest of my days here……. 」

I rebundled the open maps as I made up my mind.
Here I have a mansion for a house, and a House Spirit that is always there to keep it clean. Also I have a body of a 16 year-old and I have a good amount of money, though not enough. Moreover, I have numerous cheat items.
I give my mind a break and convince myself that there is no better blessing than this.

I put away the items I had on the table and left the room.
I greeted Milia on my way out and returned to the mansion.
I opened the door and was immediately welcomed by Ferris.
I have a feeling that Ferris is smiling vaguely at the fact that I returned early.

「I’m home, Ferris」
「Welcome home…. To…… Uya 」

Ferris can only speak one sentence, but she is beginning to speak it fluently, if only a little.
I went to my room to change wondering if it had to do with me living here and then headed to the kitchen.
I took the ingredients out of Dimensional Storage to start cooking.

「As the only person in this mansion…….. There is some loneliness to it……. I’ll hire someone when I’m a little more settled…… 」

I cut the vegetables up and throw them in the pot of water one by one, as I fry the meat in another pot.
Then I pour the grilled meat into the vegetable pot.
As the meat and the vegetables are stewing, I add seasonings I bought at the market for taste.

「And done…… 」

I poured the soup into a bowl and ate it with some bread which was also bought at the market.

「I knew it…. Item meals are better, but I’ll have to get used to this 」

After I was done eating, I moved to my office, and took out the spell books Natalie gave me and placed them on the desk.
I lined up the four spell books and read them in sequential order.
I read the beginner to intermediate and then advanced.
I flipped through their pages and the information stuck in my mind with ease.
And finally, I opened the book she told me is a high rank spell book.

「This is…….. 」

What was described in it was a theory on non-attribute and space-time magic, as opposed to attribute magic.
It is more like a research document than spell book.
Obviously, I was intrigued.

「This is interesting……..Let’s see…….. 」

It was written not as a finished magic, but as a theory of『magic yet to be proven 』.
I’m especially interested in what was written about transference in space-time magic since I was sent to this country by a summoning jewel and a magic circle in Generate Kingdom.
In hopes of recreating that magic with my own magic— I felt determined to read it.
On the last page……. There is the author’s signature.

The author’s name is written in the book as – Natalie the Sage.

「Isn’t that that little girl!? 」

I quietly closed the book.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The following day I went to the Adventurer’s Guild again and holed myself up in the archive room.
Milia enthusiastically said as she handed me a card,「 With this, you can use the archive room as much as you want!」 but I chuckled wryly, thinking just how petty the one copper or 100 yen fee was to me.
The archive room houses various materials related to adventuring. I read what I could find on “requirements of an escort”, which is in regards to the nature of the request I was about to undertake.
I then took a look into the relationship between the countries and their history.
It was the first time I learned that although there is no slavery in this country, in some countries there is.
And the country with a lot of slavery is the Generate Kingdom.
The Generate Kingdom regularly wages war against the Lunette Empire.
And repeatedly just in the nick of time, the Lunette Empire would retaliate.

「In the game, I belonged to Generate Kingdom…… but the more I read this material, the more rogue it appears to be 」

That’s the impression I got.

A week went by as I continuously visited the archive room to study the archives and absorb its information as much as I could.

In this world, six days constitute a week, and there are five weeks in a month and twelve months in a year, and a year has three hundred and sixty days. There is one day off considered as a basic rule, but that does not apply to adventurers.

As an adventurer, you pick your requests and decide on your own holidays.
Adventurers are either those who have the ability to earn money or not, but either way they are people who work without break or die in the process.

C-ranked adventurers are treated as full-fledged veterans, while A-ranked adventurers are valued as elite adventurers.

As an adventurer it is a good idea to get a discount at the guild affiliated lodgings, but that does not apply to me as I already have a mansion for when I do take up requests in this city.
There is also a nomination request for B-ranked adventurers, where the guild has the right to pick requests for them.

「Well, that can’t happen to me since I’m still C-ranked…… 」

Right now I’m sitting across from Efland in the reception room as the deadline has arrived.
Milia is also present, sitting next to Efland and holding a document in her hand.

「I’ll explain the escort request 」

Efland began to explain the details of my very first escort mission.


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