The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 23

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Small Clients

「Can I help you? 」

My nonchalant question immediately garnered contempt from the three adventurers.

「You got something in your ears? I’m saying get the slum brat outta here, got it? 」

The boy was cowering behind me as the brute adventurers stood tall with flaring nostrils.

「I don’t need you guys to tell me what I should do though….. 」
「… You… You got a problem mage…? 」

Before a fight ensued, we received an urgent warning from a guild staff.

「Fighting within the guild is forbidden. I will expel you from the guild or arrest you if I must? 」

The receptionist’s presence was enough to settle the place back down. The three brutes made a threat as they were walking out of the guild, “This is not over mage”. I did not expect it to end so quickly…… But it helped. I would not lose against them because of our levels, but I did not think fighting them would be worth losing my guild access, especially since it is the one thing I’m good at in this world. Relieved, I thank the Guild receptionist.

「Don’t pay those kinds of people any mind. But be careful 」

She walked back into the other room, to her counter.

「Now that is over, can you show me the way to your sister? But first, my name is Touya. What’s yours? 」
「My name is Leol. Let’s go 」

With Leol’s guidance we leave the guild.
We saunter through the busy streets for a while until we come to a desolate part of the city – the slums. I can feel the stares on me as I walk behind Leol. Perhaps they are curious to see an adventurer accompanying him.
About ten minutes’ walk in the slums, we finally stopped in front of a particular building.

「This is it. This is where I live…… Everyone quick, come and see! I’ve brought someone who can heal 」

At the command of Leol’s voice – children pour out of the building.
………Is this an orphanage or something……
They were boys and girls who were younger than Leol.

「Onii-chan is going to heal onee-chan! 」

The small girl looks up at me with hopeful eyes.

「First, let’s check on your sister 」
「Yeah, come this way 」

I followed Leol and the other children behind him.
In the room we entered there was a sleeping figure of a girl in bed.
Looking closer at her, I noticed that her face was flushed and I brought my hand to her forehead to get her temperature, she was burning up.

「High Heal 」「Antidote Magic 」

I chanted the magic spells over the girl’s body, and the light from my hand engulfed her.
Heal spell alone might be enough, but to ensure it did not fail I cast the Antidote spell as well.
The light faded and the flush on the girl’s face receded and she began to breathe calmly in her sleep.
She is about 16 years old – my age here. She is a beautiful girl with golden hair that reaches her chest and her beauty is apparent even as she sleeps.

「I think she’ll be fine now. She should just take it easy and eat properly… 」

The children smile and their faces light up at my words.
Which is good, this is the way the faces of children should always be


The stomach growling broke the mood. I look at the little girl beside me and she looks a little embarrassed.
The children are the only ones here. The sleeping girl must have been the one cooking for them.

「Would you like me to make you guys something to eat? Where’s the kitchen? 」

「「「「「「「「Food!!! 」」」」」」」」

The children all squealed in delight. I followed them as they led me to the small kitchen.
The ingredients……… Zilch…….
I took out the ingredients out of Dimensional Storage and placed them on the table.
The children all「Ooh! 」as they watched me from behind.
I cut up the vegetables and meat and put them in a pot that I also took out of Dimensional Storage and filled it with water using Water Magic. Then I poured magic power into the stove’s ore to light it up and let the pot simmer.

「How many of you are here? 」
「There are eight of us. And our big sister 」
「All right, well, then we’ll just…… 」

I took out some bread that I had bought in the city for the escort request and cut it up into several equal pieces.

「It’s almost ready, take the bread with you 」

The children all take a piece of the bread.
Meanwhile the pot is bubbling; I season it, and take a taste.

「Yeah. Nice 」

After the pot was finished cooking I put it away in Dimensional Storage, hot as it was. The children awed as the pot of such a big size all of a sudden disappeared.

「Alright, it’s done! Let’s go and eat 」
「「「「「「「「Ye—es!!! 」」」」」」」」

We moved to what was the dining room and I took the pot out again and poured the soup into the bowls the children had prepared.
I ensured before we ate that everyone had their serving.

「This is so good! 」
「There’s meat in it! 」
「Really? I haven’t had meat in a long time 」

The children are sipping the soup as they take a bite of the bread. Their smiles are a joy to behold.
I was not hungry, but I took a drink of the little soup that I had poured for myself.

「Yeah, it’s good 」

I learned from the children while we were chatting that this place is indeed an orphanage. It was originally run by the parents of the girl who’s sleeping in the other room, but they died and the girl took over and is now the caretaker of the children by herself.

While we were talking, the door of the bedroom opened.

「What is this…? 」

I spun around and saw the girl who had been sleeping standing there.

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