The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 24

Translator: Neyy

Editor: ryunakama

Little Angels

The young lady gave a dumbfounded look at the children who were eating food.

「Onee-chan woke up!!」

The children surrounded the young lady.

「What happened……. And where did these food come from ……?」

Leol was the one to answer the young lady’s questions.

「I…… I went and placed a request at the Adventurers Guild for someone to heal you onee-chan. And then……Oni-chan came for us」
「――N-no way……the Adventurers Guild……with that all our savings will……」
「But, you got well immediately! Oni-chan even used [High Heal] and [Cure] for us. He also cooked for us too.」
「Hi-high Heal……now with that we cannot even pay any of our expenses…….on top of that these food also……」

I stood up and tried to calm the young lady down.

「I am the one accepting the request from Leol not the guild. I decided to share these foods with them because I was hungry too. I have plenty of ingredients so that was fine.」
「Yeah! Because I even paid you the request fee as many as 3 copper coins I saved up!」
Leol interjected.

The young lady gave a surprised look at the mention of the request fee. Under normal circumstances, no adventurer would accept a request for 3 copper coins.
The young lady walked up to me and lowered her head, deeply.

「Thank you for going along with Leol’s unreasonable request. And also thank you for the Recovery magic……. As you can see clearly the condition we are in, we cannot afford such……」

I smiled at the young lady, who had teary eyes while expressing her sincere appreciation.

「First let me introduce myself. My name is Touya. Adventurer from Fendi, I came to this town on an escort mission. Leol found me by chance when I was at the guild. I took the request because I have some free time on my hands.」

She realized that she had not introduced herself yet after my self introduction, she then proceeded to introduce herself while having red glowing cheeks.

「I am so sorry…… silly me. My name is Saya. I look after the orphans in this orphanage. Thank you very much.」
「For the time being, how about some food? There is still some in the pot, there is bread too」

Maybe because of the smell, I can also hear growling noise coming from Saya’s belly. With the noise, Saya’s cheeks glowed even more red.

「……Then, I will have some too……」

I dished up some soup and bread and placed the servings in front of Saya who had sat down in one of the chairs.
Saya was surprised at the amount of ingredients in the soup.

「So much soup…….」

She scooped the soup with a spoon, she smiled for a moment when she put it in her mouth.


I too smiled, and continued eating my food, while the children were on their second servings.
When I finished my food with a satisfied expression, the pot was already emptied.
「「「「I’m full~~!!」」」」

I smiled looking at the children with full bellies.
Saya also had a satisfied look.

I washed the dishes with the children after we finished our meal. The children also washed the dishes happily, when I filled the pots with water magic.
After they were done, they went out in the yard to play.
Saya came and sat beside me, while I sat looking at the scene.

「Thank you for everything today……. even providing such a wonderful meal……I feel sorry for being unable to pay you……」
「It’s okay. The kids are happy. Children’s smiles are nice things don’t you think so…….」
「Indeed……because of their smiles, that is why I can work hard even by myself……」
「Speaking of that, I heard you manage this orphanage alone…….」
「Yes……. my mother and I managed the orphanage but, she got sick and……」
「Is that so…….」

「Aaaーー! Oni-chan and Onee-chan are making out!!」


Hearing the children’s voices, I scratched my head a bit. Saya’s face was glowing completely red.

「Geez! Don’t say such things!!」

Saya stood up and started to chase the children.

「Onee-chan is completely redー! lovey-dovey!!」

The sun was setting as I watched Saya play with the children.
Only Leol and Saya were still awake when I had to return to the inn, and both of them looked lonely as I left.

「Oni-chan will you come here again?」
「Hmm, this time I came because of an escort mission, we are returning to Fendi town tomorrow but, I will come and visit if I come back to this town again 」
「Yea! I will be waiting for you. Onee-chan wants you to come too 」

As Saya tried to smack him but Leol dodged.

「I will come again, see you soon. I will leave these for you. Share it with the children」

Saya was surprised when I took out a pot suddenly from Dimensional Storage.
It was filled with the soup I had made back in Fendi.

「ーーTouya-san, thank you very much.」
「It’s okay because I still have a lot. See you soon. 」

The two waved their hands at me until I was out of sight.

As I walked towards the inn from the slums, there were once again, gazes on me. I did not pay them any mind until a voice from behind me startled me.

「Found you……」

As I turned around, the adventurers who had picked a fight with me at the Adventurer’s Guild were standing there grinning. I sighed heavily knowing what was to come from their grinning faces.


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