The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 3

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Editor: ryunakama

Adventurer Registration

We made our way through the busy streets.

Walking down the main street of the city of a rather reasonable size, we came upon the sign that was described to me, of crossed swords.
So far in our walk, I have been the centre of attention because of Kokuyou, who was walking by my side. Despite the annoying stares, we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild.

I told Kokuyou to wait for me outside and he replied「Bururu 」, so with a peace of mind I opened the door and went inside.

Inside the Adventurer’s Guild, there were several bulletin boards lined up on the right wall, and several reception areas in the front. On the left side was a waiting room and at the back of the waiting room was a tavern, where noisy voices of those who were probably drinking could be heard.

I went straight to the reception counter and gestured to the available receptionist to draw her attention.
「Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild Fendi Branch. What can I do for you? 」
「I’d like to register as an adventurer…… and …… register my horse as a familiar 」
「I understand your request to register as an adventurer. But…. You don’t need to register a horse, okay? 」
「That’s… It’s an Obsidian Battlehorse… An acquaintance of mine had told me to do it 」
「…?! It’s an Obsidian Battlehorse? A B-ranked monster? Then it will need to be registered….. So where is it? 」
「It’s waiting outside the guild at the moment 」
「I understand. Now, please fill out this form to register as an adventurer first 」

I looked at the paper that was handed to me which I could read, although it was not in Japanese.

There were only four details to fill in: name, race, age, and job, which were listed on my Status as: Touya, human, sixteen years old, and Recovery Priest. I handed it back to the receptionist after filling it out. I had written in Japanese but the letters naturally took form.

「Is this alright? 」
The receptionist confirmed the contents and nodded, and placed a crystal and a needle on the counter.
「Touya-sama, this seems to be in order. Also, could you give me a drop of blood so I can register your card? 」

As I had been told by the receptionist, I pricked my fingertip with the needle and put it on the crystal where the blood was coming out.
The crystal glowed a little, and after the receptionist confirmed it, she took out a card.

「This is your guild card. Be careful not to lose it. You will need 10 silver coins to reissue. When you touch the card, your information will automatically be written on the card by absorbing the magic from your body 」

I took the iron-coloured card while wondering about the unfamiliar word「magic」.

I felt a sensation of something being sucked out of my right hand which was holding the card, and then letters emerged on the card.
[Name] Kisaragi Touya
[Race] Human
[Age] 16
[Job] Recovery Priest
[Level] 1
[Rank] F
[Affiliation] Salandir Kingdom Fendi Branch
「Right, your information is showing.Let me explain the contents. From the name to the job, the information in the registration form you have written will remain the same. [Level] indicates Touya-sama’s strength; [Rank] indicates the level of your contribution in the Adventurer’s Guild. Touya-sama, you will start from rank F, and if you successfully complete requests you will be promoted to a rank above it. You can only accept requests up to one rank above your current. In your case you can only take requests up to rank E. Also, there is a promotion exam from rank B and above, although that’s still a long way off… As for the [Affiliation], it is the place where you registered as an adventurer. Is there anything you don’t understand from my explanation? 」

I shook my head as I looked at the card. The receptionist nodded satisfactorily and began to discuss another matter.
「Then let’s talk about the familiar registration 」

She took out a bangle, a necklace, and a sheet of paper and placed them on the counter.
「Please fill out the form, Touya-sama as the master will wear the bangle and your servant will wear the necklace. The necklace is a magic item and its length automatically adjusts, so there is no problem even if it is a large familiar. Place it on its body where others can easily recognize it as a familiar. There have been cases of people fighting over familiars because familiars were not wearing the necklace 」

I received the three items and filled out the form. On the form, there was a section to write only the master’s name and the race of the familiar. I wrote Touya and Obsidian Battlehorse respectively and handed the form to the receptionist.
「That’s all you have to do to register. Next, would you like me to explain how the adventurer ranking system works? 」

I nodded at the receptionist and asked her to explain.
「Alright, it’s like this. I have already described the rank of requests you can accept. There are F ranks to S ranks and the type of card changes depending on the rank. First, the F-rank and E-rank are iron-coloured cards called “Fledgling Iron”, D-rank and C-rank are copper coloured cards, B-rank are silver coloured cards and A-rank are gold coloured cards. The guild does not interfere with the quarrels between adventurers but may take severe action such as demoting an adventurer’s rank or depriving them of their adventurer status if they violate the law. Other than that– 」

After several minutes of listening to the receptionist I began to get anxious because of Kokuyou waiting outside.
「—that’s all. Do you have any questions? 」

I shook my head and said「Thank you. I’ll ask again if there’s something I don’t understand 」
「Ah….. Is there an inn where my familiar can stay? He is larger than a normal horse 」
「In that case…… 」

The receptionist took a piece of paper from a drawer and gave it to me.
「This is the inn that accepts familiars. Please ask for rates when you get there 」
「Thank you for everything receptionist… er… 」

I said with a smile, the receptionist flushed a bit having forgotten to mention her name.
「Pardon me. I’m Milia, a receptionist at this adventurer’s guild. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Touya-sama 」
「Thank you, Milia-san. If there is any more confusion– 」

At that second, the door was flung open with a loud blast, and a person flew in with such force it was as if they were kicked by a horse……..
–as if kicked by a horse…?
「It can’t be 」

I thanked Milia-san and opened the door as quickly as I could and stepped outside, and a scene greeted me –

Two adventurer-like men were spread on the ground and beside them a very agitated Kokuyou. I stroked his neck to calm the excited Kokuyou down and he let out a「Bururu 」and rubbed his body against mine and calmed down.
「Kokuyou, what happened? 」

The stall owner behind me told me, as there was no way Kokuyou could answer my question.
「That big horse is special, ain’t it? Those adventurers lying there tried to put a rope on it and steal it. But the horse rampaged and the three of them ended up like that. They are up to no good on a daily basis, so they got what they deserved. Kid, you’re the owner? That was fun to watch, so I’ll let you have one of the skewers I’m selling here for free! 」

The smell of the sauce tickled my nostrils as he began to grill the skewers at his stall.

The guild staff came out to check the situation because the adventurer who flew in had just got kicked out by the guild.
「What the hell is this……? 」

Two adventurers were passed out on the ground and Kokuyou was with me. The staff’s eyes naturally were drawn to me.
A male employee then asked me for details of what happened.
「Can you tell me what happened here? 」

I explained the story as I had heard from the stall owner while the delicious smell of the skewers he had given me filled my nostrils.

It was imperative that I fight the urge to eat them and resolve the matter first. As hard as it was, I did.

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