The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 1

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Editor: ryunakama

Fateful Request

It has already been three months from the time I was an escort to Dumbler.
Since then I have completed a few requests and the guild seems to want to make me an A-rank as quickly as possible by recommending more difficult requests. But I turn them all down because requests of high degree of difficulty usually take several days or even weeks to complete.

I have spent the majority of my time instead going to the archive room and back to the mansion, and occasionally having dinner with Natalie.
But today, I’m in the tavern grabbing a drink with three adventurers I haven’t seen in a while.

「I can’t believe that a kid from back then, is now B-rank 」

Krada laughs intensely as he refills his mug. He is my benefactor, one of the three adventurers who brought me to this city.

「I know…… I was given a request and before I knew it…… 」
I laugh as I scratch my cheek.

「Oh yeah, Touya, have you heard? The war between Generate Kingdom and Lunette Empire has started up again 」

「No, I haven’t heard about it…… Up until now, Generate Kingdom has been invading and the Lunette Empire has been on the defence, right? Generate Kingdom don’t give up do they…… 」
「Well this time…… They were using the『Hero 』. The monster that has already decimated several cities of the Empire」

「—Hero…..? 」

Is he talking about the man who was summoned right after me that time?
He did say that he had the title of『Hero 』 at the summoning.
But the scoundrel, that princess claimed that her country was being invaded when in truth it was her own country doing the invasion.
I’m glad I got out of that country…… I may not be back on Earth, but this is the best possible place to be sent.
I continued to listen to Krada’s explanation.

「That’s right, the Hero. The Lunette Empire is right next door. I’m sure you’ll be able to make the most of your time if you join us. If— 」
「Krada! Stop it. It’s not even decided yet. They have the most powerful Knight Commander in the Empire, so they won’t lose so easily 」
Nina interjected.
「Right! I’ve only heard that myself, but it’s rumoured that the Knight Commander of the Empire is a powerhouse, so I guess you’re right. Anyway, let’s stop this gloomy talk and have a drink! It was luck that we met Touya 」

Nina and the rest of us stopped talking about the buff. It’d surely be a bad omen to talk this way about the war that had just begun.

We continued our sesh well into the night.

A day passed and the conversation we had in the bar was forgotten.

「Touya-san, I beg of you, will you accept this request? 」

I was about to take a subjugation kind of request, and Milia was hell bent on me doing her a favour.

「— But I was about to accept a subjugation— 」

Honestly speaking, a subjugation request is more lucrative for me than any request since I have Dimensional Storage.
I have been asked before for other escort missions. But yeah, I decline them all.
After all, Ferris was worried about me taking them.
Her face was heart-breaking when I came back from my first escort mission.
And as such I have refrained from taking any more and any request that will force me to be away from home for long periods of time.

「The Northern Woods are seeing a rise in the appearance of monsters as of late. So please, can you go there just to investigate…… It could be related to war in the north, but a lot of newcomers are coming back with serious injuries 」
「…… So it’s just a survey? I will do it if you’ll be willing to take the material I come back with 」

This could work in my favour, if there are a lot of monsters there is no reason as to why I would refuse such a fruitful request.

「Yes! That’s all right. The guild will reward you for the survey and the monster materials you deliver 」
「Then I’ll do it 」
Satisfied, she gives me a big smile.

「That’s a relief…… Lately, all of the elite adventurers have been adventuring out of town and there was no one else I could ask with a peace of mind…… The sub-guild master only told me『Let Touya take it 』, so if you didn’t well…… 」

I chuckle as Milia’s words trail on.
But this is one of Efland’s requests…… I feel a bit uneasy about it.

After Milia gave me the request form for the survey mission, I returned to the mansion at once.
The Northern Woods are a day’s ride away by carriage. With Kokuyou, I should arrive there in a few hours, but it’s not a day return trip.
This is the reason why I rushed back to the mansion to tell Ferris that I would be taking an overnight request.

When I got back at the mansion, Ferris appeared immediately to greet me.

「…… Touya, welcome back? That was fast 」
「Ferris, yes I am back. Just came to tell you I’m going to be away for a couple of days on an assignment from the guild. I’m going to the Northern Woods for a survey mission 」
「……Will…… You be back soon……? 」

I smiled at her, at her saddened face, and assured her「I’ll be back soon 」, and left the house.
I walked alongside Kokuyou through the city streets until we were outside of the city. Right after passing through the gate, I climbed on Kokuyou.

「Let’s go Kokuyou! 」

Kokuyou is clearly happy to be able to run at full speed, he whines as he takes off running.
Soon it was like I was riding on the world’s fastest motorcycle, with the wind blowing through my robe.
The normally day journey on a horse-drawn carriage was shortened incredibly and in less than two hours we had reached the forest entrance.
I dismounted from Kokuyou, gave him a pat on the neck and a few words of gratitude.

The forest was dense and had a single path in its midst that ran through it.
This is the road that leads to the neighbouring country of the Lunette Empire. There is a checkpoint at the end of it, which I was told is the border.
For smugglers it is a guaranteed getaway route, they can smuggle as much as they want, but it’s a route with dangers of monsters at every turn, which will be extra difficult to go through with a carriage.
Bandits and others like them may with some sheer luck make it out of the forest but merchants importing and exporting wares usually take a safer route.

「Kokuyou, let’s head deeper into the forest 」

I signalled to Kokuyou and we slowly proceeded down the single road. I did not neglect to keep Search active in case of trouble.
With every step I took, the presence of monsters could be sensed everywhere in the forest a little away from me.

「There are more than I expected…… They did say there won’t be that many high level monsters, so it should be fine 」

Fifteen minutes in the forest with Kokuyou I stopped to check my equipment and made our way further into the forest.
— Oblivious to the fateful encounter that awaits me ahead……

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