The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 18

Translator: vysio_seth

Editor: ryunakama

The Three Begin

The proposed day arrived.

「Would you guys mind if we shared a drink? I have a good one with me 」

Natalie took a bottle out from her Dimensional Storage, prepared four glasses, and poured the liquor in them before distributing them to Touya and the other two girls.

「A toast first. Cheers 」
「「「Cheers 」」」

They all raised their glasses and drank up the alcohol.
The three ladies sipped their liquor while keeping a watchful eye on Touya.
The toxicity of the alcohol was high but the sweetness was tempting.
It was so good that the three ladies couldn’t help but drink plenty.

「This is really good …… 」
「That’s right. It’s a special recipe just for you, no wonder it’s good 」
「Natalie, what did you do— 」

Touya’s head hit the table before he could finish his question.

「What…… Natalie-sama isn’t this…… Supposed to be a love potion……? 」
「Hmmm, that’s strange. He should have been smitten with us the minute he drank the potion」
「Natalie-sama, perhaps you failed……?」
「I’m not sure, but let’s get him into bed」

The unconscious Touya’s body was lifted from the chair by Al.

——Their cheeks flushed as they looked at Touya’s face.

「Has Touya-sama always looked this dreamy……?」
「I am touching Touya-sama……」

The three of them carried Touya’s body and laid him down on the bed in his room.
Touching him made them each feel a wave of confusing emotions.
「Now…… What do we do…… Al do you know? 」
「What? I was raised as a knight all my life so I don’t know anything about this……You also don’t know Char…… What about you, Natalie-sama? 」
Natalie smiled proudly at the two inexperienced girls.

「Little girls I’ll tell you what we will do. Let’s see. We will get naked and then get into bed together」
「「Natalie-sama!? 」」
「Um…… We will have to take Touya’s clothes off too…… 」

Char was beet red at the thought of touching Touya’s skin although her cohorts were no better as they stood shoulder to shoulder, staring down at the sleeping figure of the man they had drugged.

As they watched Touya’s face, their hearts grew more restless with emotions that overwhelmed their minds.

「Mmhmm…… Let’s take off our clothes and get into bed 」

The two Imperial girls nodded at Natalie’s command, and the three of them slowly began to undress.
As they set aside their clothes and stood beside the bed nude, their faces were as red as their burning commitment they had set for themselves and they crawled into bed and started removing Touya’s clothes as well.

With his underwear being the last piece of clothing removed they took in all his manly anatomy. Their temperatures flared up as their eyes ran across his well pronounced abs and chest.

「Oh my…… 」
「This…… 」
「Ah…… 」

The three ladies collapsed on top of his hard body with it being the last thing on their minds.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

I sighed with relief after I heard the story from Natalie who had apparently lost her mind to even think of something like this.

……It’s a good thing they did not know its working mechanism……
Although I did not expect Natalie to be naïve as well.

I took a sip of tea and decided to educate them on the matter.

「Don’t get it wrong; what we did is not what sleeping together means 」

They were startled and jumped up from their seats.
「「What? 」」
「Are you being serious? 」
「I’m sorry but you two were misled by Natalie. To really sleep together means— 」
I deliberately whispered its real meaning to them.
When I was done with my explanation, the three of them turned bright red and covered their faces with their hands.

「Oh, to think…… such a thing! 」
「Really? 」
「No one told me that! 」

I smiled and nodded at the three of them, who were dismayed to learn the truth.
I might not have experience in this body but I did have my fair share at a certain age while in Japan. It was not a lot but it is experience nonetheless.

Telling them the true meaning of the deed was a form of a payback but their reaction was not what I expected as they ultimately smiled at me.

As we were talking about this, Ferris appeared behind me.

「Touya, someone’s here …… 」

I gave her a nod and left the three girls writhing in their own foolishness to go open the door.

When I opened the door, Milia, the guild receptionist was standing there.

「Ah, Touya-san, you’re back. It’s an urgent requirement. The sub-guild master is calling for the three of you – Char-san, Al-san and you. Can you come right away? 」
「…… All right. I’ll be on my way as soon as I finish breakfast 」
「Thank goodness I found you. I came over a few times, but you weren’t home. I’ll be waiting for you at the guild then 」
After seeing her leave, I returned to the dining room where the trio were still struggling with the truth.

「The guild is calling us urgently. Maybe—your identities have been exposed. Three of us will go to the guild to hear what it is about 」

With that said, their mood was replaced with sheer intensity.

「Do you think something is…… wrong? 」
「Don’t worry, sub-guildmaster Efland is all right. He’s supposed to be on our side. The one I’m worried about is the guildmaster, who is the lord’s son 」
「Well…… This might mean we’ll have to leave sooner than we thought 」
I nodded at Natalie’s words.

I took bread and soup out from Dimensional Storage and we had a short breakfast before getting dressed.

I told Char and Al to put on the gear I had given them and advised them to be ready for whatever may come.

Then the three of us headed to the Adventurer’s Guild.


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